Caedere interview

intie with Sjoerd.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hey Rob, Sjoerd here. A blond male drummer, 26 years old, totally into music. That means being a drummer, a DJ and doing reviews/interviews for a magazine. Besides that I’m trying too take everything out of this life what gives me the ulimate satisfaction, before I will end up in a coffin.

Tell us how did you get in to metal music?
Well, I guess I was at the age of 12 when I first discovered some fontcovers of Iron Maiden (“Number of the Beast” ) and Obituary (“Cause of Death”). Hearing the music of it, that was the beginning of a huge discovery concerning brutal music over the years. Nowadays good music you can discover in all it’s forms. Metal isn’t just the only thing that keeps me going.

Blood and guts or romance?
Romance for sure. I’ll keep the blood and guts within my own body, thank you.

Why the name Caedere?
You must ask this question too our guitarplayer Niels, he’s the one who came up with it. It’s an Latin word for “too slay or to kill”, and that’s all what we’re doin’ within the band. Well, at least what we’re trying to do haha. Musically though.

Dutch metal bands are...............?
Depends on what style you mean. I mostly know the brutal death metalbands from here you know (Mangled, Arsebreed, Disavowed, Brutus, Putrefied, etc) These are the bands I like and know personally. It’s a healthy scene with loads of bands trying too make the best of it. And ofcorpse due too my duty in a Dutch black metalband (Fluisterwoud), that scene is growing too. And besides that there a lots of good non-metal bands too! ;-)

How many albums / cd’s did you guy’s make?
We made one demo-cd, “Gore too Banish Fear” and our recent album “Mass Emission”, out through Goregiastic Records. Right now we are focussing on our next album, which we’re gonna record when time is ready. 5 songs are already composed, expect again some brutality!

What is the best horror/cult movie ever..... and why?
Well, I must say “Excorsist”, because of the creepy and very cold atmosphere in it. And The Blair Witch Project, for the same reason. Blood and gore movies, for me, is too funny and not realistic enough.

What do you think of BRUTALISM?
A good way too support good bands.

Beer or wine?
Beer for drinking myself into another reality, wine for the good taste of it (Red that is).

If you where a super would you die?
I always wanted too be a good hero who can fly through the sky with magic powers, so I guess I would end up by flying straight into a huge building or mountain. The influences of alchohol, you know.

Do you support BRUTALISM? And how can we support you?
Yeah, check our link-section through our website, and also on our Myspace you are represented. Supporting us just by letting know that CAEDERE excists is good enough for us.

Sex is.........?
Damn fine and necessary. I hope all women agree with me.

My wish is.......?
Too see this interview on your website! And too recieve more credits than Eminem or Michael Jackson.

Last rites?
Thx for the support Rob, all the best with BRUTALISM. Let’s hope there are many worthy bands coming up over the years, so you can give them the best support. I say, salut and check our website through for all the updates!! Keep it Brutal aye!
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 16, 2006
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