Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
The band is born in 2003 from an idea of mine and of mattia, shortly time formation was complete thanks to the arrival after all of the components. The idea that we had was to compose what stimulated us without giving the precedence to any precise musical kind, and I believe that we have succeeded there

So how is metal life in Italy? Is it better in winter or summer?
In Italy the panorama metal is very cheap for the motive that space is not given to the emergent bands and don't be publicized the band famous. L' only period in which there am possibility to play live before to a true public is summer in the festivals, however it is difficult to succeed in entering the organizations that promote the event

A lot of power metal bands come from Italy. Why are you playing other styles?
We didn't want to make particularly any kind, we have begun doing what liked us and we is still doing it, we don't love the labels because we feel that every single piece of ours is different from the others, every piece it has its style and its particular sound

Is there a metal style you spit on? Why?
I have not excluded any kind, however I have only always fact that that more I like it, in my music the kind that I have a preference for emerges, but this doesn't exclude that I also listen to the whole rest.

What is your definition for: metal is a way of life?
It means that if you automatically listen to this type of music dresses in a certain way or frequent certain places, and you prefer certain people. Everything this because who listens to this music it has some well precise tastes in every thing, it is the motive for which is defined it ’a style of life’

Why is this hard to understand for outsiders?
They don't understand it because they don't have our tastes , me after all I don't understand because certain people go every evening to dance to the rhythm of senseless sounds.

Do you think that a band must have a message? And what is your message?
I don't take a stand in subject, the message that we want to launch with our songs is subjective for the one who he listens to him, we don't socially hold there a busy band, to that they think it the U2

A band is a kind of role model for their fans. Are you aware? Do you behave mature nowadays?
Certainly we are aware that some fans take you to model, after all we have done us him with our musical idols, it is for this motive that we have decided to never speak of politics or of religion or of thing according to us it is morally correct or it is not it. We make music that the purpose has to have a good time and to distract for a few minutes the people from their problems.

When did you (tricky) started with:
- drinking beer
- smoking
- drugs
- sex
- joyriding
- paint your nails

I can answer you that of drug I have already spoken of it, in two songs and I have spoken badly of it since I am contrary to the drugs.
As it regards the sex, I am working to of the texts, the rest I don't know it.

When people say ........ about your band, it will make you happy and pride?
We will be happy when the people will speak of us, since we are not very known now.
What they will say it is a problem that we will face in the future.

Do you reward your fans in some way? What do they have to do to obtain some free stuff?
If I have to be sincere I would not know whether to repay them if not trying to be always to the best of my strengths in the live and trying to make good music, for how much me finds possible.
I can say that who wants you can unload free our songs from our site.

What is your goal? What do you wanna reach in 2 years?
We want to become some professionals and to make some music our job. From here to 2 I don't know how to say what will happen, we will be to see.

Which things do you put aside for a musical career? Till you live from the music what job do you do?
We try to take advantage of every situation, positive or negative that it is. Every situation teaches a thing and of this thing we make treasure of it to know how to face future situations.
Obviously we are all musicians part-time, some of us study others they work for living.

Is it hard to earn money for the band? Summary some costs you have make for the band?
To succeed in earning some money as band is hard, however I can say that we always succeed in reentering some expenses.

Is it difficult to sell albums when people download MP3? Can you prevent this?
It is almost impossible, however for an emergent band it’s a comfortable thing because they make you know for the world, the problems they begin when you become famous.

Coming to the end. You have now the chance to say whatever you wanna say?
What can I say? Thanks to you and thanks to all the people that follow us.

Last rites?
I renew my regards to you,and the readers and I apologize me for my bad English. Talk to you soon good-bye
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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