Deathwitch is primitive but aggressive

I have received a lot of negative reactions from journalists and press because of a line on our promo CD of our latest album “Violence Blasphemy Sodomy” released by Earache Records / Wicked World. The line is “Note to Journalists: Deathwitch don’t give a FUCK what you think...” This was written by some one working for Earache / Wicked World and was NOT approved by me or the band. I didn’t know a FUCK about this line until I got reactions on it and finally got the promo my self. So that line do not comes from the band! We hate it and of course we care about journalists and especially the underground scene. I think it’s a very stupid thing to write on a promo CD. Then why send promos??? So FUCK this shit and hail the metal of death!

Dan Slaughter, January 2004

interview with Dan on 01-02-2004

Normaly I ask for a short introduction of yourself but who will be interested?
I’m Dan, the drummer of DEATHWITCH. Born in the 60’s, fulltime biker.

Why the fuck did you release another album?
Because we are devoted to the primitive violent metal scene and are honoured that people buy our albums.

How desperate do I have to be to listen to the album?
Of you are in the mood of some violent old school style of death/thrash/black metal then you should listen, otherwise not.

In the review I wrote that I don't know if you care about a review. Do you read them at all?
I care a lot about reactions on our music and read all reviews I get.

Why is the site under fucking construction? This doesn't help for sales?
I updated the website recently, it’s not complete at all but at least it got some news. I’m working on it.

How many times a month do you get a status of your sales? What is the amount you aim for?
Never seen a statement so far. I don’t aim for anything. As long as people enjoy our metal it’s a privilege to spread the metal of Deathwitch.

It seems you ain't getting much royalities because Slade Doom cannot pay his offences (regarding the info on the site)?
Slade is out from the arrest since a long time now. We are both in Thailand at the moment working with his Club here. You should come here, it’s a really nice place with lot’s of nice stuff...

Ever got a bill for slashing hotelrooms when on tour?
Deathwitch has unfortunate never played live so far. But I have slashed a lot of things before...

Do you have TV pay channel at home? Can you record the porn movies they broadcast?
Why pay for porn when you can see it live for free?

When will we see Deathwitch in a porn movie?
That will never happen.

Does your label get you into public campaign to promote the new album? How do they force you?
So far they did a big mistake in the promotion. The banner of Deathwitch is hurt.

Ever thought of playing live in front of a church on sunday morning?

Describe the essence of the songs? What can we find and what is forbidden in typical Deathwitch songs?
The meaning with Deathwitch is to make primitive, simple, violent and aggressive metal.

Are there some bands you worship?
I enjoy old bands like Sodom, Motorhead, Celtic Frost and so on.

Ever thought of finding sponsors? Which brands would you like to see that participate in Deathwitch?
I collect guns so that would be nice or maybe Harley Davidson. But this will never happen.

I shit on censorship so you may mention the things you hate. Make my day.
I hate a lot of things but I don’t need to mention it here.

What is wrong with fucking yourself? Isn't it better than with some ugly woman?
I prefer a nice looking woman.

Do you also have male groupies that offer some sexual pleasure?

So the questions are almost done and my promotion for you, so what kind of promotion will you do for me?
Well I understand that you are pissed as many others on the line on our promo CD. That’s why you give me quite stupid questions I guess. But blame our label for that shit, I do! I just visited your website, lot’s of cool reading so I give you good promotion!

Last rites?
Visit our website for the latest news from DEATHWITCH
Interviewer: twansibon
Feb 1, 2004

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