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The band was formed late 2000.The three of us started playing together and after two or three jam sessions decided to form Carnal Redemption and as soon as we had some songs ready we started playing live shows with the best athenian underground bands (such as Fleshart & Inveracity). In November 2001 we recorded ''The Limits Of Persistence'' demo which we are promoting this period.

Not being able to do much this period (thanks to the army), we are composing new material which we will try to record as soon as possible.

interview with Nick.

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi there. Nick from Carnal Redemption here, on bass & vocal duties.

So do you wanna say something nice about your bandmates?
The good thing with Carnal Redemption is that we were best friends long before forming the band.So everything works properly between us. George and Nondas are 100% devoted in what we do.

What made you start in 2000 with the band? Played before?
We were just jamming in a rehearsal studio one or two times per week just for fun. We liked it a lot and decided to make a band. Everything else came normally. We had done some demos and live shows with other bands before but nothing serious.

Are there some bands that made you wanna play too in a band? Which ones and why?
Yeah of course, I think that goes for every band. I also think that these bands are the major influences later. For us it was mainly the big bands from Florida and Carcass, Napalm Death from the other side.

With what bands were you introduced in the metal scene? What were you listening before? What made you become a metaller?
I always had my big brother at home listening rock & metal, so everything came normally. As an early teen, the thing that attracted me first was the aggression of the music.

Tell us something about the Greek metal scene? Easy to obtain CDs? Many concerts? Radio and media etc?
The Greek metal scene is getting stronger day by day but mainly in death & black metal bands and that's because they work their asses off to achieve some things. Many things have to change though. You can easily find cds if you live in Athens or Thessaloniki. If you live outside of these cities you need strong mailorder help. As for the concerts there aren't many places to play, and most of them suck. That goes for the media as well. At least there are some zines, webzines, radio shows etc. who do serious work.

Is being a metaller in Greece accepted by society? Do you see the leather and studs a lot?
Yes we dont have such a big problem here. Only the usual.

How many islands do belong to Greece?
I don't know,probably too many,he he.

Due to the army the band has a rest? Your opion about the army? How long do you have to suffer? Are you all the time in the army or can you go home some days?
The greek army is one of the biggest problems greek bands have to face. You see the army is mandatory here. You can get some useful experiences but overall it sucks. Carnal Redemption are suffering for a year now, and will be suffering for the next two as well. There are some days off, and these days we try to play live, but they are not enough, believe me!

Do you think a country needs an army? Why not chemical rockets or other material you can launch?
Everything about war sucks! Besides wars nowdays are made for financial conflicts and not for land or religious differences.

How many bottles of Ouzo can you drink at one night?
I'm not a big fan of ouzo, I'd prefer wine instead and that I can drink a lot, he he.

Is the Limits MCD the only thing you recorded? Is it affordable to record in a studio?
Yes the Limits demo is the only thing we have on tape, but we will soon begin recording our next release. The problem with greek studios is that they don't understand the requirements of extreme music. And the ones that do don't have the equipment that is needed. And they ask a lot of money. That's why we will probably record in my mini home studio. I have studied sound engineering. We've done the pre-production for a new song and the result is very good. We'll see...

You are now promoting a 2001 recording. Don't you think you have to promote up to date songs?
Yes, of course but a lot of things happened. The copies were ready in April because we didn't have money for the factory. You see, we didn't want to sell cdrs. That, along with some difficulties that appeared caused the latency.

If you have new songs ready describe your progress in the song writing?
We have 5 new songs ready, and they are in pre-production phase. The songs are in the same vein with the previous ones but sound more brutal and technical. The arrangements are some steps further as well.

Will you ever go to Turkey on holiday?
I dodn't think so. I would prefer something else.

What do you find important in a song? When does a song touches you and makes you wanna cry?
Nothing specific, it's the vibe and some good lyrics maybe that it gives you.

To what kind of music can you not listen?
Greek modern music and all that trendy mainstream shit. I listen to different kinds of stuff as long as there is some quality in them.

Why is anal sex called ''doing it the greek way''?
I don't's the first time I hear this. We probably do it good, he he.

What are your hobbies besides music? Doing sports? Watch movies etc?
I watch a lot of movies. I read books as well, cause they are a big resource of influence for me. I also like helping bands design their websites.

If I give you space to promote the band what would you say?
Carnal Redemption perform brutal death metal influenced by major bands such as Carcass, Morbid Angel etc. If you like death metal in general, give it a shot. You can always visit our website and check on your own.

Last rites?
Thanks for everything you've done for us, we really apreciate it. THERE CAN BE NO ORDER...ONLY CHAOS!

3 Keskiniou st.
Vironas 162 31
Interviewer: twansibon
Oct 6, 2002
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