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interview with Ignifaxius

First of all, can you tell me something about history of the band? How you come up with an idea to do such thing?
The band was formed about one year ago. But first idea to found a Black Metal band is about three years old, when Aznagoth and I was in the pub and discuss about today scene. Simply we just wants to help todays TRUE BM scene and take the spirit of true Black Metal back.

There are only two members of the band, you and Aznagoth, is that original line-up? Who is playing which instrument in a band?
Yes , original line-up is me and Aznagoth only. We recorded all material on our demo. But Intro is made our friend Vanson, who have a ambient project SJERP and writes best underground webzine in Czech Republic SARET. I playing bass, I do all screams and roars and I programing drums. Aznagoth playing guitar.

You have released your first demo called “Chaos”.Are you satisfied with it? Is everything like you wanted to be? Production and stuff...
We wants to play Black Metal, nothing less, nothing more. We succed to do this. But production. Production is not good for us. Vocals and drums are good , but there’s bad and drab sound of guitars on demo. Perhaps therefore we recorded our demo during five days only in my bedroom. Next recording will be much better, I promise!

On the “Chaos” demo, you have worked with a rhythm machine. Will you change it in the future, or you will continue working in that way?
Yes, we want to change it, but there are no people in our region who wants to play Black Metal and work with us.

There is few drummers, but they wants to play punk, punk-rock and other kind shit!

We need a man (or woman :-)) who will in conformity with the band idea, for who is Black Metal way of life. And must be fuckin‘ fast!

What are your lyrics about and who is writing them?
Lyrics on Chaos demo are about antichristianity, blasphemy, desecration, chist crimes, hate, fights and wars.

I writes all lyrics.

Do you practice some kind of rituals?
No, indeed I’m don’t scrifice virgins to demons, I don’t eat new-born babies and don’t do other similar thinks.

You are playing raw old-school black metal.What is bands that have left a big mark on the music that you are playing?
We’re especially influenced by Czech cult raw BM band MANIAC BUTCHER. Then Norwegian old scene (MAYHEM, DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL), Macedonian ultra fast BALTAK, Ukrainian NOKTURNAL MORTUM (but only their music, not theirs todays stupid ideology), French MÜTIILATION and some others.

Are you planning to release your debut album soon? Do you write any new stuff?
Maybe, first on winter 2003. Now we must training our skills and then we can record album.

Now I have about two new song and imagination of contents of album. It’ll be very dark and aggressive and it’ll be about hate to my enemies, about my very dark visions of future and about last war on Earth.

What do you thing about playing live? Have you done some concerts till now?
No we haven’t done any concerst till now, because we haven’t good equipment and we haven’t too much time. Both of us are students. We planned do some gigs on July or August with our friend bands maybe.

Do you practice some kind of visual art in your concert?
We don’t plays live until today, because we have a shitty equipment. But we want to plays very soon (July). We’ll wearing war-paint, spikes and leather of course. Thats Black Metal.

Have you made any contact with some labels, and are you going to release the album for any label, or you will do it independetly?
I contacted only ECLIPSE PROD. from Czech Republic (thats best and maybe only production, who is specialized to pure BM only) and I want to release due this label. I sended them our demo and I still awaiting their answer.

What’s yours opinion about BM scene today, and how you see it in the future?
Someone says that BM scene seems to be dead. I must don’t agree with this opinion. Still originate new hopefull bands. In Europe, there is a lots of good true bands for example MAY RESULT & THE STONE from Serbia, DARK STORM, AVENGER, TROLLECH from Bohemia, KRIEG, MERRIMACK and others jewels of BM!

I’m very optimistic in this way, I believe in a big rise of BM in next years!

Speaking about scene, what do you think about bands like COF, Dimmu Borgir, Siebenburgen, The Kovenant and others melodic vampiric bands (if we can call them Black metal bands )?
No! We don‘t call them Black Metal. Thats music is absolutely different from true Black Metal. I don’t like this music so much. This music is only for teens who say “I‘m listening Black Metal. I’m evil satanist bububu“ and never heard what is BLACK METAL.

Tell me about the existence of the human in the world?
God fucks Satan and then borned Adam and Eve hehehe.

A question about yours believes: Do you believe in god, Satan, yourself? Do you follow any philosophy or religion?
I have my own philosophy – only I understanding it, I think. I don’t believe in god, satan, jehova, allah and to others muthafuckers!! All organization in faith isn’t good. Churches are bad, not true faith. Churches – thats the thing I hate!

I believe in power of Universe, in Nature, etc. I think world must exist in neutrality. Evil don’t exist without good and good don’t exist without evil.

Thank you for this interview, I wish you good luck, and keep up with good work!!SLAVA!!! Last words are yous.......

I thank you for support!


Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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