The Dead Goats - All Of Them Witches

All Of Them Witches
Track Listing: 

  1. Coven (Instrumental)
  2. All Of Them Witches  
  3. Of Darkness And Decay  
  4. Broodmother 
  5. Conquering The Worm  
  6. The Curse Of Gallows Hill  
  7. Dwarves In My Coffin  
  8. Into The Fiery Grave 
  9. The Gloom That Came To Salem



Pure old school death metal from Poland greets you with this their second full length release. You are not going to find anything out of the box, you will not find anything you may not have heard before, but what I like about this immense HM2 pedal inspired sound is it ambience. Whilst more so Dismember/Fatalist like; the fuzz and distortion balances itself just enough to be raw, but precise enough to be audible with equal pleasure at various volume levels. Of course, the louder the better, and the more expensive your speaker system requirements thus become! 

I really like the vibrant artwork, as those gory black and white ones are just simply two a penny in this field. As for the music itself, it’s pretty consistent throughout the album, thus its hard to pin pinpoint something that stirs your emotions more than the next or the former from whatever track you care to spin. The beauty is the passion and delivery…

So whilst there may be a glut of material in this vein out there, The Dead Goats get my vote for vibrancy and of course, not being afraid to present themselves in a slightly different visual, both on the cover and on the albums production.

Label Name: 
Testimony Records