Let's cut the crap; Down Among the Dead Men's self-titled album is an absolute masterpiece. There, I said it. Again. It's a glowing example of what death metal is supposed to sound like - short and punchy tracks, minimal displays of technical arrogance, lashings of punk influence, and of course a...
Video interview with Silvertonguedevil with some members.
Here is an interview with some members of Exmortem.
Romanticizing rape, torture, and cannibalism since 2007, Paroxysmal Butchering delivers unrelenting guttural sickness, exemplifying the essence of Brutal Death Metal, while incorporating elements of Grindcore and Black Death into a full scale aural fist fuck of blasting perversity. Churning...
Hello there Pete, and congratulations on a great album! It is released under the name ‘The Pete Flesh Deathtrip’. When did you decide to change the band name, and why was such a change necessary?Thanx for the words. I decided to change the name during the process of the new album due to the fact...
The band was founded in March 2004 by Polina “Grace Dis” Berezko (vocs) and Alexandr Istchenko (guitar). Very soon Andrey “Snakebass” Kornienko (bass) and Andrey “Kuzya” Kuznetzov (drums) joined them. The name Grace Disgraced appeared at once and it means what you think it should mean, as the...
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