Defeated Sanity is pulling out the insides

interview with Lille on 24-01-2005

Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
What’s up this is Lille from Defeated Sanity. I’m the drummer in the band. We’re playing technical and brutal death metal that will not kill you by just breaking your neck, but by pulling out the insides through your nose (that means not only straight forward, but more complex and demented, but still fuckin’ brutal)!!!!!

Any need for saying something about the other members?
Yeah the other ones, those are playing on the debut album are: Wolfgang Teske - guitar, Marcus Keller - vocals and Tino Köhler - bass. We are doing a change in the vox and bass department right now, but there’s nothing really set in stone yet!

Who is the most handsome one? Does he get the most groupies?
That’s pretty clear, haha. That’s myself!

Most are in a band for either money, sex or drugs. So what was your choice?
You won’t believe me, but we are in it for the music, man! It would be cool to make some money with it though (and of course get some chicks too)...

What is the drive to go on as a musician? Are you still exploring new paths? Never tired of recording, touring or practicing?
The drive to go on is, THAT you are exploring new paths!!! You can be sure, if you will meet me in ten years I will probably still not be tired of touring, recording and practicing. Now, I gotta say, everything hasn’t even started! We don’t have enough live experience to be honest, we are a busy band & WE WANT TO GO ON TOUR FINALLY!!!!!!

Do you think DS gets the attention they deserve? Why should people like your music?
I think at the moment there’s a big interest rising for DS. Considering the quality of ’Prelude To The Tragedy’, it’s pretty much what we deserve right now! But I’m sure, when we will release the second album (which we did record some kind of demo with 4 songs last week), there will be much more reactions coming! If you find our first album sick, then you will be dead, after being done listening to the new stuff! I promise!!!! People do like us, cause we’re making real DEATH METAL. It’s not too many bands out there worldwide (mainly in Europe), who can say that!

Is it difficult to invent new things? Do fans like inventions or just things they know best?
Of course it’s difficult (maybe impossible), to create something totally new with one strike! But you can slowly (from album to album for example) develop something, that is pretty much your fucking own thing! That’s what we will do. The influences on the first album are pretty obvious. On the next one you will see, what exactly is our vision. And that’s normal I think! Take IMMOLATION for example, their first album was really brilliant, but with ‘Here In After’ they created something, no-one has really heard before in that way. I would be able between thousand bands to say which one is Immolation! And of course the fans appreciate that! But you have to stay true to your roots and on the other side not do the same thing over and over again.

What is the average IQ for your fans?
I don’t know what ya mean, haha! I think people who listen to that kind of technical music don’t have to be math-students or something, cause it transports all the brutality, that a DeathMetal fan is looking for. It’s like I said in quest.1: not kill you by just break your neck, but by pulling out the insides through your nose!

So how was it to share the stage with Suffocation (one of the main influences)? Nervous to meet them?
Not really. I mean, we’re not little kids anymore! It was more like a really cool time we had hanging out with them. I admit, I was really flattered to get some sick compliments by the bandmembers. I mean they were one of our main influences of all time!

Are there bands you never want to play again with? Why?
I don’t mind playing with all of the bands we were playing with (at least I don’t remember anything really stupid happening, when we’re playing with some bands, though I’m sure there did happen something sometime.....)!

Did you wish you had a home recording studio? Are you willing to help other bands if they ask for help?
Yeah it’s cool to have some stuff you can record with. It’s good cause you can record and listen to it, if it’s cool or not! So you can compose and arrange by recording you know? I’m currently helping out a Berlin based band called SINNERS BLEED (, but not on drums but handling the 2. guitar duties! They are playing some great technical Death Metal maybe compareable to NECROPHAGIST and also a little bit DEATH but with more Old School Thrash Influences and much twin guitar parts!

Can you give your definition of the metal undergound scene?
A couple of human beings, that don’t like Britney Spears and Puff Daddy?? hahaha I don’t know. Just a few guys, who have their eyes open for some REAL quality stuff!

Will we ever see you in the TV programma MTV Cribs?
What is this? Is it that one, where those fucking fashion ’gangsta’ rappers show their big houses and swimming pools? Fuck no! We will ever be the lower class and we’re fucking proud of that shit!

Why are movies on German TV not subtitled? It is so irritating to hear Robert De Niro speak German.
I don’t know. I guess most Germans are too stupid/lazy to learn the English language,haha. For me it’s normal too, but since I got a DvD-Player I’m watching films with original speech and subtitles.

Any idea which question I forgot to ask? And what would your answer?
This goes out to my friend Christian Münzner (Necrophagist), who also did this one in some interview before (so it’s copyrighted by him, haha):
Question: Would you do a porn together with Britney Spears, the Olsen twins and Lucy Liu? Answer: Yes of course! hahahaha

Before closing down you can spill your guts, so go ahead!

Last rites?
Hey thanx for the interview! Everyone check out and buy ’Prelude To The Tragedy’, it will kill ya! Also who wants to play in Defeated Sanity (on one of the free places) contact us through e-mail!
Interviewer: twansibon
Jan 24, 2005

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