Tygers Of Pan Tang - Tygers Of Pan Tang

Tygers Of Pan Tang
Track Listing: 

  1. Only The Brave      
  2. Dust      
  3. Glad Rags     
  4. The Reason Why     
  5. Never Give      
  6. Do It Again      
  7. I Got The Music In Me      
  8. Praying For A Miracle      
  9. Blood Red Sky      
  10. Angel In Disguise      
  11. The Devil You Know



Following on from the excellent "Ambush", this self-titled release follows a similar formula of melodic metal, this time the expectations are higher and there’s no disappointment. Whilst they are classed as NWOBHM, this was a movement, so they are not necessarily going to produce the same style of music, certainly of their first two recordings. 

There’s a couple of tracks that don’t figure in my mind compared to the excellent flow of the remainder of the album, those being the unskinny bop-ism related ‘Glad Rags’ and ‘I Got The Music In Me’. But the rest, they are pretty special tracks. Melody, hooks and emotions are toyed with, the ballad ‘Praying For A Miracle’ may have many of you pondering and comparing to your own situation in life. But dust off the chocolate and tissues, the mean and dirty hard rock and roll presented by ‘Never Give In’ gives you a damn good beating, also finding a home for singer Jacopo Meille who demonstrates once again, his fantastic strength and range. The solo for ‘Never Give In’ is also ripping! ‘Blood Red Sky’ is another melodic rocker that has immense power behind the style and vocal delivery, ah yeah, another belting guitar solo too! 

The album overall hones in on melody and the whole band backing a wonderful vocalist. It’s not riff heavy like many of the early NWOBHM releases were, this is however very high in the quality stakes. Possessing near perfect mix and production, this sets the standard high. I actually find this more of an instant winner than their previous offering. The Tyger’s still know how to create a fuss and brandish some very strong music at us after so long in the business. Ending with a tiger roar at the end of the album is acknowledgment for me that this was a cool thing to spin numerous times well into double figures. Once you get this album, you’ll be with it for a very long time. Nice work!

Label Name: 
Mighty Music