October 1 st the second full length of Quebecois war machineNecroticGoreBeast was released through Comatose Music. The review of “Human Deviance Galore” got the full 5 star rating by Andy Christos. Time for him to spew some questions at the band. See their answers in the interview. Enjoy! Hay there fellas… Whattaya hear whattaya say? Congratulation …

interview Zora

Zora is a brutal death metal band screaming its extreme hate from Southern Italy since 2003 and in 2021 they released their 3rd full length “Soul Raptor”. Time to check them out and see what Tat0 and Gianluca have to tell. Hello guys and congratulations for the release of your 3rd full length “Soul Raptor”. What’s the band’s history so far? In whic …

interview irredemption

Irredemption is a Spanish death metal band and active for 25 years. Not only for that but also for their latest album we had a little chat. As you will see in the second question, the friendship between Irredemption and is also long, almost 20 years! Enjoy. Hola amigos. How are you doing? Before we take off please introduce yourself t …

interview Praga band

As you can read in this interview or maybe you already know the band Praga, their are from Brazil and have a deep hate towards Christianity. Why? Read and you will find out. Hello and welcome, Praga! Congratulations for the release of “Fúria Regicida”. Please give us the bloody details of the release. Thanks, Manos for your interview and Twan for t …

interview Heavy Metal Addicted band

Heavy Metal Addicted is a band from Brazil and their debut full length “Criminal Ways” just released so time to ask Hëllish… Thë Killër some questions. Hello friends of Heavy Metal Addicted and welcome to BRUTALISM.COM. In my opinion Heavy Metal Addicted play a straight and killer black/speed’n’roll. Do you agree with this definition for your …

interview Animalesco, O Método

Hello and welcome! At first, please introduce Animalesco, O Método to the readers by giving us the band’s line-up, a short bio and your discography info. Hello dear Manos and followers of BRUTALISM! Animalesco, O Método was formed in 2011 by me as a personal project and the idea was to make a fast and aggressive Crust with Metal influences. We reco …

interview Obsecration band

Greek death metal legends Obsecration released a new album in 2020 after 7 years. What they did in between and what about the line up and recording, you can read in the little chat with founding member Costas. Hello Costas. First of all, congratulations on your new album. “Onwards The Mystic Paths Of The Dead” to me is a step above your previous on …

interview D.L.50 band 1

D.L.50 is interviewed because this Paraguayan band is going to release 2 cassettes on the Murder Records label. It is in depth so take you time to read the conversation between Manos and drummer Jorge. Hello and thank you for the interview! D.L.50 are about to release the “Regresivo I (Period 1999-2009) & Regresivo II (Period 2009-2019)” compil …

interview depression band logo

Depression is a DIY band from Germany and existing 30+ years. Their latest release “”Ära Der Finsternis” is from September 2020 and about time to catch up with them again. The connection between the band and goes back in time as you can read the interview out of 2002. But for now let’s see what Kai and Ron have to answer to the questi …

interview Defixion

Defixion combines music and concept as a reflection of our passion for maledictions, bygone cults and antiquity. Their lyrics contain magical invocations and occultic curses employed in ancient cultures. Please do not practice them lightly or blindly. In this interview we dive a bit deeper into their cult. Before we start, please give a little intr …

interview Incantation band

Little chat with John and Chuck after the release of their new album  “Sect Of Vile Divinities”. See what has driven Incantation to stay in the death metal scene for so many years. And the story behind the $20 sandwich. Hello John and Chuck! Incantation have a brand new album out! “Sect Of Vile Divinities” is your new offering. What is the concept …

interview Cranial Contamination Will Willcox

Introducing the fast-rising, brutal slamming death duo from the UK, Cranial Contamination. Here we chat to vocalist Will Willcox, welcome to BRUTALISM.COM! We have a bunch of questions to ask you, focussing around your upcoming album “Into The Warp”, which is out very soon on Reality Fade! “Into The Warp” will be your debut album. You’ve previously …

interview Visions Of Disfigurement logo

Introducing Visions Of Disfigurement, a brutal slamming death metal band from Manchester City in the United Kingdom. Hi guys and welcome to BRUTALISM.COM! We have a bunch of questions to ask you, mainly about your upcoming album “Aeons Of Misery” out very soon. Last year you released an EP titled “Exordium”. Is this EP a small taster of what’s to c …

interview bloody sadism photo 1

Pooyan Ahmadi is Bloody Sadism, an one man band from Tehran, Iran and founded in 2014. Pioneer of depressive brutal death metal (new style of death metal) and released the debut album “Eloquent Atrocity” in October 2019. After the review (read it here) it was time for Manos to have a little talk with Pooyan. Hello Pooyan! What is the current situat …

Disinfect band with logo

German death metal band Disinfect released their new album, “Abaddon”, on November 2nd 2019 via Brute Management. 2019 the band is celebrating their 20th year of existence so time to catch up with Chris, Jan and Morten. Please give us a short introduction of yourself? Chris: Hi Twan. I’m Chris one of the guitarist in the band and creator, main memb …


After their third release “Undimensioned Identities” (read the review here) it was time to ask Phobophilic some questions. Follow Manos as he dives into the band together with Josh Poer (guitars) and Vincent Tweten (drums). “Questions arise. Are we encapsulated in a being Much larger than us?” – ‘Synaptic Vessel’ (from “Undimensioned Identities” ca …

interview Insurrection band 2019

Dirty music for dirty people from the north of the Netherlands: Insurrection plays a melodic variety of death- and thrash- metals and dude, you’d really check out our shattering live performance. No shit! Tough words from the band Insurrection. If this is true you can judge by the answers Armand is giving after their release “Circles Of Despair”. P …

interview Birth Of Depravity live

Manos Michaelides had a chat with Theo from Birth Of Depravity after reviewing their album “From Obscure Domains”. Let’s see what Theo has to say about the history and plans of the band. Thank you Theo for accepting my invitation for a BOD interview! What are the band’s latest news? Thank you too for this interview! The only news at the moment is t …

interview haeredium band

Haeredium is a folk-influenced metal band from Eastern France, whose musical and thematic core is based on the will to integrate folklore-related sounds. Their album “Ascension” is out since march 2019 and got a positive review (read it here) and so time to get in touch with the band. Let’s see wh we are dealing with. Can you give us a short introd …

interview with Carthage

Created in order to release intense brutal death metal, with historical lyrical themes. After their relentless debut album it is time to know about the band and the lyrical theme. So dive into history… Can you give us a short introduction of yourself? My name is Leonidas and I know what you are thinking: ‘This is Sparta’! What dragged you into th …

interview with Luka of Haiduk

Haiduk is the death metal solo-project by guitarist Luka Milojica. Haiduk released a raw demo “Plagueswept”, full-length debut “Spellbook”. “Demonicon” was released in 2015. The latest album “Exomancer” was released in 2018 and it was time to ask Luka some questions. Can you give us a short introduction of yourself? Haiduk is a blackened death meta …

interview Trauma band

There are several bands named Trauma but the most known is ofcourse the power, speed thrash band from the USA founded by Cliff Burton. Their album “Scratch And Scream” is legendary. In 2018 the band released a new album “As The World Dies”. After the great review it is time for a talk between Manos and original vocalist Donny Hillier about history …

interview Afermath group

Aftermath is active for a long time as you can read in one of the answers Kyriakos gave. Also read the review of “There Is Something Wrong” and understand what brought Manos to come up with the questions. Hello Kyriakos! Congratulations for the release of the new Aftermath album “There Is Something Wrong”! The new album comes out a quarter of a cen …

interview Ravenous Death

Ravenous Death was born to create an evil and fast death metal band. Their first EP “Ominous Deathcult” was released in 2017 independently. In 2018 they worked on their first full length and “Chapters Of An Evil Transition” was released by Memento Mori in the beginning of 2019. The review of the album can be read hear, but before you do this read w …

interview nihilo band

Swiss picturesque Emmental is not only host for cows and cheese, but also some first class METAL! Nihilo do their stint with the now available debut «Concordia Perpetua», featuring a set of first class death metal tunes. And recently they released the “Doom” album on Art Gates Records. Getting a score 4/5 it is time to have a talk with Damiano the …

interview with nahum pavel

Nahum is a czech band and existing for more than 15 years. In 2018 they released their album “Within Destruction” which is a smasher of death/thrash metal. You can read the review here and after this album we had to talk to the band. So here you go, some questions and answered by Pavel. Please give us a brief introduction of yourself and your bandm …

interview with mass infection

Mass Infection is a brutal death metal band from Livadia, Greece, founded in 2003 and being fully active ever since. Within nearly two decades of existence, they have released three studio albums and have appeared in numerous live shows all over Europe. At the end of 2018, Mass Infection unleashed their long-awaited fourth full length studio album, …


Originally from Kostroma, Russia, this stoned sludge doom band is now hailing from Saint Petersburg. Pressor is active since 2008 but started under the monicker Leaden Sky. After several changes in the line up, the name was changed in 2010 to Pressor and start releasing material. Their latest effort is the EP “Weird Things”. The review of this EP c …

interview with Biff of Saxon

Paul Lewis did a video interview with Biff when they played Dallas on Feb 17th.

interview with Faanefjell

Faanefjell is black/folkm band from Norway. Debutede in 2010 with “Trollmarsj”. Followed by two singles and in 2018 they released their 2nd full length “Dovrefall”. The 9 tracks and amazing cover art demanded some further information. Mailed the band some questions and here are their answers. Please give us a brief introduction of yourself and your …

interview corpsefucking art

Formed in Rome in 1993 under a different name: Enthralment. The sound was a slow and brutal death-metal influenced by Immolation and Incantation. The years go by and name was changed to Corpsefucking Art and several releases followed. In 2001 an interview was done and now with the new album “Splatterphobia” it is time to have some talk again with A …

interview Lividity

Founded by Dave Kibler originally as a one-man project in 1993. After two years he invited other musicians into the project thus shifting Lividity. With “Perverseverance” they released their 5th full length (not counting the numerous splits, compilations and live albums) and Andy Christos has a little chat with him. Hello Dave. Hope everything’s we …

interview Bludgeon Zach White

Being in touch with Bludgeon for several years and recently having their debut album “Devoted To Lunacy” reviewed, it is time to ask Zach White some questions.  Please give us a brief introduction of yourself and your bandmates? Hello Twan! First up I’d like to say hello to you again, it has been a long time since we spoke, I’m guessing it goes way …

interview with Connor of Debridement

Debridement is a one man slammin’ blastin’ grindy guttural death metal from Northern Ireland. After two EP releases in 2016 (“Reduced To A Pile Of Putrefying Slop”) and 2017 (“Vomited Forth From The Earth”) a full length called “Drowning In A Cesspool Of Malform And Malady” is released in 2018 bij German label Rotten Roll Rex. Time to catch up with …

interview vhs canada death metal

The 80’s….The time of neon, excess, and bad music. But the blood ran thick and eyeballs were exposed to some of the most ridiculous and nasty images ever committed to film. VHS is a tribute to the first time you saw Jason hit an unsuspecting girl into a tree, the first time Freddy cracked a one liner, or the first time you saw a gut munched in gr …


  I told you that this year would probably be lacking. And boy howdy… due to familial illnesses and well-documented personal strife, I’ve gone an entire year without a single review, which is a rather frustrating first. Alas, summaries are still tradition; all of these releases have been given thorough spins over the course of 2017, and near …

interview with chase of gatecreeper

Video interview with Chase (vocals) of Gatecreeper.


War Agenda were reviewed here a few months ago, I found ‘Night of Disaster’ an amazing German thrash release, which had a bit of everything. Whilst the band maybe self-critical as you will see below, this is what the thrash scene needs, bands with this level of enthusiasm. We spoke with Jochen, the bands bassist, here’s what went down… First of all …

Whisker Biscuit grindcore death metal

First of all, welcome to BRUTALISM, could you introduce yourself and tell us something about the beginnings of Whisker Biscuit? Kyra: Hey, I’m Kyra, lead singer of Whisker Biscuit. Basically the beginning of Whisker Biscuit is all just a drunken haze of cigarette smoke and beers in our drummer Zach’s basement. I’d say we’ve evolved into much more. …

Neverworld heavy power progressive metal

I found this gem a little while ago, from the UK with a mix of heavy/power/progressive metal, Neverworld has landed with “Dreamsnatcher”, their second album, and it’s a pretty cool experience I have to say. With that in mind, I got the opportunity to chat with Ben Colton, lead vocalist and guitarist to find out more about the release and Neverworld …

disquiet metal groove

Disquiet are a band that will piss off you neighbours, a band that sees many influences combined and the resulting album ‘The Condemnation’, this blew me away when I first reviewed it. Since that moment, I got the chance to get some questions answered by guitarist Menno Ruijzendaal, here is what was said! First of all, thanks for taking the time to …

alewar black metal drummer

Welcome to BRUTALISM, Álvaro. How are you doing? Are you ready to answer all our questions? Hello! In this moment everything’s going well, a bit busy with some projects of diverse nature (musical projects, as well as academic ones…). Apart from this, thanks for the invitation to expose this brief interview, and be sure that I will reply gladly to e …

interview with krisiun

Video interview with Alex (bassist/vocalist) for Brazilian death squad Krisiun at the Gas Monkey in Dallas, Texas.

interview with sister sin

Interview with Liv (vocals) and Jimmy (guitars) of Sister Sin at Mayhem Fest 2015.

interview with shattered sun

Short video interview with Robert (drums) and Henry (keys) from Shattered Sun.

interview with jungle rot

Short interview with James Genenz (bass) from Jungle Rot at Mayhem Fest 2015.

interview holy cost grindcore metal

Hi bro, wellcome to BRUTALISM. How are you? Horny, hungover, and really high, we hope you are too! This is your first interview from Europe or did you received others before? No, we have always refused interviews in the past. This is our first one. Well, can you introduce Holy Cost to our readers? Where did the idea of forming it? Pornogrind made m …


Interview with Jake and Fred from Dead Existence. So, ‘Endless Misery’… this is a big leap forward. Have you had a similar acknowledge from other sources with good overall feed back? Jake: I think everyone in the band knew this was our strongest material as soon as we started playing it. This album has definitely refined what we think we are good a …