Skulldrain - Hatred Rising

Hatred Rising
Track Listing: 

  1. Hatred Rising  
  2. White Phosphorus Bombings  
  3. Trigger The Crisis  
  4. One More Word 
  5. Bad Blood  
  6. Antisocial Agenda 
  7. The Only Way  
  8. Through Death  
  9. Dissonance



Labelled as Swedish death/thrash, Skulldrain have a lot of similarities to modern Exodus and Testament than a hybrid of styles. Their “vibe” is similar, end of! But seriously, it is all positive, momentous and heavy as hell, the first few tracks bombard you to the back of your chair. Ok, it’s been done, but it’s presented very well and has a genuine attribute to for making you want more of the same. The guitar work, as expected is cool, the vocals are heavy and bellow out a strong persona. The arrangements, well, these are awesome too, you may find some areas familiar by coincidence, but rest assured it’s all their own work. 

‘Antisocial Agenda’ has purpose, the solo is right out of the Testament school, taking melodic tones and combining into a rabid thrash guitar solo, well, simple what dreams are made of for fans of this right? ‘Trigger The Crisis’ is a varied thrasher with good use if different timings, again very powerful and recorded with passion and prowess. 

Overall, starp yourself down to a chair and amaze yur senses with this rabid album full of energy, couple with aggression and downright talented musicians who put together thorough arrangements and have a talent that needs to be heard.

Label Name: 
Vicisolum Productions