Cardiac Arrest don't overthink too much

After the release of their album "Haven For The Insane" I asked some questions to Adam and David. Let's see what they had to tell.

Hello guys how's it going?
Adam: Greetings Paul! Doing just splendid here.
David: As well as can be expected given my current state of sobriety. I'm currently drinking beer out of a green bottle, and that always makes me sad.

I'm checking your new cd "Haven For The Insane", it's quite an brutal album.
Adam: Thanks very much!! Glad ya dig it.
David: Thanks. Not that hard to be more brutal than Lady Gaga.

Cardiac Arrest been around for 13 years and many line up changes. You being the only orginal member, you feel that line up more stable than the previous line ups?
Adam: Out of all the members that have entered this band, this lineup right now is the strongest and most involved in contributing. As far as I'm concerned they're here to stay.
David: While you can't deny the importance of the past members, they didn't feel like working hard, so they clicked their ruby slippers, said "there is no place like apathy" and went back to Kansas.

What happen to founding member Jim Nichols? Why did he leave the band?
David: Jim Nichols left a looong time ago to search for the ever elusive CrocoStimpy, and has not been heard from since.

I know in the past, Illinois has produced a lot of good talent with bands like Broken Hope (RIP), Deaden and Lividity. You think the scene changed much since then?
Adam: It's definitely changed for sure. Then again any scene in any major market fluctuates from lively to dying and back again with new bands coming up and supporters, etc.
David: Nothing will ever stay the same. Chicago/Illinios has always produced excellent bands. Unfortunately this scene is often overlooked compared to Florida, New York, or the coasts. Twenty years ago you always had a crowd for every underground show. Twenty years ago you only had a couple clubs catering to this style of music. Nowadays You have as many clubs as you have bands. Nowadays you have about 50 core supporters of "extreme" music. Oh for sure people come out for the national/international touring acts, but getting them out for a true underground show can be trying at times. It's more often musicians supporting musicians which is cool, but people are missing out on a lot of cool bands.

Is this the band's first full length release for Ibex Moon? It was stated in the bio you also recorded a 7 inch right?
Adam: Correct. Happy to be working with Ibex Moon. We did do a 7" back in 05' entitled Beast Among Many. It is now out of print, maybe floating around on ebay if you're lucky.

Is some of the song from the 7 inch will be on "Haven For The Insane"?
Adam: That would be a negative.

The band is also playing some festivals in Illinois and Michigan this year?
Adam: We will be appearing at this year's Central Illinois Metalfest @ The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL, July 23rd and the Michigan Death Fest August 20/21st @ Blondie's in Detroit, MI, hope some of you can make it out to one of these great events!!!!

I seen you doing a USA tour in support of the albuym. I was bummed when I saw there were no Dallas dates. I will try to make the San Antonio show.
Adam: Sounds great, hope you can make it out!!! We're partaking in the Campaign for Death Metal Purity tour, alongside fellow labelmates and comrades Gravehill and HOD. 16 dates across the country. This should be a killer time on all ends.

What bands influence Cardiac Arrest when the band first formed?
Adam: Basically, The general influence and inspiration with getting this band going was all the Death Metal I was into at the time, mostly alot of the bands that were coming around in the late 80's and early 90's.

It's been a unique time in the genre these days with a resurgence in both thrash and death metal. You feel that the scene has came full circle with this resurgence?
David: Metal will never die. It may ebb and flow at times. You will have some definite low points to balance out the good years, but it will never truly go away. Metal may not be as popular as some other genres, but most flavor of the month type bands/genres all die off eventually. Metal is as strong as rock, or country, or rap. It may not be as popular, but it has the best fans, best musicians, and usually a low douche bag quotient.

Recently I went to see Overkill and there was a variation of age groups that I never have seen before. I feel that's awesome to see the yougsters appreciating the old school stuff.
Adam: For sure it's cool, not exactly what I'd expect a younger kid to get into, not that I'd expect anything from anyone. You can say better than that flavor of the month wino trend bullshit.
David: I think it's great that you see parents bringing their spawn to shows. It's just too bad they weren't around in the 80's to  early 90's to truly experience the birth of the scene. That was just hands down a special time for anyone aware of what was going on.

Have any of the radio stations been playing any of the songs off the album?
Adam: Not sure, I'm pretty sure someone out there is.

What inspiration do you get when writing songs for the album?
Adam: It comes from many different places. From our favorite albums we know and love, etc, really nothing particular.
David: Our songwriting has become very spontaneous. Most songs are snapshots of a certain practice day, or week. We don't overthink too much...well I do, but Tom just yells at me to shut up and play.

What are your favorite horror flicks? And your opinion of these remakes that's coming out lately?
Adam: Waaaaaaay too many to mention. Well as of lately, most of the old Hammer Horror Films like Horror of Dracula, Plague of the Zombies, The Mummy's Shroud, etc. Most of the ones I've seen weren't great however I'm not going to shun them all, if something is worth a view, so be it.
David: That new Miley Cyrus movie was pretty horrifying...I hear.

I like to thank you for your time anything you like to add?
Adam: Thanks for the interview and to all who read this!!!! Get the new album "Haven For The Insane" and we'll see you on the road!!!
David: Thanks for taking an interest. Thanks to everyone who supports us, and enjoy the album. Cheers.