Damnable are hippies with pentagrams

interview with Damnable

DAMNABLE came into being in May 1992, with the line- up: Yehovy (vocals), Clans (bass), Melon (drums), and Andy (guitar). After about a year of its existence Rolly (bass) joined the band and Clans started to play the guitar. Some very brutal stuff was created as for these days. In April 94 Yehovy left the band and he was replaced by Bayn (vocals). With this new line-up DAMNABLE recorded a rehearsal tape, thanks to which the band was able to play on the biggest musical festival in the east of Europe-FMR Jarocin 94. After the Festival the band recorded a demo with 8 tracks entitied “Obsession Pain’ in Salman Studio in Bialystok (August 94).

At the end of 1996 Clans left the band. His seat was replaced by Bayn (guitar & vocals). A good run began with the mini-tour in January, in Poland, with the Sweedish band DERANGED. After the tour, the band recorded a new material entitied ’INPERDITION’, the Polish label Immortal Rec release ’Inperdition’ on MC. The same material was supposed to be released on CD by the Italian label CRYPTIC SOUL PROD. Unfortunately the CD hasn't appeared till now and these are the Italians who take the Blame for that.

In July '97 the German T&M RECORDS released 2 tracks of DAMNABLE on a split 7” EP with the Spanish HAEMORRHAGE.
In 1998 a new deal was signed with NOVUM VOX MORTIS. As a result of that a new album entitled ’ The Futuristic Trial of Mankind ’ was recorded in Selani Studio in Olsztyn. It was released as a split MC & CD with the band INCARNATED. Later on, Melon left the band and was replaced by Sivy. At the beginning of 2000 the contract was signed with RELAPSE REC. For the re-edition of ’INPERDITION ’ in the form of 4 Way “POLISH ASSAULT” Split-CD. After the recordings Sivy deceided to leave DAMNABLE, so they continued as 3-piece.

In 2001 the Band played a Mini-tour with VULGAR DEGENERATE and also well known festivals like FUCK THE COMMERCE IV, OBSCENE EXTREME III, BRUTAL ASSAULT and MORBIDE FESTSPIELE. Minitour with Brainwash and a lot of other gigs are planned for the future.

interview with Andy on 25-1-2002

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hello !!! Are you interested in Death/Grind ? If yes, I invite you to short trip with Damnable band. We have got the one demo recorded, the two split 7'EP and three records: ’Inperdition’ (1997 - Cryptic Soul Prod. / 2000 - Relapse Rec.), ’Futuristic Trial of Mankind’ (1999 - Novum Vox Mortis), ’Completely Devoted’ (2001 - Cudgel Agency). Our band is 10 years old.

Do you feel you are damned? How do you notice this?
Ha, ha I think we are damned !!! Maybe you are right. We have still got problems with drums since few years and in this maybe our damnation manifests itself. Fuck it !!!

Why do you play Death Metal? Ever tried other styles?
We play Death Metal because we are damned and condemned to that music ha, ha !!! Seriously I don't think that we play Death Metal. It's Death Grind for us and we don't sing about Satan. It's difference. We are hippies!!! Yes it's fucking truth about DAMNABLE. We are hippies with pentagrams, ha, ha!!!

Explain the death metal wave from Poland?
Death Metal wave from Poland? What is it? I didn't see of that phenomenon. There are bands like VADER, DAMNATION, YATTERING, LOST SOUL, TRAUMA and BEHEMOTH. They are playing Death Metal, but it's not so much as it seems, Poland is bigger country. I'm not into Death Metal scene deeply. I prefer Grind Core, Death Grind, Jazz Grind, Jazz Core or Power Violence. Death Metal is the fossil unfortunately.

Do you remember your first metal album you bought? Still play it?
Yes there was Metallica ’Ride the Lighting’. Sometimes I like to come back to this. It's very strong and good record.

Are the album covers important to the band?
Yes, all covers are connected with lyrics layer in some way. Maybe cover of ’Inperdition’ CD isn't connected with lyrics. We try to care for that detail.

Who comes up with the ideas about them?
Sometimes the ideas are given by author of picture (my sister Dagmara or Tom Danilowicz from Graal), sometimes we give the ideas and sometimes we connect the ideas together and this way the covers of DAMNABLE are created.

Ever thought of getting a biomechanical tattoo?
Yes or not. Our singer Bayn have tattoos with motive from our cover from ’Inperdition’. Also guitarist from GARBAGE DISPOSAL have a big tattoo with full our cover from ’Futuristic Trial of Mankind’ on the back.

Are their artist (paint, sculpture, film) you like?
I like pictures by Gigger and Beksinski. I'm not interested in sculpture very much, but film is my second hobby after the music. I like films by Oliver Stone, David Lynch, Spike Lee, James Cammeron, Slawek Cywoniuk (drummer from Dead Infection) and Tarantino.

Do you collect something? Many effort to get a piece you want?
I collect CD, and now I look for CD of AUTOPSY ’Severed Survival’, DEMILICH (CD from Repulse Rec.) and PYREXIA ’Sermon of Mockery’. Also I collect base under beer, especially from where we play. I have lots of copies of this. Thank for help I'm waiting for something.

Do you like playing on stage? Kind of escape from home?
I love to play gigs, giving to others our music. We see lots of new places meeting lots of great people from whole world. It's not escape from home. My home is my home, office, oasis !!!

What do you do when you are in foreign countries for gigs?
The concerts beyond borders are great, I can know some new countries and people. We see lots of European cities during playing of gigs: Berlin, Rome, Gent, Praha. It's great that going to concert I can seen the town. I meet people who are very nice, I know culture of them. The band isn't institution for me, the one gives to me possibility of knowing of Europe and perhaps World.

Is there some place you would like to play?
We like play everywhere when an people attiude to our band is positive. There is not important place, only people create the atmosphere, being some place. I heard lots of nice things about Holland, but we have not played in Holland yet. Hope that it'll change, we'll play everywhere when we are invited.

Ever got stuck with your hair to your guitar?
Very often, it's a bigger problem. If it happens you have to stand in place without any move at stage to the end of the song ha, ha, ha !!!

Do you help out bands who ask you as session musician?
No I haven't been recording with other band. Nobody ask me for it. I have only second band called PSYCHOPATHOLOGIST. We play in old Grind Core style like DEAD, ULCEROUS PHLEGM, DEAD INFECTION, TERRORIZER.

In what tribute band would you like to play?
There is lots of this kind of band. I think at first I would love to play on tribute to TERRORIZER, BRUTAL TRUTH, DEAD INFECTION, INCANTATION, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, PUNGENT STENCH, NAPALM DEATH, DEAD. There are bands which I like very much.

What was your reaction on the death of Chuck S.?
It's very sad story cause I though that there is everything ok with him after medical operation. The time showed to me I was wrong. Great that Chuck has got lots of fans all over the world who got with him for last month.

Are records labels important for you? Because you had so many?
You mean that every our CD is released by other record label. Cryptic Soul are thief's , Novum Vox Mortis doesn't exist. Relapse Rec. wanted only ’Inperdition’. Now there is Cudgel Agency and our cooperation is ok. There is Division Cat Rec. yet which will release CD in Spring of occasion of 10th years of DAMNABLE.

Ever thought of releasing them on your own?
I though about it few times, but I'm a short money. There are other people who have got money, time, contacts.

What about the whole MP3 community? Do you trade yourself?
There is no whole our record officially for MP3. There is possible to find some songs on web side: www.cudgel.de or www.bloodsoaked.net/damnable.htm

Do you watch the speech of the pope for Christmas?
No I'm not religious and religious - holiday are opportunity to meet with family and close people for me. It's a good custom!!! Religion - I'm not interested.

Do you promise the next record will be your most brutal one?
I can't assess if we make it. Now there is being created new material and I think that this is more brutal and technical. It will be good CD and we want to record the one in this year yet.

Last rites?
Thanks for interview and big support for DAMNABLE. Hope that we'll meet at gigs in your country. Write to me or Cudgel for t-shirt and CD. Greetings to all our friends from Holland!!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 25, 2002
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