Carbomb interview

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
We is us.

About your bandname: does it refer to any political bombings that happen a lot lately?
Absolutely not. We chose the name a few years ago based on a song by Negativland of the same name. We thought the word itself fits what we sound like, in it's definition and in the cultural tension that surrounds the word. But it's not meant to be a political statement whatsoever.

Not afraid the government will judge you as a terrorist band?
Hahaha... I always joke around that we're going to get sued by General Motors while we're in federal prison for terrorist conspiracy. Besides the ’politically incorrect’ name, we borrow car company logos as artwork for our band. We're so screwed. You don't work for GM do you?

Can you imagine some respect to people who place carbombs? Or is it an act of cowardice?
I don’t think I can ever respect anyone who thinks violence is the solution for anything. If you hit someone, they'll hit you back. If you kill someone's son, they'll kill you for revenge. It's so predictable.

You seem to put a lot of effort in writing the songs. How long does it take you to make the decision of finishing a song. And what does it take to rehearse these songs?
Haha... I don't know, we've never decided a song was done. We're always tweaking things. Even the songs on our 3 song demo have been altered some.
It makes the process of writing extremely long and the process of practicing extremely difficult. Everything is liquid, so you have to be on your toes 100% so you don't forget parts you've changed last week.

Do you think Einstein should have been playing this kind of music back then or do you worship him of creating some very fucked up physics which now has to be redefined because of your music? To put it in another way: do you think you will ever create vacuum in your atoms?
I don't know if we're that fucked up yet, but we are currently trying to
write a song that will stop the earth from spinning. Everything is going to have to redefined after gravity dies. Gravity is the antichrist!
What does it feel like to be raped by a rectangle? Do you practice other forms of mathematical fetish or any kind of triangle penetration?
Mike has an infatuation with Calculus and astronomy, and all of us are computer programmers of some kind. Our passion is destroying threads of time with sound. I also have a soft spot for ladies wearing business suits and glasses while caressing an abacus.

What are your ambitions? Are you expecting or hoping for a release on label that can support a big tour or are you satisfied with making music as a hobby?
We're playing it by ear for now. Right now we're completely comfortable doing everything ourselves: writing, recording, artwork, promoting, etc.
Our music doesn't need a $100,000 media budget to find our fans. Certain people like our music, and we feel we can get the word out to those people ourselves.
Musically... Our ambitions are to destroy-destroy-destroy-destroy-destroy!

And how can BRUTALISM help you in this way as you were thinking of raise the awareness of BRUTALISM?
You can buy 15,000 records from us, and we'll visit your site 15,000 times.

Is it hard to find dedicated metalheads who do what they promise?
Not really. There aren't that many metalheads to begin with, so yeah it's hard in that respect. But we write music for the sake of itself, so people that are into that are just as passionate as we are about it. As long as we're dedicated to our writing processes, we'll be ok.

Are there close connections with other bands to help each other? Like arrange gigs, record deal, mailing lists etc.
We all have contacts from our old bands NECK and SPOOGE around the east coast, but so far we've been doing everything pretty much ourselves. We're looking to step it up a bit, so we might have to pull some favors...I think it's time I cashed in that favor from Lars back in '83.

How does a gig look like? What can we expect and what not? Any change to attend a gig for free?
The gig won't look like much, but it will be loud as fuck. Everything has 20 mikes on it. And yes, you can get in for free... as long as you're a female. You are a chic, right?

Are you giving free tickets to deaf metal fans?
No, but all of our albums are available in brail. We constantly give out free CDs and stickers at shows. We'll be doing a bunch of promotions on our website starting in a month or so. Check out in the near future for details. The first promotion will be ’Win a date with Elliot.’

How long are you active in the metal scene? Is there any difference between the first band your heard and playing songs yourself?
We've all been playing shows for over 10 years. Elliot was in a band when he was 12 or something (no joke.) Imagine that... a 12 year old blasting!!! Wicked!!! The first band I heard was the Monkees, and I think their influence is pretty obvious on our material.

How vivid is the metal scene in your area? Easy to meet and greed fans/bands? Any battles between other genres like rap or country?
New York is weird, no one has energy at metal shows. Every metal show I go to everyone is very mellow or uninterested in the show. It's bizarre. I can't wait to play out!!

So were can we see you in 3 years? In a carton box under a bridge or pimping on MTV’s Cribs?
Car Bomb will still be around, but the members will be replaced with homemade robots. They'll play a lot better than we do and will be a lot sexier.

Your opportunity to reach some potential listeners. What would you say or do to sell your music? Don't hold back.
Implant a blender blade into your brain and turn it on. That's what we
sound like.

Last rites? Go there! Go there too!
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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