Brutalized rolling in the sands

Created in the middle of the year 2000, BRUTALIZED is an essentially against the grain band, that plays an agressive, Death/Thrash Metal.In November/December 2000 the band recorded two songs, promo songs only be released on the internet. These are songs without almost any production and intended just to promote the band.In the end of the year/beggining of 2002 Brutalized is planning in recording a Demo-CD with about 5 songs. (including these two here, but produced)

BRUTALIZED is a band that mainly likes to play agressive music, not necessarily fast music. Some songs are fast and some are slow but the agression and the brutality of the songs is something unusual. Agression in the lyrics, in the intepretation of the vocals, in the drums or in the guitar riffs, but it's everything always there. BRUTALIZED lyrics talk about values and priciples, and the kind of shit that we see and have to face everyday.

interview with Gabriel on 11-11-2001

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, I am into Metal for 6 years now, everyfuckingday... I listen much to Heavy, Death and Thrash but I like all sorts of music... I am calm, but I love to destroy everything over a drum kit!

Did you play in other bands before?
No, this is my first band.

What is your definition of death metal?
I think Death Metal is faster and have vocals far more aggressive than Thrash... But it's not so far away from Thrash Metal... I like bands like Cannibal Corpse, Death, Six Feet Under... But I don't like so much technic into Death Metal, it has to be more raw...

What do you think of the return of Ronald Biggs to England?
Fuck him

Got any respons on those two tracks?
Many responses! We got many of good responses and we are very happy... But those songs were already modified and are very much heavier and much more aggressive now... We can't wait to let you guys hear them...

Did you ever had the change to perform on stage?
Yes, but not so many times... The energy live is powerful, very cool and intense.

How is the scene in your area?
In my city it is veery slow, It's more on the poor areas in the small cities around that the thing grows bigger. But in our country, Brazil the scene is excellent and very strong.

Why are the metal bands from Brazil so brutal?
I think because of the social and economic aspects of Brazil, being a Third World country but at the same time having a good perception of what's going over all the world. We can get access to bands worldwide and get this influences to show our hatred against what oppress us.

Ever been to Coppacobana?
Yes!! And it'ss great, it's beautiful!!! It's COPACABANA and I dream of a Death Metal show rolling over the sands... hehehehe

What are your favorit bands these days?
Six Feet Under, Slayer (old), Sepultura (always and ever), Overkill, Kreator, Sodom,

Any activities in the underground scene?
Helping shows, helping promoting bands and working on the internet, etc...

What do you for a living?
English Teacher!

Why should people downlaod your songs?
To know our band, we are trying to make something that has a meaning and not only for fun... More to come!!

Last rites?
Believe in what you are and know that one can always make a difference... Don't ever give up your dreams!
Interviewer: twansibon
Nov 11, 2001

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