BRUTALISM is at war with Purification Kommando!

interview with purification kommando black metal band

Purification Kommando were a raw Danish black/death outfit that had some pretty in your face material, so much so that when a recent review of one of their releases was aired, PK got in touch. So we had a chat about some of my comments in the said review, but also got to find out a little more, it is more than meets the eye, or ears in this case! Panzer Kommander D explains all and has some upfront remarks which made this a much more entertaining interview, we have some bite!

The band formed in 2006, do you think a lot has changed in the industry since then?
Hails.. Ohm, thats hard to say, we still did/do the same as always, send a demo out to labels and hope they like it and want to put it out either on a tape, CD or vinyl, so it that way it is still the same for us, but I can see how the ”everything was better in the old day” with it all being in e-mail form and not a letter with a self-made demo tape (we did that to).. I think it is all good as long as it is done the right way, I see no problem with any of it!

Has the underground scene changed at all?
As before, it has with the internet and all but I think in a lot of ways for the better. I know that now every band can put out a demo, do everything themselves but still can be found and what not.. But if they suck, they suck no matter of the internet or not and will die away, you are still going to need a label to believe in you in some way or other to make more than the Bandcamp.. Or you can do tapes and stuff like that yourself, but again without the label backing, the sales will reflect that I believe, but then again what the fuck do I know.. hahaha, it is all good as long as you like it (look at PK)!

What was your vision when starting this band?
To make some killer black/death metal and most of all play live a lot outside of Denmark, well some dreams just have to die I guess.. But that was the plan and vision, to get out there a tour, play killer music and so on..

You have included quite a few influences on your releases with covers of Sadogoat/ Sadomator after their name change and Beherit , were these bands the main source of inspiration, or do you have others?
”Funny” story about the Sadogoat cover, at some point someone said we were just a bad Sadogoat cover band anyway, so we thought, why the fuck not do a Sadogoat cover. The Sadomator track was a more serious attempt at making a cover of one of my personal favourite bands and the same with Beherit. I think we did really well on the last two. But back to the question, we have a lot of inspiration from a lot of bands over time but since I have no idea how to play a guitar, I think we do sound somewhat different then a lot of other “war metal” bands out there or maybe that is just me.

Do you have a message to your music?
Yes, humans suck and need to die one way or the other. That's the main message we have, we have everything we need in this world and what do we do with it, fight over it in the name of gods that don’t exist and other even more petty stuff like money, it makes me sick to the core!

Although there are more recent releases, we recently covered ‘Nuklear Ritual’. Did anything change in your song writing process or recording style as this was your first full length album rather than a split or EP or demo release? ‘Nuklear Ritual’ is quite a raw release, I wasn’t particularly kind in my comments about the production, although the music is great, what is the story behind the recording?
It all started after the Nuclear War split with Offerkult around 2009, the drummer got a drug problem and was kicked out of the band and after some talking between the bass player and myself, we agreed to ask Bestial Butcher if he like to help us with the album. So we rehearsed one time with him only a week before going to the studio to record all the music, which was done in just one day on a 8 track analogue recording. The vocals were done the next day and I think that does show on the album. But everything considered, I still think it is a good album, but we need more time to everything, time we did not have at that point. And I would like to give a big thanks to Bestial Butcher for the drum job he did and all the help, same goes to Nongram and Phlegm Productions!!!!

Did you intend to have such a production on the release or were there other forces influencing this?
Yes and no, I think the production could have been a little better had we had more time over all. But I do like something raw, but it did not fit PK right there and then!

Is it something you wish to re-address or re-record at a later date, or are you happy that your music is out there and being enjoyed by many?
We always look to the future, never look back and try and do the same thing over and over, but learn what works and what does not and make something new from that! But we may do a re-recording of a song or two at some point just for the fun of it!

What happened with the band members that left after this recording, your latter two releases have a different line up right?
Well BB was a one-time thing, after that, the bass player moved away, so the band was on hold. But then the former drummer got out of his drug problems and I started to talk to him again and we started to jam every now and then and before we knew it, PK was back. We tried to get the bass player back, but it impossible with the distance between us, so he told us just to go on without him and since then we have had 2-3 other bass players, but for the last part year or more, it has just been me and the drummer!

Am I to believe that the band is now split up?
Sort of, we are on hold, we will only do play concert if we get a cool offer, but other than that, we don’t do anything, no new music!!!

So what are your plans for future musical endeavours?
The plan is that we will be back in some years when we feel for it again, now we are working on other stuff, but we will be back to pollute the world of music ones again with nuklear fire!!

What do you make of the current music scene, especially for the style that you obviously enjoy?
I read the word ”trend” a lot for the music we did and I guess people are somewhat right about it, but as with the label or an internet deal, if they are no good, they will drop themselves too..

Is it all about enjoyment of the music, or giving an opinion/message? Or a mix of both?
It is a mix, but for us, it is more about the musik, like 70/30 or something like that, maybe a bit less..

For new potential listeners of Purification Kommando, what can people expect?
It's a trap!! (I hope someone gets that one). No, but I think that people should give us a shot and form their own opinion, don’t let other people tell you what is good or not, find out yourself, if you like it, killer and I hope you buy some of it and if not, then fuck you haha.

Thanks for your time, best regards for the future.
You are most welcome and thank you. Hail the Nuklear Ritual! Best regards from Panzer Kommander D and Purification Kommando!