Paul is having a chat with Jess And The Ancient Ones.
Joe catches up with Jae and Chris of Shrapnel at the London Underworld while they are supporting Destruction. How are are you both?Jae: Yeah Good.Chris: Very excited, tonight should be fun.Jae: Soggy! I was going to ask you how the tour has been going but I may as well ask you how your residency...
So what’s up guys? Took something like a whole life for this first full length of yours but you finally made it! What were the obstacles you had to overcome in order to complete "Utter Depression"? Well, a lot of setbacks actually. We released "Cerebral Chaos" in 2005 and for the next five...
I just got your album "This Will Decay", is this first album for Horror Pain Gore Records?Yes. It is the first of hopefully of many more. Correct me if I'm wrong, the band was on Prosthetic at one time?Correction. You might have us confused with another band. We have worked with quite a few labels...
Kindra Ravenmoon gets some insight on the band Nothgard and their latest album titled "Age Of Pandora" from the band's drummer D. Ziegler.  On your website you state the history as to when and how Nothgard came to be however my question is: what is it that inspired you to put together such a...
Hola amigo. Hello and congratulations on your new EP man. It really packs a punch. Give us a short bio of Morbid Flesh. How did it all start?When a band called Undertaker split up, some members formed Morbid Flesh. I joined the band just after the recordings of "Reborn In Death" LP, because they...
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