The Mist – Phantasmagoria

Track Listing: 
  1. Flying Saucers In The Sky
  2. Smiles, Tears And Chaos
  3. A Step Into The Dark
  4. The Enemy
  5. Hate
  6. Barbed Wire Land (At War)
  7. Phantasmagoria
  8. Lightning In The Dark
  9. Like A Bad Song
  10. Faces Of Glass



There seems to be a lot of reissuing old out of print albums at the moment. There are a number of record labels dedicated to that sole purpose. Personally I’m loving it. The whole purpose of doing what I do is to discover and share less obvious bands and albums so when a little forgotten gem resurfaces it’s a great opportunity to shed light on an album or band that many may have missed out on. It’s especially great when the album in question has aged like a fine wine too! 

The Mist's "Phantasmagoria" captures everything I previously described. It’s about to be reissued and deserves to find a new lease of life because this album is a scorcher. The first thing that hits you is the instantly recognizable artwork which takes from the same piece of art by Michael Whelan which is also used on Obituary’s "Cause Of Death" and Demolition Hammer’s "Epidemic Of Violence". (Meat Loaf also used it on the cover of his single "Objects In The Rear View Mirror…" but don’t ask how I know that”) 

"Phantasmagoria" mixes a number of elements of metal that creates a sound that really transcends genres. It’s played with a youthful, urgent, hungry energy like all great debut albums should. On one side it runs somewhere between thrash and death metal it swings between both genres without verging fully into either and on the other side it has a very classic metal feel to the album thanks to the melody running throughout the songs. One band that comes to mind while listening to this is Holy Terror, not so much in sound but in the feel and atmosphere of the album. It’s often said if you take the first Iron Maiden albums and imagine if they adopted thrash then you have Holy Terror. Well, take that analogy and throw in death metal and you have The Mist. The Iron Maiden comparison comes from the wonderful melodic bass performance by Marcelo Diaz. The songs go from fast and frantic to mid paced but are all tied up with the use of melody and the tasteful use of keyboards when needed gives a finishing touch to the album. All topped off by Vladimir Korg’s raspy vocals which gives a rough edge to what would otherwise be a pretty clean sounding album. 'Enemy', 'Hate', 'Like A Bad Son', 'Faces Of Glass' are all brilliant. They are catchy and instantly memorable. 

This album should have been huge. Like all metal from Brazil it’s played with passion and care. This album is the very definition of “under rated” and “lost gem”. Seize the opportunity and check out this fantastic lost classic now!

Label Name: 
Greyhaze Records