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ANTIGAMA was formed in the late 2000 by Sebastian-guitar, Krzysiek-drums, Lucas-vocals and Maciek-bass. All of them used to play in other bands and side-projects before and now like: MALY SZU, IN, MONEV, BAABA, SPARAGMOS, DAMNABLE, STARZY SINGERS, MIASSMA and others. They started practicing and writing songs, within in may ‘2001 ANTIGAMA recorded first full length material called “Intellect made us blind”. In the meantime the band played some shows with the bands like: CALLOUSED (US), TOXIC BONKERS (PL), FLEAS&LICE (NL), PUSTOSTATOR (PL) and others. In september they make together with DAMNABLE (PL) and BRAINWASH (I) a succesful “GRIND MANIFESTO’ 2001 TOUR”. In october ANTIGAMA played a show with TRAGEDY (US) and LOST (PL). The response for all the gigs and 3 tracks promo CD “Sweet little single” were great, so the Italian label called “the FLOOD Records” get in touch with the band for releasing “Intellect made us blind” on a CD format. ANTIGAMA plays vicious “forward thinking” grind with the mega twisted drum work, heavy and noisy guitars mixed with nihilistic vocal punishment. If you’ re into terroristic grind violence combined with some sick sounds and originality- you better check this shit out!!!.

The latest news on ANTIGAMA: they recorded a 5 covers of legendary polish fast/hardcore/punk band SIEKIERA. This material will be released as a Split CD with JAN AG.-side project of Jan Frederickx of AGATHOCLES. Also soon, the Split 7” EP with REPULSION “Radiation sickness” cover+1 new song will be out through a newborn label called “ANTI SELF REC.”. A new bassplayer is in the band. He’ s called Michal and he played before in a band called REINFECTION. The first gig with Michal was the promotional gig for “Intellect made us blind” in “Riviera-Remont Club” in Warsaw together with NEUROPATHIA and GROSSMEMBER. A small European tour is planned, also every possible gigs on the weekends during the whole year to support “Intellect made us blind”.

interview with Sebastian on 19-7-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Cheers to everyone!. I’m Sebastian, I’m 28 years old, I play guitar in Antigama. I’m unemployed since a long time and usually I do different shitty jobs to make a living. That’s all for now.

Show us how glad you are to appear on the BRUTALISM site!
Ha, ha! I’m really, really glad Twan!!. You are very friendly and supporting person for my band!. Right at the moment I suck my own cock because of that he, he.

Why was Antigama formed? Tired of the side projects?
No, no...Antigama is the most important band for all of us. The band formed cause we all want to play some kind of grinding shit with all this strange influences taking from the others projects we rock in. We just try to jamming and smoke as much as we can he,he. So, as I told ya before, Antigama is most important unit for us in this moment and we haven’t time for different projects.

Why are there so many bands coming from Poland to the spotlights?
I don’t really know man... maybe because of the Vader and Behemoth success?? To be honest I don’t like too many bands in Poland, especially from Death & Black metal genre-just a few from them are really good. I like more underground grind/power violence/hardcore scene.

Think your music does it better in other countries because Italian label “theFLOOD” released the debut?
Surely! In Poland we haven’t so many labels like “theFLOOD” records for example... We’ve got a few death metal labels, and I know they are not interested in our work. Also we have here more death metal oriented audience, so I think our music is not especially for death metal freaks, but a few of them likes us anyway he, he, he. People from “theFLOOD” are fuckin’ awesome! They love Antigama and this kind of shit we play. They know we’re a quite fresh band, and they helping us a lot all the time!. “The FLOOD” do a good job and we have no reasons to complain.

Explain the title “Intellect made us blind”? Do you really think this?
Yeah...just look around!. We're all going blind- that's for sure. The world is so crazy right now you know... progress=backward- not for the science of course, but for all of the ordinary people like we are. Through progress we’ve lost the most important thing for us: our human instincts. For a couple of years we’ll going to be a robots. The end is near...

What are the topics for the lyrics? Do you wanna say your opinion?
I’m not the author of the lyrics, but as I told ya before most of them are about human stupidity, real human nature and things like that. Everything around us inspired and influenced us.You have to read it and make your own opinion about it. We like to listen a different interpretations of the lyrics from the people.

What is so original to your songs?
I don’t know ha, ha. We try to be a little bit “original” maybe ‘cause we mixed a lot of different influences together. We’ re not a typical “grind” combo as you surely now. You said we're play some kind of “aggressive metal” and this is a good review of our tunes. Everybody: listen to this shit and make your own opinion about it! he, he.

Can you translate the power on stage? How does a gig looks like?
We love to play live, it is the best way to show the people how much worthy you are. How does a gig looks like? Every show is different, we played great gigs but also shitty ones. It depends from a different reasons like your condition, the audience etc. We try to play the best gigs as we can. Everybody interested to make some gigs for us, please get in touch with me - I’ll not bite ya!!.

Do you get inspiration from other bands how they behave on scene?
No. We tried to behave in our own ways ha, ha.

Is Anti Self Recs. From the band itself?. According to the word Anti?
Sort of. The owner of the label is our friend Karol who’s also a tattoo artist in “Art Studio Dereniowa” in Warsaw. He is a great, helpful guy, I try to help him with the distribution. The first, very fresh release from “Anti Self Rec.” is a split 7” EP GROSSMEMBER/NEUROPATHIA. Everybody interested should write to us at: for the details etc.

What kind of car gives you respect in Poland. Care about this?
Ha, ha, ha. No , sorry Twan but I’m not interested in cars. I really don’t care about the shit.

Do you watch much television? What do you enjoyed to watch? Having a secret addiction?
Yeah, I like to watch TV sometimes. Especially all the world news which frightening me. We're living on the fucking dangerous planet you know? You haven’t see some good news last time, only the worst, digusting, corrupted or modern stupid infos rules the whole “TV world”. Except this I watch TV only for some good movies there. I try to recorded them, cause I’m a movie collector. This is the only good side of the television. The rest is crap.

What is the promotion you can image for the band?. How much time you spend on promotion?
Almost everyday. Especially on the internet. I’m happy that we’ve a label which helps us out with the promotion of Antigama. But this is not all, I’m also try too keep in touch with the people, like you for example. Every kind of promotion is important, especially for the bands like Antigama who’s quite fresh and unknown band in the underground scene. After this cool view our position will change he, he, he.

Is there life after Antigama?
You mean our private life? Sure, all of us have a lot to do beside the band. Some of us, very hard working, some of us try to work sometimes he, he. We’re all got girlfriends, so you have to spend a lot of time with them. My girl is very, very helpful for me and the whole band. She helps me with the internet stuff, post etc. And the most important: she supporting me with the living so you know... I love her very much!!!. Except this, we’re making a normal(?), crazy(!) life. We smoke a lot of shit, having fun etc. Just try to survive in this fucking crazy world of fools.

Which bands do you consider as the start for grind?. Still follow them?
Nice question... maybe I’m not so original, but I love all the “Old School Grind Innovators”. For me the originators of the grindcore genre is definetely REPULSION and NAPALM DEATH. I think “Horrified” and “Scum” are the milestones in the grindcore!. I love all the NAPALM DEATH releases, a lot of people say, their last albums are shit, but I fuck this opinion. The thing is called “Progress” for fuck’s sake!. Except these bands I love TERRORIZER, BRUTAL TRUTH, SIEGE, RIGHTEOUS PIGS, ASSUCK, DEFECATION and all of “Napalm Death Projects”-I’m addicted to NAPALM DEATH he, he. To be honest, I’m not so much into new bands on the scene. I know, there are a lot of great new bands, but I love especially the bands like: PIG DESTROYER, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, SEWN SHUT,RETALIATION. I think these bands got something to say on the grindcore scene of today.

For what can people wake you in the middle of the night?
Only for something fucking important. I hate to wake up in the middle of the night.

What is the best animal to eat and why?
None. I’m a vegetarian since 12 years now, so I hope you’ll understand my short answer. I support the animal rights!

What is the most useless animal on earth?
Every animal is important on the earth. Even a fly is important. Every creature is created for something. I think the people are the most useless animals on the whole fucking world. We’re insects here. We’re coming from outer space as a bacteries to devastate this beatiful land. Why we’ re looking for aliens?- WE ARE ALIENS HERE!

Antigama is the most.....?
The most fucked up band on the whole world he, he, he. Just joking. We’re a bunch of fuckers which love to play music, smoke weed and have a lot of fun together. We are so modest band you know he, he, he.

Last rites
Last rites goes to you my friend!!. Thank you very much for the opportunity with the interview for ya!!. You’re always very cool & supporting person for Antigama. Hope to see you somewhere, someday! Every interested creatures in Antigama should contact with me immediately!! We’ve got a CD’s, T-shirts and lots more of cool stuff to sell/trade. Please, check out our website and don’t forget to sign our guestbook!! Our site is just updated now. There you have all the news, MP3, photos, etc. Cheers for all!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jul 19, 2002
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