On this page you can download some stuff related to BRUTALISM. You won't find MP3s up here! Additional stuff will be add when relevant.

** Banner **
Use this banner on your site to show you prefer BRUTALISM more than anything in the world...
Drag it to your desktop or link directly

** Wallpapers **

click on one of the wallpaper and it will open in a new window for downloading.


** Tattoo **

This PDF file can be used for going to your tattooshop and have your soul immoralized to BRUTALISM forever.

** Conquering Malta 2004 **
Remember that BRUTALISM was attending the Bisoul GeNeTiKa party Helloween weekend in October 2004? Malta had the world premier of Twan playing a metal DJ! If you are interested what happened those days and wanna see some pics of Twan and Maltese metal locals you can download a PDF file here. Let me know what you think of it by sending an email.

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