S.N.A.F.U - Present Day Plague

Present Day Plague
Track Listing: 

  1. Subhuman Scum
  2. Her Dark Past
  3. Death Trip
  4. A Trade To Abduct
  5. Snakes Eating Snakes
  6. Eternal Nocturnal (feat. Jason Navarro)
  7. Great Deceiver
  8. Body Of Suffering
  9. Digital Prison
  10. Unchained
  11. The Human Infestation (feat. Shawn Knight)
  12. Dead Before Dawn
  13. One From None
  14. Better Off
  15. Prison Warders
  16. Memphis LSD
  17. Try Hard
  18. Hand That Feeds
  19. Millions Of Useless Eaters



It's not very often you come across a unique genre that S.N.A.F.U provide on their debut album, 'Present Day Plague'. Describing the band's sound is going to prove a little difficult than I probably expected on first listen to this record, but on the second journey I figured out their formula and what exactly moulded the paths for this creative band. So the easiest way to explore the depths of S.N.A.F.U is by separating their wacky punk roots from the thrash metal backbone they structure almost each track with. A fusement of punk and thrash, dab a little modern hardcore into the mix and that's essentially what 'Present Day Plague' enchants itself of. 

The record is fairly short. Most tracks barely strike the two minute barrier, and whilst this isn't uncommon with punky, hardcore efforts, it would appeal that the tracks thrown into the album can appear messy and prove difficult to recall on the next listen. Production is average, not the best sounding 2016 record I've heard this year, but it does contain the raw element of savage riffage and bark-like vocals throughout. 'Body Of Suffering' boasts of this, whilst following track 'Digital Prison' embarks their true punk nature, spitting vocals in every direction followed by frantic and uncontrollable riffs. 

Spoken word tracks among the record tend to break it down slightly, but I found them more bothersome than to any enjoyment. Almost pointless as they try to separate the flowing chaos within the songs. I also have to comment on the record's artwork, which is appealing to that of a death metal band, but the metal elements on this album only appear within their thrash boundaries. Eye-catching, yet somewhat deceiving this technique will capture new listeners for definite. 

'Dead Before Dawn' is a favourite of mine here, reminding me a lot of a modern Slayer combined with some angst hardcore youths. The gang-chants on this are fun, catchy and gripping, especially combined with the raw instrumental side of the band, almost sounding as if this could of been recorded in the late 80's. 

Indecisive on their genre, the band cater for multiple audiences. Whereas this could unknowingly backfire for them, it could also reap many bonuses and potential new-coming fans. Their sound is revitalising in the way that this is different from anything I've heard in the last few years, but initially comes across as a big risk finding the in-between fans of these merged categories, as ultimately I was led into these exact conditions.

Label Name: 
Self released