TOP 10 most important Metalcore albums

Metalcore albums


Metalcore is marmite in today's world of metal, but before the genre was about haircuts and colourful attire, there were some damn great releases by bands that may or may not be around still today. I took some time to investigate through my CD collection, and look back at the greatest albums that I believed elevated the genre to what it is today. 

~ Max

10) The Devil Wears Prada - Plagues
Released: 2007
Late 2000's introduced a sea of auto-tuned clean singing bands that most found cringe-worthy. The Devil Wears Prada were one of the artists amongst these, yet their second album 'Plagues' was a massive hit within the metalcore scene, climbing above all of the others. The electronic elements used in this album were not carried further into the band's career, probably for the best as the style has not aged well since. Still going strong today and releasing great metalcore, The Devil Wears Prada are proving the scene is very much alive, but this is the album that pushed them to their incredibility's. 

9) He Is Legend - Suck Out The Poison
Released: 2006
Unfortunately not as known as other bands talked about on my list, He Is Legend are incredible. Everything on 'Suck Out The Poison' is mesmerising from start to finish. This band ultimately had everything that other bands did not, but sadly did not receive such recognition for such a talented band. 'Suck Out The Poison' was a funk driven groovy ride of emotional riffs and harshly sung vocals. The band's later material took a change in genre as now the heaviness is but lacking, these albums are still hard hitting but cater more for hard rock fans now, completely ditching their metalcore roots.

8) Sea Of Treachery - At Dagger's Drawn
Released: 2006
Having started their luck with the enormous signing on Sumerian Records, Sea Of Treachery were at a delightful start to what metalcore has evolved into today and this album proves their worth into the genre. Breakdowns flow swiftly throughout the tracks on this debut and the catchy choruses define the band a place on the metalcore throne. It is with heavy heart that the band went on a hiatus sometime after their short, yet successful run, and for now this album remains a gem of the past. The band are back together recently and are rumoured to be releasing a new album dropping late this year. 

7) Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies
Released: 2007
Electronic based metalcore debut by UK titans, Enter Shikari, is definitely one of the most formidable metalcore releases out there. I remember this being released when I was just a teenager, saving my pocket money to run to the store and buy it. Not one single regret that day, as this collection of unique songs is something that'll be remembered by any original fan of the band. Whilst evolving their sound to a more rock-based tradition, the band still cater for core fans with their crushing breakdowns and Rou Reynold's interesting occasional screams. 'Take To The Skies' is an effort that should be held high by the band, as it still ceases today as one of the most important debut's in this genre. 

6) Killswitch Engage - Alive Or Just Breathing
Released: 2002
Kings of metalcore Killswitch Engage have had a healthy run of albums and fans sticking with the band throughout their lifetime. 'Alive Or Just Breathing' is their masterpiece despite releasing several records that I could of easily placed into this list. Jesse Leech's insane screams were original at the time, whilst his clean singing abilities were memorable and beautiful to listen to. 'My Last Serenade' is still one of the most dazzling metalcore anthems today, and the band should always be proud of creating this metalcore sensation. 

5) Misery Signals - Controller
Released: 2008
Misery Signals were destined to be the ultimate metalcore champions, especially with the release of 'Controller'. Redefining the genre completely, as Misery Signals created a heaviness that was not always heard in this genre. The album today still sounds huge, with crushing tracks such as 'Weight Of The World' and 'Nothing'. Sadly the band were suffocated with the amount of hype from the genre at the time of this release, and I personally do not agree that it received the attention it truly deserved. 'Controller' is 'the' metalcore album you need to go back and hear if you haven't already. 

4) Still Remains - Of Love and Lunacy 
Released: 2005
A true metalcore favourite of mine, 'Of Love And Lunacy' is a vicious rip-to-the-throat, fuelled by angry lyrics and catchy riffs. Probably one of those records that definitely deserved more than what it received. The album toyed with electronic elements briefly, which they later used on further releases, but the aggression and passion released within the tracks here are what metalcore was all about when it first became about and that's why this is a stand-out release. 'The Worst Is Yet To Come' is one of the biggest core songs in history of the genre, and will ultimately live on through such an impressive album. 

3) Architects - Hollow Crown
Released: 2009
These UK juggernauts began their career with two albums that failed to give them the recognition they deserved, but with third album 'Hollow Crown' it soon became known that these guys were heavy hitters in the core scene. Touring non-stop years after it's release, they still play tracks from this album live including the blistering 'Early Grave' causing fans to shout back the lyrics at every show. Architects have since bigged up their fame since this release with some brutal, honest and downright powerfully emotional sounding records, but it was 'Hollow Crown' that led them here, and this album will forever be 'That' record they'll be remembered for most, despite their successful fame they carry now. 

2) Parkway Drive - Horizons
Released: 2007
Aussie titans Parkway Drive are probably the most popular of all metalcore bands today, and it's no surprise after every album has secured the band a reliable and supporting fanbase through the years. 'Horizons' helped gain the band a step on the ladder in the right direction and since then they've done nothing but push to the top. There's simply no stopping Parkway Drive, and this album displays their roots incredibly, and should never be forgotten as one of the most crushing  metal bands not only in this genre, but ever. 

1) Trivium - Ascendancy
Released: 2005
Whilst some may argue that Trivium do not fit the metalcore status that I am labelling them, 'Ascendancy' was a breakthrough modern twist on the genre, combining it with elements of true heavy metal but this album in particular carried a metalcore heart throughout. Whether that was the band's intentions or not, as Trivium have since abandoned the majority of this sound that in my opinion got them to where they stand today. If you allow the album to securely snuggle into this list on the top spot, then no doubt you'll agree that it's tracks within are bangers from start to finish. Highlights are of course 'Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr', 'Dying In Your Arms', and 'Like Lights To Flies'. This record rises far above any core album ever to of existed, and it's quite possibly never going to be topped. Trivium had safely earned their place with this release at the right time of 2005 before metalcore took a rise in cringe-worthy popularity with the likes of scene-kids popping up everywhere hijacking this great genre, and causing a stir in the balance between metal heads alike. Trivium's later albums were hit and miss with the atrocities of follow-ups, 'Vengeance Falls' and the ultimate fail of 'The Crusade'. However, follow ups from 'Shogun' and 'In Waves' were fantastic, and a breath of fresh air for the band, yet not able to beat the core roots that gave life to the band's popularity that 'Ascendancy' was able to do so early into their careers.