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interview with Vincent Crowley on 16-12-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I’m Vincent Crowley from the band ACHERON. I formed the band back in 1988, after I quit playing guitar in the band NOCTURNUS. Since then, ACHERON has released a number of CD’s and Vinyl. ACHERON has also be featured on many compilation and tribute CD’s. Presently, ACHERON is working on material for our next album “SANCTUM REGNUM: The Predator Manifesto”.

So for the ignorant ones where does Acheron stands for? What is the goal or message?
ACHERON in Greek mythology was the “River of Woe”, which lead to the Underworld. In many ways, this band is like the mythological river. We take our listeners to the very depths of darkness. The only goal I have for this band is to create music that myself and our fans will enjoy and understand. A Heathen creation.

We all know you have a satanic image. Explain why it is important to let this come out through the band?
Satanism has always been the main influence with ACHERON. The lyrics and aesthetics mainly derive from The Occult, Satanic ideology. Anti-White Light Religious Beliefs, Social Darwinism, and the true nature of the Heathen. The first decade of this band was dedicated to the promotion of Anton LaVey’s CHURCH OF SATAN. Since then, I have resigned from that organization. I no longer want to associate myself with any “organized religions” of any kind. I myself still pretty much believe the same things I always have, but now I think I’m a little more open minded. I tend to resonate to people of the Darkside, no matter if they are a member of a certain organization or not. I am just doing my own thing now and expressing myself through my lyrics and music. Is ACHERON a Satanic band? As long as I write the lyrics it is!!!!!

Can you give in a few words what satanic means to you 'cause some think it has to deal with baby sacrifices etc?
Satanism means the worship of “The Self” and connecting with your darkside. It is not hiding your true nature and embracing the things that you enjoy. Call it a kinship with the Left Hand Path.

Are you tired when people keep asking for this satanic issue? Or glad to have the chance to spread it?
Actually, after 16 years of answering these kinds of questions, it does get tiring. But I will answer the questions, if people really want to know. I personally would rather answer questions about our lyrics and music. If people want to know more about Satanism or The Occult, all they have to do is look for it. That’s what I did many years ago.

What is the contributing part of Acheron to the death metal scene?
ACHERON is true to its roots. We never forget that the underground movement is our home. This band is not a “trend” band, nor will we ever be. You are guaranteed that ACHERON will never turn its back on the metal scene!

Why are you still not accepted by the big audience?
Because we are not really music for the masses. Not to mention we have never got the promotion and distribution that many other successful bands have had. BLACK LOTUS RECORDS has been doing a decent job, but we are far from getting the push we really need to get to the next level. But as I said before, we are not in this for the fame and money. I do ACHERON because I fucking enjoy creating the music and expressing myself.

How did you get involved in the metal scene?
It started off with getting my first BLACK SABBATH album. I freaked out on it. When I got a bit older, I started listening to bands like VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, CELTIC FROST, DESTRUCTION and SLAYER. This is when I knew I wanted to play in a band. I just picked up a guitar and would practice as much as I could. I met various metal people and played with them. That is the time the Florida Metal scene started to take shape with bands like MORBID ANGEL, SAVATAGE, NASTY SAVAGE and MASSACRE.

Do you remember your first encounter with long hair rockers?
Most of my friends were that way. I always felt very connected to people into this genre of music.

Why are you bald yourself? Laziness or of old age?
Because I hated having long hair for so long. I always liked the shaved head look that people like LaVey, Crowley, Manson, and others had. I shaved my head back in the early nineties. I’ll never regret it. (Ha, Ha) And I wouldn’t call shaving your head everyday being a lazy thing. It takes more work to shave your head than to wash your hair! (Ha, Ha) And I did it in my mid-20’s, so is that considered old? (Ha, Ha)

Do you still think marriage is sacred and THE institute for social stability? Will you be bonded again?
No. And I never thought that in the first place. Marriage is just something symbolic to unite people. It isn’t sacred or something that has to be done. I did it when I was younger and I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.

How is the contact with your children? Can you spend time with them?
I’m not in contact with my children anymore. Their mothers and I don’t get along, so I am not allowed to see them. They don’t live near me, so I couldn’t see them anyway. It is a disappointment, but they will realize the true about the matter when they are older.

What do they think of your rockstardom?
Rock Stardom? (Ha, Ha) I’m not sure if they even know I’m in a band. I haven’t seen them since they were very young.

What are you trying to teach your daughters? What is important to teach them? How do you protect them against the cruel outside?
I can’t teach them anything at this time. If I could, my first lesson would be not to trust anyone! The only way you can protect someone from the cruel world is expose them to it.

Are you graduated in something? Or are you doing unskilled morgue work?
Yeah, I work in the morgue and meet a lot of great women there. (Ha, Ha) This is such an entertaining interview.

Are there plans to release a DVD of Acheron? What should be in it? Do you have some interesting archives?
We are planning to indeed do a DVD is the future. I just can’t say what will be on it yet. And yes, we do have some interesting stuff in the archives.

What was the idea behind the tribute CD? Will there be a follow up but now with disco classics?
“TRIBUTE TO THE DEVIL’S MUSIC” was a collection of cover songs that ACHERON had recorded over the years. It was just a good way to get all of these songs on one cd for the fans. A Disco Tribute? Perhaps we can do an evil versions of “Staying Alive” and “Shake Your Booty”??.............Not!!!!

What do you think of the tributes from Napalm Death and Six Feet Under?
I always think it is cool to hear a band’s interpretation of other bands’ music. It is cool, if done right.

Do you have a suggestion for a blasphemous tattoo? And who can draw the symbol?
Sure, I have tons of ideas. Just not enough time and money to get all of them. My tattoo artist is Mike from THE AMERICAN TATTOO COMPANY,

Is there room for body modification in your life? Would you mutilate, branding or scarification?
Depends on the situation.

Do you still have goals with Acheron after 15 years? What were your highlights?
Oh Yes. I have tons of ideas I still want to manifest into a reality. Thus far, getting to do “The Satanic Black Mass” as an album, doing a concept album based on ancient vampirism, and just being a thorn in the Christian church’s side.

And what would be great to achieve in the future?
World Domination! The end of all White Light Religions!

Last rites?
We hope everyone picks up our newest albums “REBIRTH: Metamorphosing into Godhood” and “DECADE INFERNUS 1988-1998” on BLACK LOTUS RECORDS. Until next time.......Ad Maiorem Satanae Gloriam!
Interviewer: twansibon
Dec 16, 2004
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