Deadly Remains along with normal grind of work and life

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Deadly Remains is one of the best new original death metal bands coming out of California. Born in 2006, the band recorded and released their debut "Moral Crusade" demo. That demo earned some gigs in their home state of California and all along the Pacfic Northwest and Nevada. These gigs earned the band a solid foundation of a fan base. Now signed to Deepsend Records the band is set to release their debut "Severing Humanity" which is a brutal slab of brutal technical death that reminds me at times of Suffocation and Malevolent Creation. In my own opinion Deadly Remains is a young hungry band that plays real death metal.

Hello how you guys doing? I hope you and your bandmates are having a good summer so far?
We are doing well. Yes in regards to our summer we’ve all been enjoying the weather and amusing ourselves with concerts, barbecuing and plenty of intoxication….within reason. Musically we’ve been writing some new material and rehearsing the songs on “Severing.” Earlier in June we did a week long tour with Short Bus Pile Up of Virginia and Repulsive Infestation of Oakland CA. The tour ended up in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Death Fest 4. LVDF and the tour was killer, got to see a lot of awesome bands Severed Savior, Guttural Secrete, Disgorge to name a few. Currently that has been our summer along with the normal grind of work and life.

Would you please introduce yourself to readers and tell the readers about your band Deadly Remains?
Deadly Remains is a metal band. The band consists of James Royston on drums, Chris Dericco on bass, Ian Andrew guitars/vocal and Josh Kerston guitars. We like most genres of music and try to incorporate various elements and styles into our music. Our most recent effort Severing Humanity has been released via Deepsend Records.

When did the band get signed to Deepsend Records?
We signed in August of 2010.

Where there other labels interested in signing the band at the time Deepsend was interested in signing the band?
We had some contact from some other indie labels but I don’t remember who now.

How much the band matured since the "Moral Crusade" demo?
I think matured is synonymous with evolved, in the sense that as our musical perspectives and influences expanded our music has naturally changed. To make a stylistic attempt at our categorizing our music it definitely started with a thrash metal sound and progressive to death metal now to brutal death metal and from here to wherever we go next.

Lately there been alot of good bands coming out of Northern California staring with Decrepit Birth and Braindrill. Has the band ever the stage with them?
Unfortunately we have not had to pleasure of playing with either Decrepit Birth or Brain Drill.

I'm listening to the your album "Severing Humanity", it's definitely influenced by the early nineties death metal sound was started by Cannibal, Malevolent and Suffocation?
We agree completely. The 90s death metal scene has tons of great bands that we’ve listened to. The three bands you mentioned have and always will be respected by us for their catalogue of music and contributions to the genre.

Is your first album "Before The Nothing" also release on Deepsend too?
Our first album was self released but it is available through Deepsend Records.

How well Deepsend doing as far as hooking up the band with touring opportunities and promotion?
At this point for underground bands, and especially underground metal bands it is all about networking and planning. Touring is great. Booking a tour is a process that takes lots of time and careful planning so you don’t end up hemorrhaging money. That being said Deepsend has introduced us to Clawhammer PR and they’ve been getting us reviews, radio play and interviews which is a nice step up from just our own self promotion.

Is the band planning on doing shows in the Southwest?
Yes we will eventually make it through the US sooner than later.

I never asked any band on this, I know Northern Cali is known for openness on the use on medicinal weed. I feel that
the rest of the US should follow suit. I feel that it also can help the economy too?
We agree legalize it or just ease up. The government and people in general take a lot of things too seriously.

I feel that we should the Amsterdam model buy having certain coffee shops too?
Well this is a big issue but we already have clubs that sell if you’re a member and have medical card. Anyway take two and pass…

What else you and your bandmates are into besides playing death metal?
We all into lots of different activities, to name a few: beer, bbq’s, cycling, running, weight lifting, weed, eating delicious food, hockey, baseball, sleeping, laughing, pool, Breaking Bad.

Before we go the band has any merch available like shirts and CDs can the fans order them straight from the band?
Yes indeed! You can order the "Severing Humanity" album artwork shirt and the CD as well as "Before The Nothing" at

Thanks for the interview!