Bloody Sign interview 2005

BLOODY SIGN combine the raw and crushing face of Death metal with the dark and oppressive side of Black metal. Both styles confront, pass each other, but remain blocks, raw and primitives forces.

interview with the band.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
I’m Kalevi, guitar player in BLOODY SIGN. We play fucking death black metal, with an old and dark school spirit. I’m 25 & try to do the best for my band. I play music every day of my fucking life, and i hope it will help some day haha. I teach guitar and also play in non metal music stuff (jazz music the old way, and i play luth in a medieval band called Tormis, check i have a brother who is our drummer and he is a very crazy drummer! He drummed for Incantation (for Kyle Severn’s replacement) during their European tour in 2004. I play with this bastardos since the beginning of my guitar and metal life. In metal we’re like twins.
I play in a fucking band called BLOODY SIGN with another asshole called Hagend who plays the bass and sings. We’re a fucking trio, and we try to play the best shit we can.

This is your 2nd intie (1st intie) on the site. Show me your gratitude please?
Hoho!! Thank you Twan for giving us the possibility to be in your holy webzine. Your site is the best on the net, you’re the best guy on the net and blablabla... also... thanks for being patient with me...

So how does it feel to have released an official album?
I’m very proud, especially because our cd is out through IBEX MOON RECORDS. I have always been a fan of INCANTATION. So it’s an honour for us. And it’s a new step in our musical life. We waited for years, recorded some shitty demos, but now here it is, an official CD!

Did you already get some critics about it? Positive or negative?
I’m sorry to tell that for the moment we didn’t had negative critics. Only one, by a Swedish guy, who told that we didn’t created something new. But we’re no trying to hehe!! Only play our hellish guts to do some metal of death haha!! Other critics like our way to play metal of death, mixing death and a bit of black metal, staying true to our roots.

How did you end up on Ibex Moon? Why did you choose for them? Other labels showed interest?
At first, after the recording sessions, i sent our stuff to some bands i worship, just to have their point of view. Mc Entee told me he wanted to have our band signed on his label to release our first album, and we said yes. All the places i tried before were not interesting or not interested in our stuff. I tried at first places in France, but here it doens’t work well haha. Maybe because French metalheads are bastardos haha!! Then in other European countries, and then mc Entee appeared, and it worked.

Does it help that John (Incantation) is behind IBex Moon? What is the benefit/profit for you?
Yes it helps a lot for a band like us, but there’s not a lot of benefit. The only thing is that we’ll be more known and have more opportunities to play. And we’ll try to have a tour in USA next year, and i think that it will help a lot. Mc Entee has a lot of contacts in the USA, not so much in Europe, so, if we can play over there it will be killer.

Can you name some of your fav bands? What kind of music can't you stand?
There are so much fave bands: POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, CELTIC FROST, BLACK SABBATH, SADISTIC INTENT... too many... i can’t stand neo metal, hip hop, r’n’b, this kind of shit, i’m not into electro stuff also....

How is metal life in France? There aren't that many well known French bands? Why is that?
Our Metal scene is not so ok. There are a lot of cool bands here, but not a lot of support. And not so much places for underground bands, not a lot of underground festivals.
And i don’t really like French taste in metal.
But if you think there are not a lot of french bands, what about MASSACRA, MERCYLESS, AGRESSOR, LOUDBLAST ??? they’re old bands of course, but they used to play really nice metal of death.
In the east part of France, there are quite “a lot” of gigs, in comparison to the center or the south. And spring time is always the time for a lot of gigs in Strasbourg.

Did you like the old bands like H-Bomb, Sortilege and Trust? Is the French language difficult to use in songs?
Sorry, but i’m not really into this bands. I know the names, but some of them, i never listened to!! Allright, shame on me, i’ll try to listen to their stuff. But, yes, usually, i’m not into bands which are singing in French language, it’s a bit hard for my ears, and not so fluid.

Why is tongue twisting kissing called French kissing?
Maybe because we created it, we perfected it, and we master it haha!!

Are there any French porn movies? Who are the most known French pornstars?
Ay ay, sorry, but i’m absolutely not into porn movies. I watched some when i was younger, that’s why i’m fucking freak, but i don’t know any name. Man, i’m just into music, and reading some stuff... drinking, smoking...

When does Bloody Sign appear in a porn movie like Cannibal Corpse appeared in Ace Ventura? Fucking promotion!
Haha!!! I first need another cock, like a horse one, then we’ll maybe try something in porn movie. It would be cool to fuck my brother (our drummer) while being sucked by our singer haha!!

What are your social hobbies? Any interest in cultural or historical elements?
Playing music !!! But i also enjoy reading about old civilizations inca’s, barbarian invasions or poem writers like Antonin Artaud... i’m not really a social guy, i prefer drinking at home with friends than going to a bar.

Do you go on holiday to other countries or combine it when you are on tour? What countries do you like or would you like to visit?
Both of them. But when you’re on tour, you don’t see anything but the concert place hehe. You can say “i was here and there”, but you never see the real country. I want to go everywhere in the world. We go this summer in South America, and it’s a bit shitty that we’ll not have time to visit and have a rest there. But i also want to go to Asian countries, or to go for a rest in the steppes.

What kind of religion idea suits the band the best? Does the band exposes a kind of education?
We don’t have any religion, except the love of music. Music is my religion, i live for it, i believe in It!!! We just try to tell that people don’t have to forget their past (i speak about music, but also about life in general), to evolve in a natural way, far from brain damages caused by social live, religion influences...

Religion is a root of evil and war throughout centuries. What will cause WW III? Any idea in how many years this will come?
WW III will be caused by Dutch people, and especially because of metalheads like you haha.
I never asked me the question, i don’t care. But i think it will come from USA or orient countries. When??? I don’t know as life is under top secret stuff and administration stuff. Maybe next year, or maybe i’ll not be alive anymore to see it.

Did you serve militairy? Or did you join the Foreign Legion?
Foreign legion?? Hahahaha!!! No, never. I never was in the army. I was born in 1979, and it was the first year in France where young guys didn’t had to do military service. I never wanted to do it, i have long hair and it means a lot to me.

Do you need security when you are on stage? Or can everybody jump off the stage?
Why do you ask this question???!!! Do you really think we’re famous enough and rock stars enough to have some security on stage?? Haha of course not, we really don’t care.

Do people try to steal your guitar when they climb the stage? Or throw eatable underwear on stage?
No never, but it would be cool to eat some underwear while playing some solos... some more energy huh!!

Ever thought about a gimmick like the golden condom that Rock Bitch used?
Yeah, we thought about golden condoms, but Rockbitch stole the idea. But for the moment, we just try to blast people with a “fresh air of old” death metal. If people enjoy, it’s enough huh?

What are the plans for the future? Are there goals you wanna achieve with Bloody Sign?
We’ll have some gigs in England in the end of June, a split tape will be released soon through TIME BEFORE TIME REC, with German band RADEMASSAKER. We go on tour in Peru and Equador this summer, try to have a north European tour in October, and we’ll also try to go in USA soon.

Any non interesting issues you wanna talk about?
Yeah!! What is the real meaning of interesting and non interesting stuff??!!! Humhum, i think it’s really non interesting to speak about non interesting stuff, and that’s the point where it becomes interesting. Am i boring yeah?? Of course it’s non interesting stuff. How is the weather?? Haha!!

Last rites?
Thanks Twan for the interview, and sorry for my extreme delay. Humhum!! (almost 6 months...Twan) If there are some freaks around that want to have an idea about our band, check
Contact :
Bloody Sign
C/O Uibo
47, rue Basse
68420 Gueberschwihr
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 4, 2005
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