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1994 - Federico and Rodolfo start playing together in a hard rock and heavy metal cover band.
1995 - The first live appearences take place. Meanwhile the band is influenced by the punk and hardcore wave that marks the musical scene of this period.
1996 - Federico and Rodolfo feel the need to move to a more extreme genre, the first thrash and death influences take over but the rest of the band doesn't agree wiht the suggested change of direction and the formation splits up.

1996 - Federico and Rodolfo meet Alessio (a bassist that attends the same music school as they do) that will almost immediately leave for military service, although ensuring a future collaboration. For a short period Filippo enters the band, and in the meantime they win a contest for emerging bands announced by the city of Vigevano. The band begins to take conscience of the genre through which they want to express themselves. Meanwhile, together with another local band, they build a studio in a building whose owner is Paolo Besser, the other band's singer and friend. Later the studio will become the Apeiron Studios.
1997 - A guitarist (Pier) and singer (Massimo), both from Voghera, enter the band. The first songs see the light. The collaboration ends a few months later because of the distance and the differences of opinion. In late summer a new singer (Stefano Corani) joins in and Filippo returns. The band finally comes to a permanent line up and starts working hard on the first songs and covers. This is the period in which ’Engraved in Eternity’ begins to come to life.
1998 - After a series of live appearences in local pubs and clubs, in July Stefano leaves for military service, and the band organizes a farewell concert.
1999 - The band keeps working on new songs (’The Chant’) but once again loses its singer; in fact Stefano quits because of a little tension inside the group.
2000 - A period of stasis begins, in which the members dedicate themselves to some side projects. Nevertheless the desire for something concrete starts rising, and little later the guys get back to their songwriting.

2001 - By now the band has made it's final choice, and only the lack of a vocalist keeps from carrying on the work. In the summer, during the first recording tests, the band contacts Claudio, that will soon join as lead singer.
2002 - After completing four songs, the band decides to undertake their first recording experience, and the first tryouts are made in April. By the end of May the guys start the mixing, mastering and editing process at the Massive Arts Studios in Milan. On the 8th of June ’Endternity’ is released.

interview with Filippo on 28-03-2003

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My name is Filippo, I'm 23 years old and I play the guitar in the band Apeiron.

You are one of the founders, do you see yourself as the chief of the band? Or are all on an equal level?
No one in the band has a higher position than another, all the decisions are taken after discussions and we try to do all the best to satisfy each of the band's members needs. I'd say that we are very democratic, which means that nothing is done without the approval of all the members.

What is the spirit of the band? In other words why does the band exist?
The band is moved by the wish to make music for ourselves, we all love music and we all love what we do, we do it because if makes us feel good, and it's nice to know that it makes someone else feel good too.

Ever regret to start playing music? And when you start were you already a metalhead?
No, I could never regret being a musician, because I think that one of the most beautiful things in my life is the possibility to pick up a guitar and get some good music out of it, may it be metal, blues, classical or whatever.

Tell us something about your childhood? Happy one? Outcast or many friends?
My childhood was a typical childhood, I was one of the group, with a few good friends, but sometimes also with a few bad friends that fortunately have been lost along the way.

Are there some things you would have done else if you could do it again? Why?
No, I think that everyone is responsable for his own future, and I've always tried to take decisions in the best way I could: sometimes I took the right ones, sometimes the wrong ones, but in the second case I got to learn something new from my mistakes..

Do you believe in reincarnation? As what will you return than? Or what are you hoping for?
I don't really believe in reincarnation, but I do believe in something after death (some call it Heaven). I see it as a state of mind in which everything is revealed and in which everyone realizes how small the human race has been in front of billions of years of the world's evolution.

Are you religious? Believe in some kind of God? Feeling the presence of the pope in Italy?
I kind of believe in God, but in a very different way from what the Church teaches. Anyway I do respect who is really religious and really believes in what he or she thinks, but I also see many hypocrites that say thay believe and act in a totally different way.I think the Pope is a very influent person, but I also think he is a good man that believes in what he has done and in what his position means.

Think that Vatican City are tax robbers? Should it be apart or just an ordinairy city in Italy?
Tax robbers? Italy is full of tax robbers, especially in the government, why criticize the Vatican? They just followed the fashion!

Say something in italian that makes my wife horny?

How does your ordinairy day looks like? How do you start, do in between and at the end?
My days start with a nice breakfast, some studying, maybe a quick rush at the bar for a coffee, then lunch; in the afternoon I could never miss my daily dose of Simpsons, after that I get back to my books, and then go out an hour or so before dinner. In the evening I usually practice guitar or surf around the net.

Any difference when it is weekend?
Of course!! Wake up at noon, go out, get drunk, get back home, sleep, go out again, get drunk again...

What do you think of people who live of wellfare? Do you have a good social security system? Do you get money from the government if you are ill, unemployed, fired etc?
Social security is ok in Italy, many people criticize it but in the end it does it's job; the government helps in everycase, if you're ill and need medicins, if you have no job, but of course things could be done better.

Why does the story of Pinokkio situates in Italy? Are you born liars?
Of course!!! In fact, everything I said in this interview is false!!!!

In what part of the country do you live? How does it looks like? What is there to do for tourists?
I live in the north, it looks like lots and lots of fields with some small towns here and there; my city, Vigevano, has a wonderful central square, which was apparently designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Do you like to go on holiday? What are your favorit places or countries and why? Where would you like to go when money doesn't matter?
I just love the seaside... I've been lucky enough to travel a bit, and I've fallen in love with Greece and it's islands. Actually, I like the mountains as well, and I really like Nepal, it's a wonderful country. But if money didn't matter, I'd probably be living in Bora Bora!

How do you think you will earn your first million? What will you do with it?
I hope I get to earn a million, I don't care how!!!! Kidding, I'd like to think I might earn some good money one day, and I'd try to spend it wisely (cars, alcohol, drugs, women....lol)

So anything else to say what has to be told?
Yes, thanks to BRUTALISM for this opportunity, thanks to the readers for their interest, thanks to everyone who in someway supports Apeiron, we owe you all.
And check out www.apeironet.it !!

Last rites?

c/o Federico Lino
via Olimpia, 11
27025 - Gambolò (PV)
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 28, 2003
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