Please give us a short introduction of yourself so we know who is answering.Hi this is Rick Bouwman, guitarplayer for the Dutch Metal Legends Martyr Do you also have something to say about the other members in the band?Wilfried Broekman - Drums 
Rop van Haren - Vocals
Marcel Heesakkers - Guitars
Hello ladies. Hope you’re doing alright. What is the story behind Perverse Suffering? Give us a short bio of the band as I am sure there are people who are not aware and would definitely be interested in the band!Perverse Suffering were born about October 2010 in the city of Bucaramanga -...
So here we are with John, from ‘Mortal Torment’. But where the hell do I start with you man?. I mean... I am sure you are aware you got a mental problem. You’re definitely passing it through to the rest of the band. I’d rather skip obvious questions like ‘Why aren’t you still arrested’, ‘...
Long serving Danish thrasher’s Artillery are about to unleash an amazing album of melodic thrash in the form of ‘Legions’ through their new record label Metal Blade. Artillery have had a couple of comeback’s in recent times, but their last two efforts ‘When Death Comes’ and ‘My Blood’ are really...
Video interview with guitarist/vocalist Matt Pike of High On Fire.  
Video interview with John of Warbringer at Trees in Dallas (USA).  
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