The Warriors - Beyond The Noise


1. Dice Game
2. I Won't
3. Downbeat
4. Interlude
5. Shadows Of Birth
6. To Finally Feel
7. Habitual
8. Awakened
9. Interlude
10. Re-vital-eyes
11. Holding Stand
12. And Yet They Say
13. Outro

The Warriors - Beyond The Noise

War Is Hell was the debut back in 2004 and now in 2006 Beyond The Noise is released. Lyrically the band uses topics about social and political issues. Musically the bands drivs between punk and hardcore. Very angry shouter (sounding like Zack of Rage Against The Machine) in the front and mid to up temp beats in the back make it force driven. But what this album misses is a catchy groove that sticks in your heads. Now it is sounding a bit monotonous after a while. I don't count the interludes and outro as something special. Afraid that it won't be remembered by me next year...

The Warriors

Alveran Records