Bestial Mockery interview

The year of 1995 saw the birth of one of history’s most dreadful beasts : Bestial Mockery !!!
The line up have remained the same ever since, besides some problems with the bass players.
They have so far released one 4 track Battle Promo 96 and one five track demo 97 called “Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw”, recorded one comp track called “Possessed with Erection” for X-treme records comp cd “From the Underground...” unleashed our six track demo of 98 called “Chainsaw Demons Return”. Impaler of Trendies Productions from France released Bestial Mockery's split live tape with Canadian Lust ’Live for Violence’ as well as the six track MC called “W.A.R. : The Final Solution”. Their next onslaught on humanity was a split 7” with Suicidal Winds entitled “Nuclear Goat”.
They have also participated on a dozen compilation tapes and records. And now Sombre records in Germany released a 16 track LP called “Chainsaw Execution” in august 2001, containing tracks from all our releases so far as well as a new studio track and some live shit. They are currently working on our next vinyl attack a 7” called “A sign of Satanic Victory”, soon released by Warlord Records from Italy. Their debut LP entitled “Evoke the Desecrator” due to be unleashed by Downfall Records in Gothenburg.
Concerning gigs : They've so far done eight gigs and they are fukking infamous for their fucked up scene show with chainsaws, pig hearts, gasmasks, blood, violence and torment.
One of the gigs was as opening act for the mighty Lord Belial. Bestial Mockery has also done a gig abroad in Estonia, the Hell Gates festival.
Our future looks bright, your does not ! Are you ready to face Bestial Mockery ?

interview with Master Motorsag on 12-8-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Heils goatworshipers out there! Master Motorsag here. Well Bestial Mockery was summoned in the year of the Devil 1995 and have since then released 4 cassettes, 2 eps 2 Lps and one CD. Done loads of gigs both in Sweden and abroad and been fucked up in general.

How proud are you to be part of the band?
I am fucking proud to be part of this demented coven.

Why do you use nicknames and use a pic where you can't see your face? Afraid for opponents or groupies?
We do it in the tradition of the old godz, following their path. And no we have no concern for either groupies nor opponents.

What would you do when you didn't play in the band?
If I didn't play in Bestial I would probably play in an other band, but if you mean if not musically involved, I don't fucking know, I mean this is my life, I burn for the Devil Metal. But maybe do some other music related as a zine or concentrate more on my archaeology study.

Are you satisfied with the release of ’Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw’? And why?
Of corpse I am satisfied with it, well in many ways just listen to it, it got a pretty rough and untight chaotic sound, good feedback and excellent promotion from Agonia and Metalblood.

Do you use the chainsaw on stage? Not afraid to let it fall in the audience?
Yes of corpse I use the triumphant instrument of death live. And no I could not care less for the audience I more worry about how to tame it myself each time coz it is a powerful force of destruction that's is unleashed each show and I could easily snatch my hair and drag me towards a certain death. But the worst thing is that in some foreign countries I am not allowed to have the chain on it argghhh I hate it I want violence!!!

Why did you use the same title as the demo from 1997? Lack of inspiration?
The reason for this can be traced back to 1996/97 when me and Warslaughter wrote loads of the lyrics and concept for practically all our coming albums, eps etc. Then we also decided titles and tracks for the releases.

How many things can you do with a Hammerchainsaw? What should you don't do with it?
The choice of things you could kill is unlimited. Desecrate all the things that is sacred destroy all shit called holy. But you should not use it for masturbation coz it will shred your fucking cunt.

In the release sheet stands that you hate the fucking cunts? Do you hate women and prefer guys?
In general you could say that yes, but on the other hand I hate humans in general. But women in general have a tendency to be conspiriating cunts! But of corpse I prefer normal heterosexual sluts to eat my cum since I hate all fucking gays, lesbians, fags, homos, dikes, jews, muslims blah blah!!!

Do you think it is real underground to have released the several splits,tapes LP etc? Also on different labels?
Yes of corpse it is underground what do you think? We will forever remain an underground act.

Is it important which label releases your stuff? Why not release it by yourself and earn more money?
Well we don't want any greedy fucking trend label to release our stuff, all labels we work or have worked with are truly dedicated underground labels. Actually we would just loose even more money than we do right now releasing our stuff on our own, it is also good to release on different labels coz our releases get spread throughout different spheres and countries of the underground. Currently we are working with selling our LP/CD and patches n shirts, Agonia agency for our promotion, for our last demo and upcoming split EP with Unholy Massacre and for our new EP.

What makes you differ from other thrash/death bands?
Nothing special beside the fact that we have a wider influence sphere I think since we also include Black metal and punk elements for example and that we are so fuKKKed!

Mention some of your fave bands?
Sadistik Exekution, Sodom, Bathory, Face of Evil, Bestial Warlust, Black Witchery, Unholy Massacre, Nocturnal, Destroyer 666, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Mayhem, Anticimex, Blasphemy, Nunslaughter.

Do you have autographs from some people you admire?
Well I have some autographs but not intendivly I got them since I write with many people I admire and/or respect, but I don't wanna have them written on my LPs I think it destroy them. Don't misunderstand me I am a true fan and proud of it, but for me it meant more to have had a chat over a beer with Tom Angelripper than to have Ac/Dc s autographs. Anyhow I know that Carl Warslaughter is proud of his signed Destruction LPs. The only autographs I really wanna have is a signed copy of Mein Kampf or H. Himmlers autograph.

What kind of music makes you wanna kill yourself? And how do you wanna do it?
Music that make me really fucked up is Worship, Philip Glass, Diamanda Galas, Terror Organ, first Vond LP, Burzum, Abyssic Hate, Shining. I guess that I would prefer knifes or maybe blow my head off with a luger.

Could fags write to you to know your selling points?
No since we hate them !!!

What are your pleasures in this life on earth?
The metal of the Devil, fucking, drinking, smoking, trashing.

Do you think there is life after death? Where shall we go after the burial?
I know that the spiral of souls have wandered on throughout history and that the souls have passed on from different incarnations to others but the signs in time tells me that the circle draws close and this time there will be no new life after death. This time only Hell awaits for all souls and its purgatorial existence and then for the most fitting soul the second death awaits in Hell, to become one with the Master.

What is the most evil thing you did in your life? Regrets?
I don't see the point with this question, but since I believe in true and objective evil, it would probably be to have ended some of Gods innocents Creature's meaningless life.

Last rites?
Rites of death return to Hell I am Satan's child attack with spell!!!
Bestial Mockery
c/o Carl Warslaughter
Björidsv. 12
455 92 Munkedal
Interviewer: twansibon
Aug 12, 2002
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