Beer and pizza as inspiration for Whisker Biscuit

First of all, welcome to BRUTALISM, could you introduce yourself and tell us something about the beginnings of Whisker Biscuit?
Kyra: Hey, I’m Kyra, lead singer of Whisker Biscuit. Basically the beginning of Whisker Biscuit is all just a drunken haze of cigarette smoke and beers in our drummer Zach’s basement. I’d say we’ve evolved into much more. We’ve come far from the basement.
Zach: I'm Zach, drummer for the band. We started WxB to play fast and loud and that's what we do best.

Whisker Biscuit is a combination of grindcore and hardcore punk. What are your main influences?
Kyra: Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Youth Brigade, Lummox, Bad Brains, Dirty Bird, Dayglo Abortions, GWAR, DRI, GBH, Angry Samone, etc.
Zach: Lots of grindcore. Extreme Noise Terror, Uncurbed, Dropdead, etc. Lots of heavier shit too like Cock And Ball Torture, Gutalax, Ass To Mouth, etc.

You will be releasing your debut album with Transcending Records in April, but we don't see other bands similar to Whisker Biscuit on this label. What was the process of signing with them?
Zach: I'm releasing another album through the same label with my other project Virulent Gestation. I mentioned the Whisker Biscuit album to them and they offered to release it because they wanted to do something different and dug how we sound.

Talking about your album, what can we expect from it? It contains a different sound than your previous demo "Tales From The Gutter" (We refer to the style, not the quality of the release)
Kyra: "Tales From The Gutter" was definitely more of us in a rough copy dickin’ around. Our new album is more of the sound we want to be projected, heavier riffs, heavier drums and lyrics.
Zach: Yeah, the demo was just that. A demo. It was something to pass around to friends and maybe help us get some shows. The album stands alone and is more what we're about.

We read that you recorded the album live off the floor and in a single session. Do you think that is the best way for a grindcore/punk band to bring their true sound to their fans? What was the opinion of the label about it?
Kyra: I don’t think it really matters when you get right down to it. Good music is good music. I personally like the raw sound of us at our “drunken, freezing our asses off- in the fucking cold ass studio middle of winter best” that’s the true Canadian quality sound. HK recording did it justice!
Zach: It definitely brought out the haggard, nasty sound that we have at our live shows. We wanted to sound as real as possible without trying to sound like dickheads. The label loved the sound.

'Population Devastation' appears on your demo and in the album sampler as well. Is it the most representative song of the band?
Kyra: 'Population Devastation' is definitely one of our stronger songs. This will be what you should be expecting more of from us in the future.

'Drink Til Death', 'Drunk & Disorderly', 'I Like Drinking Beer', 'Pizza Slut', 'Stupid Cunt'… Obviously your lyrics don't speak about philosophy or quantum physics. Which things inspire your minds to write the lyrics in addition to beer and partying?
Kyra: Well I think that the inspiration is pretty clear… alcoholism and obesity… we're pretty fond of our beer and pizza…

Zach: #pizzafreaks #fatanddrunk2016 #makecanadagreatagain

In the beginning you used the same font as Iron Maiden for your logo and changed it several times until you landed on your current logo. Is it definitive of the band or will you be changing it again for your future works?
Kyra: It’ll change, Zach has a creative mind and I’m sure by the time you read this it’ll have changed again.

On your Facebook page we see a picture of a police station in flames. Did this bring you any problems with anybody?
Kyra: Not yet.
Zach: Not yet, but hopefully. ACAB.

We can see more and more women playing with non-commercial bands but they only represent a fraction of the musicians in the underground styles.What do you think about it, Kyra? Do you have any perception that sexism is present in the underground music scene?
Kyra: Fuck it… Don’t like it, don’t listen. I’m too busy not giving a fuck to be bothered by the PC twats that have anything useless to say about it. People like our music, everyone else can fuck right off. I certainly wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

Last year we were talking with another Canadian band called Holy Co$t and they said the Canadian scene sucks. What's your opinion about it?
Kyra: Truthfully it could be better but we have great shows, crazy pits and badass fuckin friends and fans. Suppose it’s where you are.
Zach: It's hit or miss. The promoters and venues we have here are limited but they also work twice as hard to make sure we have something going on every weekend that doesn't entirely suck ass.

I like some bands from your country like Fistfuck, Mesrine, Fuck The Facts (also with a woman on vocals), E.F.R.O, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm... Can you recommend any other Canadian bands for me to check out besides them and Whisker Biscuit?
Kyra: Some of my favorite bands are from Canada and some even local. Punch Drunk, BFG’s, Dayglo Abortions, Forgotten Rebels, SNFU, Ripcords, The Mother Fuckers, Pantychrist… etc
Zach: You guys named most of my favorites already. Mesrine is nuts. I booked them a few years ago and those guys are crazy as shit. TABARNAK!!

I saw that you've played several times in Canada but have you ever played outside of your country? Are there any touring plans in support of your upcoming album?
Kyra: Nothing planned yet for touring... never played out of the country either. We’re hoping to get moving and expand come summertime!
Zach: We'll be doing a release party/show for our new album and then hopefully getting busier once it gets nicer out.

What do you prefer? Playing at a big festival in front of a lot of fans, or playing in a small bar with your friends and true fans of the band having fun and drinking beer together?
Kyra: That’s an easy answer, definitely playing the smaller venues with our friends and drinking. It’s more personal and a great vibe.
Zach: I'd have to agree. We've never played a festival though so who knows? My answer could change next time we talk.

To conclude the interview, do you want to say something to the people that are reading these lines?
Kyra: Thanks for reading, grab a CD and check us out. Mosh your ass off and drink till death!
Zach: Clean behind your ears, brush your teeth, give your life to Satan and live your fucking life.

Thank you very much for giving us your time, and good luck guys!
Kyra & Zach: Thanks! Cheers! \m/