Bloody Sign interview 2002

BLOODY SIGN combine the raw and crushing face of Death metal with the dark and oppressive side of Black metal. Both styles confront, pass each other, but remain blocks, raw and primitives forces.

interview with the band on 9-4-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
BLOODY SIGN is a band which plays unholy death black metal since 6 years. We have a website for more informations

How much anger did you gain to write PRIMITIVE HORDE?
Nathaniel: Enough anger to kick your ass...

What is your drive for making music?
Ilmar: It is my life you know, I can't live without. Thanks to the music it's less difficult to live this annoying life.
Nathaniel: Making metal is a way to canalize an inner aggressivity. Without this music, I would be frustrated. I need my daily sick music. I am addicted to the power running through my spine when I listen to metal, or when I play it.

Do you have to have a special feeling to write or play music?
Kalevi: For the writing process as for the fact to play together, we do what we feel, no need to walk into the forest during the full moon... I only do music in my life, then, I have to stay true to myself, and everything is O.K. I never asked this question to myself
Fred: The love of this music. It's like it was here since forever. Extreme metal is my life.

Do you want to spread a message with the band? What message?
Nathaniel: Well! Spreading a message!! The ex-singer had a concept based on the Tolkien's and Nietzsche's universes. It was dealing about a certain idea of paganism (nothing relied with any political stuff!!). Since I am in BLOODY SIGN, I try to speak more about the inner-self, the absurdity of existence and the deeply hidden pain in the mind. The last lyrics I wrote are about Richard Durne, the guy who killed 8 politicians just to prove that he could exist during this short period of violence. He was in a totally logical way of thinking, and he committed suicide after his wonderful act of hate. Here was a good guy!! Ha ha ha! But we haven't a real message. Just stay true toward metal.

How much do you pratice on your instrument? Any lessons?
Kalevi and Ilmar: We play music during 6 to 9 hours in a day. We use also to play other kinds of music like jazz and medieval music. We often take some lessons, but almost every time with musicians than with teachers.

What do you find when French Kissing?
Nathaniel: While I practice a french kiss, I wear the last fashion trendy clothes from Yves Saint-Laurent, and I am perfumed with Dior. And of course, I read some Molière theatre during the kiss. Then, i feel totally french you know. What about the Dutch fist-fucking? Ha ha ha!!!

What do you do in normal life?
Imar and Kalevi: We play music.
Nathaniel: In normal life, I have short hair, and I help old people to cross the streets. Ha ha ha!!! Seriously, I study archaeology and norwegian.

Trying to promote the band in your work environment?
Nathaniel: Not really. There are a few true metalheads in university. I usually don't speak a lot with the other students. I have a lot of true metal friends like the almighty JEAN-JACQUES, he is a metal encyclopaedia.

Do you support some kind of charity? Why do they need support?
Nathaniel: I don't support any kind of charity, I don't care

Do you care about other humans, nature, environment?
No answer

What about the European unity? What about the Euro?
Nathaniel: It's just an economical relation betwen the countries, it's more practical with the Euro, but I find this system hypocrite. Politicians never speak really frankly, and they are too much paid for the ’work’ they do.

What kinda car do you drive? What kinda car stereo?
Ilmar: I am learning to drive, but the examination is not the best thing that will happen in my future...

Why christianity is a false religion?
Nathaniel: Hey, christianity is not a false religion, it's just a monotheistic religion. It doesn't means that I agree with it, but I can't say if it's false or true. I just don't seek to kill a christian, a muslim, a jew or whoever you want, as these persons let me quiet. If they try to impose something to me, then I start to provoke them.

Can you respect a true Christian? Why yes or no?
Nathaniel: Yes, I can respect him if he's totally into what he believes or does. But I may strongly disagree with his beliefs. I don't need a god or a leader, and I don't need to convince people.

Which religion can be taken serious?
Ilmar: None.
Nathaniel: The old pagan religions were more weird than the religions of the Book (Christian, muslim, jewish). But, as we don't know how the old pagan rites happened, it's absurd to say that you're a true pagan nowadays. I respect and admire a lot the Viking history and mythology, as I study this civilisation in archaeology. But, as for the celtic, finnish, egyptian mythologies it may be very interesting to study, and it's totally obsolete and false to claim that these were ’good’ religions. What we call ’religion’ is just a point of view depending on the place you are. Every civilisation had to explain how life began, and where they came from. That's why I can't agree with this brainless nazi black metal wave pretending to be an elite. Stupid nazis mostly mix several mythologies they don't know. They see what they want to see. Fuck them!!! They are just weak minds. It's interesting to study a religion, even the christian religion, but I can't believe in anything personally. I have already myself to bear, there's no place on my shoulders for a god.

How proud are you of your BRUTALISM shirt?
Nathaniel: Since I have the BRUTALISM t-shirt, I can finally go on the street with some clothes on me, because I am usually naked. Ha ha ha!!! Fred: Nice t-shirt.

When do you send me a Bloody Sign shirt size XL?
Kalevi: Ha ha!!! Have you seen the size of Ilmar, our drummer? The t-shirts have been made for him.... Sorry, no XL size for you.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself? Fav band, album?
Nathaniel: Metal and medieval music (the true medieval music, not the faggot dickless gothic easy listening). DESTRUCTION, ASPHYX/SOULBURN, PENTACLE, SINISTER, POSSESSED, DEICIDE, MASSACRE, INCUBUS (not the new pop metal gay band)/OPPROBRIUM, AUTOPSY, TESTAMENT, SODOM, INCANTATION, EVILUTION, MASTER, MONSTROSITY, CARCASS, SLAYER(old), MEGADETH(old), ARCHAEUS (a really good french brutal band, KADATH, HYPOKRAS (true pyrenean agression) are some bands I could kill for.

The other BLOODY SIGN members are also into true Black metal, like DARKTHRONE, CELTIC FROST, THORNS, SKYFORGER, ISENGARD, GORGOROTH(old), MAYHEM(old)...
Fred: I listen to brutal death, true black metal, medieval music...

Also like the horror movies? Maybe other genres?
Kalevi: Yeah, I love it when it's very well done, or when it's kitch to vomit.
Nathaniel: I don't know a lot of horror movies, but I like the day of the living dead, Braindead, Evil dead 1,2,3; i also like the Dogma films like festen, and the Idiots.
Fred: yeah, it's cool, but not my fave.

Do you remember your first tattoo? What was it and where?
Nathaniel: It's on my breast, it's a kind of mummy. You can see it on the DESTRUCTION website, in the fanzone: I am the the long black haired and beard man, half naked.
Fred: It was on my right leg, it's a pitiful one, which will be hidden soon.

What did your mother say about it?
Nathaniel: fuck, my mother has nothing to say, it's my skin.

Are you interested in body modification? What do you think disguisting?
Kalevi: I'm not really interested in body modification. What I find disgusting? Nothing is more disgusting than trendies.
Fred: I like body modification.

Last rites?
Thanks for this interview. Hail BRUTALISM. Bands, you can contact Nathaniel for promotion and interviews in the SKULL FUCKED zine (written in french) :

Contact :
Bloody Sign
C/O Uibo
47, rue Basse
68420 Gueberschwihr
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 9, 2004
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