Calmsite interview

Calmsite was founded 1998.The line-up has been almost the same since then. Band has released 5 demos and continue to write new material all of the time.

Ville Virtanen (guitar)
Juha Lehtonen (guitar)
Jukka Penttinen (drums)
Petri Seitsonen (vocals)
and Esa Mäkinen (bass)

el tiempo muerte (2000)
99 moonshine (2001)
Deadweight (2002)
Steelpit (2003)
Bite the Powerline (2003)

interview with Jukka.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
my name is Jukka and i play drums in Calmsite

So how calm is it on your site?
Well, it isnt.

How did you ended 2003 and started 2004? Do they celebrate that in Finland? And how?
2003 ended quite nicely and 2004 started just great. of course we celebrate new year in Finland a useally people celebrate it by getting really drunk and fireing rockets, which is a bad combination.

Are you joining as much parties if possible? What is the most fun of parties?
Personally i dont join much parties anymore, but i use to. Most fun at parties is hangin out with people, i think.

Can you remember your first hangover? Describe your feeling?
I cant remember my first hangover, but i guess the feeling wasnt that great.

Why did you wanna get an intie on the BRUTALISM site?
Cause i think its a great webzine and i would like read our interview in it.

You released some demos with a couple of songs? Why this and not a full length?
Its a lot cheaper to record demos and it takes less effort.

Are you searching for a label? Had some feedbacks on your demos? Or staying independent?
The feedback from our demos has been 90% great and we just recently signed with oak-knoll productions(USA). So a full lenght is hopefully coming out this year.

What are you doing for a living? Did you studied for this?
Im a strip-club owner and i did study for it, but not in school.

Easy to spend sparetime for the band? What will you do when you can tour for 4 months thru South America?
Its quite easy. Have to find out when we are in South America.

Was it easy to pay the costs for the band? What percentage of your wage goes to the band?
When you have the money its easy.What percentage of my wage...havent been counting.

Besides putting money in is there also coming money out of the band?
Some money comes from gigs and selling our cds.

What will you do with the first million of royalties?
i dont know. I think something will come up, when i have million.

Do you only have female groupies or also some male? How do you select girls for backstage passes?
We dont have groupies at all.

Which person makes you nervous when you meet him/her? Why?
Nobody, that comes to mind right now

Why is Finland a dull country?
Come here and find out.

Is it allowed to scratch your nuts in public?
Yes, if theres a bad itch.

Why are the first two demos not downloadable from your site? I can never complete your discography this way?
The quality of those first two demos isnt that good, so thats why.

Ever thought of seeking bands for a split release? Any requests?
Sure, we thought if it. Motörhead would be nice.

Give some thoughts to think about?
Think about your life.

Last rites?
Thank you for the interview and your support. And you can download our latest MCD ’Bite the Powerline’ for free from our website. And the album is coming your way this year.....
Jukka Penttinen
Päivöläntie 27 a 7,
11120 Riihimäki
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 4, 2004
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