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Cardinal started in 2002 and completed this line up in 2003. The band consists of five members, a drummer (Toep), two guitarist (Michiel and Dennis), a bass player (Istarobath) and of course a grunter (Manoloxx).All members come from other well known bands (in the underground). Bands like Unlord, Consolation, Nembrionic, Putrefied and Necrology. The music is a mixture of death metal and grindcore. Dark and furious vocals complete the chaos. They can relate with bands like Inhume, Hate Eternal, Nile etc.In 2004 they will start with the recording of the album called ’Horrific’, at this moment they are preparing for that stage. First a promo-cd ’Baptized in Cum’ has been released through Stage Blast Recordings. Cardinal will also be doing live gigs, check it out when we bring terror to your town.

interview with Manoloxx.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Well, I’m a dark, tall sensitive man, in touch with my female side, looking for a lovely lady to spoil and preferable with a car, money and a nice ass. (Shit, wrong interview)
Well, we are Cardinal, and I am the fool who sings for the band.
We play deathmetal, and we like it!
Dennis is our riff master , Toep does magic with the drums, Michiel is our solo-guitarplayer and we are discovering the special talents of our new bass player.

Why are you the vocalist? Not talented to handle any instruments?
No talents what so ever. The only thing I can do is scream, write strange lyrics and make spastic movements on stage. I make my mother very proud. My talents lie in a totally different field.

How do you keep your throat in shape for those inhuman growls?
Well, I eat a lot of honey, drink a lot of beer en exchange lots of spit with my girlfriend, keeps the throat all nice and supple.

Who has to physically suffer the most during a gig? Vocalist, drummer or stringplayers? Why?
Definitely the drummer, he is the one who has to pound away at an unhuman rhythm and has to move arms and legs and he is the one who sweats the most during a gig.

What is the fun of playing live?
Playing live gives you the ultimate kick, you can go completely crazy and the best thing is you get appreciated for doing so. It would be even better if the audience would move around a bit during a gig, instead of resembling a wax museum

How satisfied are you after a gig?
Satisfaction guaranteed! All aggression gone, feeling on top of the world, nothing better (almost nothing...).

Ever forgot the lyrics you had to sing?
Sure, Alzheimer kicks in early.

How did you solve this problem?
I just growl a bit more and everybody is happy, I really don’t think they care to much about the lyrics, as long as I make some kind of noise, everybody is happy.

Do you have male groupies? Do you fulfil their sexual offers?
Why? Are you offering yourself? If so, only if you have got a nice rounded ass, cup C breast and a lovely waistline. Then I will think about fulfilling you!

All of you play or played in well-known bands. Does this help for Cardinal promotion?
It sure does, but now-a-days the best thing to promote your band is the internet. It is easy and widely read. Because of our past, we might have a good network to get gigs etc.

Is it difficult to create a sound that is not copying your old bands? How do try to avoid that?
Not at all. Every artist knows that there is a wide variety of guitar sounds, grunt-types, etc. etc., The trick is to continually experiment until you get the total sound you like.

The album is called ’Baptized In Cum''. How many litres of cum do you need and who is gonna supply?
We had a long and serious band meeting about that, and we all started to collect it. Michiel who is single, had the easy job, he just had to aim in the cum-container. The rest of us had it more difficult; just you try to get the stuff back from were you spilled it!
After one month we quit, the cum turned all green and funny and solid, so if you have got any to donate, please come forward! Cardinal Cum-Containers will be added to our merchandise shortly.

Explain the relation between the coverpic and the title? I don't see the connection.
That’s how you look after you have been baptized! Must there always be a connection? How about artistic freedom?

What means ’’Aambeien afbinden?’ in the thankslist?
Perhaps one of us, had a bad experience in the darkroom, which ended in haemorrhoids, that had to be removed? You know, I really do not even want to know!

Why did you put the bad recordings on the disc at the end?
“Baptized in Cum” has been recorded in Dennis’ homestudio “Parkstreet Construction” during the hot summer of 2003. We recorded only the songs we thought represented Cardinal at its best. Of each song we recorded 3 to 4 versions. The last 2 songs on the demo are different versions. The raw sounding tracks in between are the same 6 songs as in the beginning, they are there especially for those who miss the rotten underground sound of eighties demo tapes and 7 inch recordings, such as “Fear of God”, “Impetigo” and early “Grave” rehearsals.

Do you think Bert and Ernie are having a gay relationship together?
I hope so, for they are both ugly as hell.

What are the plans for the future? Think you can evolve and how?
Well I am planning to evolve into a supreme supernatural beast.

Can death metal go more extreme in the years to come? Are there new styles to explore?
I sure think so, the new styles will be: Gore Montuno, Soca-Grind, Mariachi-Metal and Unintelligent Jazzscreamo.

Do you think there will be a tribute album for Cardinal in 2007? Which bands are gonna be part of that?
We are probably going to be our own tribute band. But Brutus/Kringspiertyfus can be part of that as well, young guys, working really hard.

You are hailing from Zaandam. Ever tried to get a sponsordeal with Albert Heijn? Or other companies?
Only go to Zaandam to practice and to raid Dennis’s fridge. I tried to get a sponsor deal with the “Paulus Kerk” in Rotterdam, were I live. We are still negotiating the terms.

Can people send you money to support you? What do they get in return?
If you send me 8 euro, I will send you a gorgeous, wonderful, fresh, new CD titled: “Baptized in Cum”

After this promotional intie, how do you gonna promote BRUTALISM for me?
We will be sure to leave your name in Neon Pink in any darkroom we visit.

Have some interesting things to say at the end of this intie?
Eh, “let the music do the talking”. Check out for our latest gigs and pictures of our gorgeous bodies.

Last rites?
Have fun, drink beer, and throw my coffin into the fire!
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 24, 2004
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