Straight Hate - Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow

Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow
Track Listing: 

  1. High Priest's Hand Gesture
  2. Don't Be So Cheap
  3. Beautiful Slut
  4. Self-Deception
  5. Lovely Family
  6. Fuck It This Is Grindcore
  7. Looking For A Victim
  8. The Defenders Of Morality
  9. Disagreement
  10. Corporation
  11. Ludzki Szlam
  12. Extinction
  13. Impatient Diarrhea
  14. Old Friends
  15. The King Of Everything
  16. Sofa Agent
  17. Tear The Flesh



First full length from the polish grind machine. Message to every grinder out there before I even begin to speak about this: 'Find a way to get your hands to it'. Ok back in track and what we have here is a fuckin slap in the face from these fine gentlemen from Poland. Really wasn't expecting any of it so it kind of caught me off guard. Getting my jaw back together after the first hearing, I'm pressing the play button once again and what I am listening to is a tight and cohesive form of grindcore based extreme music, dressed in old school death metal outfit. 

"Every Scum Is A Straight Arrow" sounds exactly like Entombed. Same growl and same depth. Heavy as it gets with the bass guitar, distorted and being way up front to the mix, giving the entire outcome this great Swedish heavy sound. The songs though are grindcore as they can be. 17 songs in 25 minutes. How do you like that? And not only in duration. I mean the guys literally breathe grindcore even if this is expressed through a rabid blastbeat or an uptempo simple 4/4 beat. Everything here is material for immediate moshpit. 

Startin off with a short intro, it won't take long till the first song hits you and trust me when I say: These guys know their poison really well. Precision in performance and ferocious song constructions not longer than 1,5 minutes, keep swarming from the speakers. Drums are holding the relentless riffing together either by blasting their way through it, or grooving it up with 4/4 hardcore beats. Every time though the beat is chosen carefully so that it brings out the intensity of each song. Vocals are out of this world. Growling combined with grind shrieks. 

If I had to pick some moments here and there, I would have to say: 'Don't Be So Cheap', 'Fuck It This Is Grindcore', 'The Defenders Of Morality' and 'Ludzki Szlam' can sum up the spirit of the album but trust me, once the play button is pushed, it takes you in its craze. You won't have to shuffle songs or anything. Production helps a lot to that. Fat and full. It is grindcore so no special demands, production-wise. It only needs to be fat and loud without any other exaggerations and this is exactly how it is. Rough and straight in your face. Not for the feather hearted. Can't get any better man. Check it out!

Label Name: 
Deformeathing Production