Death Mechanism For amusement and passion

interview with Pozza on 30-01-2004

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi. i’m Pozza frontman of Italian thrash metal band “Death Mechanism”

Why do you play in this band? What is the typical fun for this band?
For amusement and passion. play thrash metal, fuck & beer.

Which Disney movie pulls your tears? Why?
No-one honestly!

For what price will you sell your music for the commerial sells?
Expensive...very expensive!

How is the metal scene in your area? Lot of gigs? Easy to get them?
Verona have a lot of good bands, but limited chances.- No.- No.

How does a show look like? What does the most fanatic fan gets from you after the show?
Violent & ruthless, violent & ruthless, violent & ruthless.... Impact, violence and thrash attitude!

Reacte on these three words (random order):
* sex: hunger
* blood: anything
* death: fear

What is your drive to make music? Did you study for it?
By instinct! One year only, at A.M.M. (modern, music, academy of Verona)

How do you keep your memories of your musical career alive? Write it down, video?
With photo.

Ever ate some lasagne outside Italy? Taste the same when Big Mama makes it?
Yes, in Germany – Not at all!!

Do you play covers? Some when rehearsal?
Yes, Sodom: Agent Orange, Kreator: Pleasure to kill, Slayer: criminally insane

Which bands will appear on your tribute album in 2008?
I hope only true & pure metal bands!

Do you have other activities in the metal scene?

Do you think Berlusconi is represent Italy oke? Did you vote? Why not or yes?
Not at all!, no because no one politician represent my ideas.

Interest outside the music bizz? What are your hobbies? Sport interest?
Yes!!, I love to play with my rottweilers Argzathoth & Hydra and I’m (I was) muai-thay amateur fighter.

Is there life after metal?
Yes. I hope!

What prejudice do you hate people have of Italy?
For metal music: foreign=better.

Why are you Italian lousy drivers? Ever got some driving lessons?
Because we have the best wine in the world! Do you know Verona’swine? Soave doc, Bardolino red wine, Valpolicella... Yes, for car and for truck!

Did you follow the tvserie La Piovra? Recognize the story?
No I don’t remember.

Say something in Italian that makes my wife horny as hell?
Lecca troia, apri le gambe puttana...!!! -Ok!??!

Last rites
Bye & thank

“The blood that’s flow in your veins is lubricating of death mechanism”
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 30, 2004

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