Torrefy - The Infinity Complex

The Infinity Complex
Track Listing: 

  1. Planck Epoch
  2. The Singularity
  3. Hypochongea
  4. Blinding The Beholder
  5. Thrashist Dictator
  6. Killed To Death
  7. Infinity Complex
  8. Celestial Warfare
  9. Trial By Stone



From Victoria, British Columbia in Canada, Torrefy have released their sophomore effort entitled “The Infinity Complex”. While they are labeled as a thrash metal band, their sound definitely transcends that genre to include vibes of punk and even death metal. It is that very transcendence that gives them their very own, unique sound. Despite however unique these guys are, it may take some listeners awhile to get use to their sound, while others may just disregard this band entirely. Whether you like Torrefy or not, there is no doubt that they offer a different and fresh approach to the genre of thrash metal.

The guitar work on this release reminds me of a mixture of old Slayer and Metallica executed with the excellence of Exodus in their prime. Add in the elements of Death’s first two albums tuned just a tad bit higher and you pretty much have the design of the riffage going on here. As for the solos, they seem to be performed a little slower than what I’ve heard from other bands, but it really fits the material well. The only thing that really throws things off here is that the continuity from the riffs to the solos seems to be a little bit off. Almost as if they are “detached” from the rest of the music. An Afterthought if you will. The drums on this release are definitely rooted deeply in thrash and death metal, but seem to be a little choppy in some parts. Also, during the solos, the snare seems to be drowned out a bit, but I would bet that the production would be a contributing factor there. The bass on this release is hard to detect sometimes, but then there’s times where it gradually creeps up on you during certain tracks. While I personally like the bass to be as prominent as the other instruments, I have to admit that I like the approach that the band takes regarding the instrumentation. Now, what really throws me off the most on this release is the vocals. No matter how much I listen to this release, the vocals just rub me the wrong way. It sounds like Dani Filth got together with Bill Crooks. For those of you who don’t know, Bill Crooks is the guy who did vocals on Cryptic Slaughter’s first 3 albums. In no way am I discrediting the vocalist here. He’s very good, I just don’t think that the vocal patterns work here.

Despite a few glitches here and there, this is still a listenable and enjoyable album. I honestly think it will grow on me with time. Whether you like these guys or not, they still deserve reverence and respect for putting their efforts and hard work into this release. These guys have been together since 2011, and while some bands have mastered their craft in have that time, I think Torrefy is a work in progress. I don’t think these guys have hit their peak yet, and I look forward to hearing what progressions they make on their future releases.

Label Name: 
Self released