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Bilharzia has been formed in 1995 with four original members. They are Aroll (drummer), Che-Mie (1st lead), Nuwar (2nd lead) and Shahruliz (vocal). After a few years, 1997, Bilharzia have invited JoeSlaughter (bassist) to play in this band. In 1998, Bilharzia have a problem in a line-up because Che-Mie, Shahruliz and JoeSlaughter have been moved out from this band because their own personal problems. After a few times, Ley T.S. has joined as the member of Bilharzia as a vocal until now. After we released the 1st EP, Amir has been invited to played with this band. For now the latest line-up is:

Nuwar - 1st Lead
Amir - 2nd Lead
Megard - Bass
Aroll - Drums
Ley - Vocals

interview with Ley on 22-9-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
My full name is Meor Mohd Fadzly and I'm a vocalist for Bilharzia. I've joined this band since 1999 after their original vocalist had to leave this band because his work need more attention. Currently I'm too busy right now with my work and I'm staying far from the others bandmembers. And sorry for this late answer because my work has fullfill my time everyday.

Explain the name Bilharzia and what it means?
Bilharzia is a human disease caused by parasitic worms called Schistosomes. Over one billion humans are at risk worldwide and approximately 300 millions are infected. Bilharzia is common in the tropics where ponds, streams and irrigation canals harbor bilharzia-transmitting snails. Parasite larvae develop in snails from which they infect humans, their definitive host, in which they mature and reproduce.

Do you think it is disadvantance you come form Malaysia? Hav the feeling that people take you serious?
The main disadvantages for us coming from Malaysia is our government who think that underground music is illegal and they have banned UG scene here. They also checked all the incoming mail from outside Malaysia that they thing related to UG scene and will not send it to us. That is why we are unable to receive mail that has been send from outside Malaysia especially if the mail contained the porno, gore and etc. For our local scene, I think we have a good response from Malaysian scene and and of course they take us seriuosly. But some how, a few people also back stabbing us for nothing!

How did you came in contact with the brutal music?
It was 10 years ago when I got a cassette from my cousin (Cerebral Fix - Tower of Spite). I enjoyed it so much that he introduced me to a lot of heavy/trash/death music. After a few years into that sound, I changed into black/gothic metal and finally I choose this brutal death as my priority music until now. For your information, at the first time, Bilharzia played black death metal music and they changed their style into brutal death and after that I've joined this band. I prefer to play this kind of music because there is satisfaction in this music and we want to make our own style.

Is it easy to obtain CDs in Malaysia? Are they legal or copies?
There are not too many CDs that we can obtain here especially the CDs that have a porno/gore/anti religion cover layout. As I told you before, our government will check all the mail that arrives before they will give it to the postal service. Now, some local distributor here have to pay to the officer (corruption) to release the stuff. About the price, the CD price is so expensive here and many of us have to pay it because it is not so easy to buy directly from the band because this government problem. Of course there are legal copies but if you you want to find a VCD here, than it is very easy to get an illegel copy of it.

How is life for metal fans in your country? Are you oppressed by the government?
What I can say is, Malaysia metal scene fans living as normal people, they are not thinking and living for this metal music 24 hours a day. We have to work and earn some money to survive our life. We will gather together in a short time frame and change ideas and information about the scene. I have told you before about our government.

Is it easy to spread your music amongst your friends/fans? Good recordstores, gigplaces etc?
As the technology of communication growing faster, it is so easy to spread our music here. Yes, we have a good record store here and for the time being, it was not so easy to organize a gigs here because being banned by the government. But, there were a few gigs organized here but not a big show. We have to get a permit from the government and what the organizer do is they request a permit for a live show not a metal music show. Luckly they don't come and check the gigs!

How do you get your own touch to your songs without copying Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel etc?
I think you have the wrong person to ask this question because I'm not the song writer for Bilharzia. What I can say is that we are not copying the songs from them but we prefer to play the music with our own touch, style and originality. In my opinion, Bilharzia music is too different from them and we will create a pure 100% Bilharzia music and on our next release we proof that we are not cloning or copying.

Describe what Bilharzia makes worth listening to?
Currently, we are too busy with our own work and two of Bilharzia members are not in the same area, Megard and me. We are working in different states in Malaysia and is too difficult for us to gather together every month. Some of the members are also busy with another band project like Amir and Aroll with BUTTOHEAD and TORPEDO. Maybe I can say that we would be active back on stage with new material next year because the busy life now a days.

Ever thought of tattooing the bandslogo on your back?
Nope, because our religion is not allowing us to have a tattoo.

The ’Bloodfluke’ is from 2001. Currently working on new material? Will it differ?
After the released of Bloodfluke, we got an offer to enter the studio once again for a local compilation here. We recorded 2 new tracks which is a new version of a song that is taken from our EP. After that, we joined the local label in Ipoh to do a compilation with two new songs more brutal and aggresive. Thats all for this year and now we prefer to keep silence and be as a the watcher because we are too busy right now. So, what is your opinion on our new songs? It's different (I give this space to answer back your question about the different of Bilharzia's new release..... harharhahrharhar).

Where does the songs C.G. means? Compulsive Genitals?
Absolutetly not! That is the short term for ’cruelty government’. We have to make it short because we dont want something to happen with our goverment in a future. But the lyrics are not written for our local government but ''to the all bullshit governments and politicians that make a war, war and war in this world’.

Why did you release a tape version instead of a CD?
Misery Records has decided to release our EP in cassette format. We can't do anything because he is the boss. Ask him yourself to know why?

Desribe your humour? Know any good joke?
Currently there is no sense of humour in myself today because I'm too tired with my busy working day. Maybe in next time it will come!

Is it true that people in Asia eat every animal that lives?
Who is telling the lies that people in Asia will eat all the animals thats live? I think they told you about ancient/myth story........ can you beliefe that people like you will eat all that things? hahahahahahah...

Do you get respons on your music from European fans? How did they find you?
Yup, I got good response from all around the world and of course from Europe also. Maybe they find us by the promo email and the promo copy that have been sent by Misery Records to them. Many of them give us a good response about our music except the fucking bad sound quality. They give a good review and we only just got one condemn from our local scene about the instrumental tracks that they think are not suitable for the brutal death concept! Many of them prefer to have it in CD format and we can''t do anything because Misery dont want to do that.

Ever dreamt of touring thru Europe? Any fav bands you would like to join?
Ahahrahrharharhhrrha.....we want to do it but it was to expensive to be there unless you want to sponsor all the expenses during the tour there. Perhaps we can crash the stage with Morbid Angel or Cannibals Coprse in the future but it is just a dream....

Are there many well known bands that visit your area? Do you remember the gigs?
Erm....I only enjoyed with the Napalm Death show last year in Malaysia, other than that I don't know! Also the gods of Sodom played at Thailand last time.... I missed that show because my work. Hopefully they will come here again.

Your chance to promote the band?
Nothing much that I want to say, just visit our hompage at to check out our next released (compilation).

Last rites?
Thanks to you Twan that give us a chance with this interview and sorry for the late reply and thanks for the great review on your site. Hails to the BRUTALISM...... and stay brutal!
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 22, 2002
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