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interview with Patrik.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Ok. My name is Patrik and I play the drums in the band called Burst.
A new album released on Relapse called ’Origo’. What does the title stand for?
Many things. It’s from latin and the meaning is Original, the beginning etc. But it is also an mathematical term. The centerfold where 2 strokes crosses each other. Somehow it’s very much Burst. 5 different individuals who clashes together.

Do you see yourself as a typical Relapse band? How did you end up with Relapse?
I don’t think we are a typical Relapse band in that sense that we are not as brutal as the other bands on that Label. We don’t really care that much about it all. We do our thing and if people think that we will play ultra fast grindcore all the time because we are on Relapse, it’s up to them.
We came in contact with Relapse when we released “In Coveting Ways” Some people on Relapse liked that mini-cd alot. And when we had recorded “Prey On Life” it felt like a good label to release it on. And since Jesper knew some people on Relapse, through Nasum, we had a good contact with them. And that’s how it was.

Which bands on Relapse do you like personally? Any change to meet those guyz now you are on the same label?
Oh I like many bands on Relapse. Lets see: Alchemist, Disfear, Gadget, Nile, Neurosis, Zeke, Zombi, High On Fire, Mastodon, Unsane and the list continues. And that they had one of the best crust bands in the world , Disrupt, doesn’t hurt either.
We have met some of them on tour but I don’t think that it has something to do with that we are on Relapse. Some bands we have toured with (Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and some we have met on festivals.

The sound is complex and aggressive. What is the fun for this type of music?
The fun for it? Hm for me as a drummer it’s allways fun to figure out good things to do on the drums. I like to have some time figuring out the details and that sort of things. It’s not that simple and that is how you progress as a musician. I also play in two other bands with a little bit diferent approach to music than Burst has. And that is also good for me. Plus I don’t get as bored playing with new people and just having a laugh. I need the unserious bit also in my life.

Never felt the urge of playing happy pop songs? To have succes with teenage girls?
Who says I don’t have succes with teenage girls now. But seriously I would be bored to hell if I would sit day after day playing the same drum beat. I can’t imagine myself ever do that sort of thing. But I listen to pop music as well. Maybe not the radio pop, but bands like The Cure, New Modell Army, Nick Cave etc. Means alot to me.

Is having sex with teenagers allowed in Sweden? Is Sweden still the porn capital?
Weird question. When you’re 15 it’s allowed to have sex here in Sweden. Never heard that Sweden is the porn capital but sure we have our fair deal of porn here, as well as every country of the western world has.

Why do questions about porn always end up in interviews?
First time for me so I can’t really asnwer this question-

Going on tour with Opeth. Don't you think you will play for a totally different kind of audience?
Since we got back from the tour I can tell you that we played for a little bit different audience than we are used to. The Opeth audience seemed more into the metal/goth type of music and we don’t look like that at all. Or play like that for that sake. But we got good response in almost ever place we played and that felt good. I like the feeling when you have to go out and prove to the audiance that you are good on what you’re doing. The Fighting spirit you know.

What can people expect when you are on stage? Will there be visual aspects?
Not yet. We would love to have some visual aspects but that is very far away in the future yet. Some day we hope to combine the two things on stage.
But Burst on stage just now is a very intense experience I think. If you compare us on record and than see us live we sound more aggresive live. We love to play the songs live and we tend to intensify it a little. But that is what I want. I don’t want it to sound like the record. That would be very pointless I think.

How is life backstage? What is so exciting about travelling around in a tourbus?
Life backstage is alot of waiting, eating and drinking and then you are up on stage playing. After that it’s back and pack everything up and take it out to the van. Then some more waiting and drinking. Then of to the hotel and try to get some sleep because often you have to rise early because of the long trip the next day. So you probably get around 5 hours sleep every night. That is backstage for me anyway. Ask Rolling Stones and you will probably get a little bit different answer-
I can’t say that it is that exciting travelling around in a van. But somehow you cope with that because when you’re on stage it feels so good and you forget about the van completely. Kind of weird when you think about it.

What is the worst memory of the tour? Can you also recall some hilarious moments? Or share us with some secrets?
The tour with Opeth went so smoothely so we don’t have any fun stories at all from this. But we have had our share of shit happening to us but the latest was when we should go to Greece and me, Jonas and Linus got to Stockholm and found out that the airport bus took 1 and a half hour. Since John would be in Stockholm at 4 and the gate closed at 17.20 we came to the conclusion that he wouldn’t make it. So we went out there and talked to the people at Ryan Air and they said that it was up to the pilot. So we could just wait and see. And then we phoned Robert who was in his car on the way to the airport and found out that he also couldn’t make it till the gate closed. So we talked to them again and said that there will be one more that will come a little bit lait. We boarded the plane and just hoped that the other guys would make it. So we are sitting there watching and waiting when we suddenly see 3 people come running. We couldn’t just stop smiling. After that situation we just leaned back and had some beers.

Are there any plans for Burst for the future? What would you like to achieve? And how do you think to realize it?
The plans for us is to play as much as we can and can afford of course since we can’t live on this. Then hopefully we will start making some new tunes since we want to compose a new album as soon we can. It’s been a long time since we were in the rehearsal space just jamming and having some fun so I’m really looking forward to that.
I think the best way to achive something is to allways have some goals in front of you. The last couple of years many things have happened for Burst that we wouldn’t believe would happen to this band. And here we are now but we can’t stop here. We have so many more things to accomplish and the first thing to do for us know is to go out on our own tour. First time for us since we signed with Relapse and I think we will have a hell of a good time.

Is there any non political statement you wanna make to end this little intie?
Well that’s the hardest one. Now I have to be witty and say something clever. So I choose not to do this and just say that come and see us live if you have the chance. We will not dissapoint you. That’s a promise.

Last rites?
Nah. Cheers to you all
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 26, 2006
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