Splitter - Avskrackande Exemplar


1. Totalkvaddad
2. Sjukast i Varlden
3. Livets Svarta Tunnel
4. Valdtagen Sjal
5. Om vingar Fanns
6. Fagelskramman
7. Den Dagligen Skiten
8. Forbipasserande Lik
9. En Andra Chans
10. Magsar
11. Transparent Ondska
12. Fladd Pa Sjalvkansla
13. Hemkomst 01_00
14. Slutet Vann
15. Markt For Livet
16. Traffad
17. Registrerad i Skrack
18. Mitt Problem, Min Huvudvark, Mitt Liv
19. Gangavstand Till Undergang
20. Dod (For Lange Sedan)
21. Utanforskapet & Jag

Splitter - Avskrackande Exemplar

review by Jesse A Lambertson exclusively for BRUTALISM.com

Splitter is a Swedish band from Stockholm and they are all out. But, what kind of music is this band exactly? Is it grind core? Yes. Is it thrash? Yes. Is it hardcore? Yes. It is all these things and more. They describe themselves on their Myspace page as “Tragedy Grind.” This is of course a totally new categorization. Why not assume it? I think we should. For one thing, the band’s first full length, Avskrackande Exemplar, has on its excellent cover art, a picture of a Scarecrow but contains within its sound recordings of crows squawking. This is a scene of fear and of something uncontrollable. It is not clear that one’s inability to control something is the same as a tragedy, but it certainly does add some serious unsettling feelings to the mix.
Second, though this band does not meet most general comparisons, they do stand in comparison to their fellow Swedes, The Haunted, in their refusal to bow to metal genre description. I have always liked that about The Haunted and Splitter’s sound is likewise free. And if the truth be told, The Haunted have much to learn about music from their mates in that Splitter builds its anger with shorter tracks, something that just somehow seems to suggest the tip of the ice berg of that contempt, as opposed to letting more of it stand out in the open in the longer tracks that The Haunted produces. Don’t get me wrong, The Haunted is a solid band (especially since they are working with their original singer), but Splitter ratchets the pistol hammer back tighter and fires faster.

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