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Jamie Bailey-bass/vocals, Michael Baily-guitar and Chad Walls-drums formed Brodequin in the summer of 1998. Finding inspiration deep within the torture chamber and many Inquisitions, Brodequin released a 4 song self titled demo which was embraced by the underground resulting in the band moving more than a thousand copies. In February of 2000 Brodequin released their debut album entitled ‘Instruments Of Torture’. 10 Tracks of blood soaked, death metal with insane drumming, crushing riffs and inhuman vocals, using skill and percision like a well trained executioner. Brodequin are a sanctuary for all fans of the underground.

interview with Michael guitarist on 1-3-2001

Please tell us who you are and what you do in the band.
My name is Michael and I am the Guitarist in the band.

What does the name Brodequin mean?
The Brodequin was a French Torture technique which was designed to destroy the victims legs. The Victim's legs were placed in a large wooden box, they were separated by boards and bound tightly together, then the executioner would drive wooden or steel wedges in-between the legs and the boards separating them, which as a result completely crushed the legs in some cases so severe them arrow would flow freely from the wounds.

Why did you start Brodequin?
We formed Brodequin because we were unhappy with the bands we were all in before. We were all held back in the band we were in before. The members of the previous bands didn't have enough skill to play the kind of songs we wanted to play. We had all known each other for awhile but didn't talk about starting a band together until I guess we all got sick of bitching about the shitty bands that we were in haha.

Did you play other kind of metal before Brodequin?
Well, we had to take what we could get so to speak. There is a serious lack of musicians in this area so if you want to be in a band it is a give and take situation. Jamie and I were in a band with two guys that could just never grasp the concept ofdeath metal and it was awful. I am glad that is over.

What kind of bands you grew up with?
My favorite bands growing up were Iron Maiden, Anthrax, and Suicidal Tendencies. I was into a lot of thrash and metal but my all time favorite band growing up was Iron Maiden.

Your favorite bands now and in the past?
There are so many bands that I listen to it is really hard to think of them all but my favorite bands at the moment are Sanity's Dawn, Necrology, Abuse (Canada), Zuckuss, Bile (the Netherlands), Last Days of Humanity, Aborted and Wormed.

What kind of music makes you vomit?
I worship GoreGrind!!! There is nothing sicker and faster than that style of music!

What is you favorite torture instrument?
My favorite torture instrument is the Brazen Bull. It was a life sized bull made out of iron and hollow on the inside. The victim was placed inside the iron bull and afire was lit underneath. There were pipes made on inside of the bulls nose that would amplify the victims screams.

And did you ever try it out, on your self of someone else?
No, I don't really know how to create a life sized bull out of iron and if I did I sure as hell wouldn't get in there. Of course there are some people that I would like to put int one!

Does Jamie really sing the lyrics? Because I can't hear any word.
Yes, Jamie is actually singing the lyircs. I refuse to be in a band with a vocalist that isn't saying anything. Although there are several bands that I listen to that do that and I love there music, speaking for my self personally I wouldn't want to be in a band like that. I want to have a purpose.

Do you think your music could be more extreme than now?
Yes, I think so. The debut CD was recorded not long after being together. We had many set back in our beginning so we really didn't have much time to grow before we recorded the CD. Now we are all used to the way each other plays and write and we have a strict practice schedule so that all helps. I think that everyone will notice a differance in the next brodequin CD.

Your favorite hobbies where you get inspiration from?
I really don't have that many hobbies. It seemed like once we started Brodequin that is all we did. There are those occasionally times that we all get together and bowl or play old video games like Ms. Pac man but I wouldn't call those hobbies.

Any plans to come over to Europe?
Brain from Ablated has been talking with us about getting some dates set up. We are ready anytime we can go over there. It looks like if all goes well we will be doing our first European tour in the winter of 2001. I can't wait for that.

Is there a new album on the shelves?
Not yet. We are planning to record our new CD and a split MCD with Aborted this summer.

Are you involved in the underground scene?
Yes, I would say that I am. I am a huge fan of the underground music. I know that some people that are in underground bands are not into the underground music and that makes no sense to me. Why would you be doing something you don't like?

What is your goal in life?
I really don't have one. I guess just to have fun and play music and that is what I am going now.

Last rites before you will be on the rack?
Thanks to everyone that gave our music a chance and I hope we will get to see everyone on tour soon and thanks a lot or the support and interview!!

P.O. Box 12023
Knoxville, TN
Interviewer: twansibon
Mar 1, 2001
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