W.I.L.D - Purgatorius

Track Listing: 
  1. A Beginning That Isn't One  
  2. Drugs By Way Of Food 
  3. Purgatorius  
  4. Washout  
  5. The Cave  
  6. Trapped  
  7. The Blind Man  
  8. A Painful Past 
  9. Holy Grail  
  10. A Ray Of Hope  
  11. An End That Isn't One




This French thrash/death band (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream) have a definite modern flavour when they add some key guitar moments akin to the relatively classic noughties metalcore scene that is a blasting combination of straight up brutal thrash. 

‘The Cave’ builds wonderfully from its start, it has some intense choppy guitar rhythms, the vocals are a touch over the top, but the drums are thunderous. It makes me think of late 90’s Testament doing battle with SYL and modern Arch Enemy. With ‘A Painful Past’ the pace reduces, the energy remains, a similar repetitive guitar riff comes at you once again, a pattern consistent throughout the album. Whilst honed on the complete band presentation, the mix tends to favour the louder of the instruments. For me the downside was that this is quite a common release, maybe one for the purists. Whilst I do commend the band for their art and musicianship, this is pitch perfect with some pretty meaty precision I have to say. 

The album has momentum and purpose, but I simply don’t feel any connection. It’s a release that I cannot pin point any one moment as a desirable thing to take note of, that said, it’s not a bad one, I’ve simply lost the connection to this style in this instance.

Label Name: 
Overpowered Records