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interview Defixion

Defixion combines music and concept as a reflection of our passion for maledictions, bygone cults and antiquity. Their lyrics contain magical invocations and occultic curses employed in ancient cultures. Please do not practice them lightly or blindly. In this interview we dive a bit deeper into their cult.

Before we start, please give a little introduction of yourself and the other band members.
Ave, BRUTALISM. It is a true pleasure to become part of you. This is Ousiri, mouth of Abalal. My partners are Besinor, Eulamon, Santhenor and Horosis. Agripa Negra and every process behind the magic circle and consecration of the imprecatory materia. El- Elel Vaa! Three times to the east.

As there is no biography on your Facebook page, please share some important info about Defixion. What is important for us to know?
We try to avoid every bit of the same old same old as much as we can. A biography is not important or interesting. This is a display of Esoteric Art made Death Metal. A clash of pre-existing harming forces. Sother Sother guards himself.

At some point in your life you start picking up music. Can you remember your earliest musical encounter? What was the impact?
Our first musical encounter comes from our family and friends, and then one day you hear the sound of heavy metal music and you are transformed by it. A true before and after. Metallica "Kill'Em All" was my first exposure. Then with the internet came the easier way to know extreme bands. was one of the earliest examples of this. And I have nothing but gratitude towards you.

Entering the metal world, what were your favorite bands? Do you still listen to them?
Too many to mention, but let's say that I do prefer the Cclassic and orthodox way of metal music. The mix of simplicity and technicality, power and exploration. Yes, I still listen to them, metal never dies.

I see that you already played in several bands and recorded material. What is your role in composing new songs? And what is your inspiration to write?
My role is to bring ideas to the feet of Abalal. To pacify the earth and to stir the guts of the lost shadows of the world that once in a while appear. And they do. Sooner or later.
We all contribute music and concepts, but at the end of the day only Abalal has the power of showing or hiding the light of the stars.
I played with Cosmogony, Temblad and Spiritless. Each one of these bands have excellent musical taste and talent.
The vocals were recorded by Oscar Padilla from the mighty Thanatology (Enfermos forenses) Totally honored.
I like to draw inspiration from progressive rock, drum'n'bass, psychedelic rock and obscure classical music, among many others.

Defixion has been around for 5 years, give or take. What is your primary goal? What is the philosophy behind Defixion? Why does the band matter?
Yes, we have been around for a little bit. Our goal is the betterment of the product. Product of study, product of exploration of grimoires, ancient curses and every imprecatory materia we can get our hands into.
To be better musicians, to be better at networking, to be better at relating to each other.
This band and every band matters. We musicians decide to pay attention to a different part of mortality to turn it into something that will live forever. We are the seed when the music is the field. And we are the field when music is the seed.

Does this philosophy also refer to the meaning of the band moniker?
Absolutely. Defixion (from the Greek "Defigo"/ "I Bind" ) is the binding spell that keeps everything together. We do not need to go any further, we are happily stuck with something that cannot be revealed in its entirety. So much to learn and read! That is interesting!

As I researched about you, guys, I found maledictions, cults, antiquity. Can you explain this to us and how can this be found in your music and lyrics?
That is also correct. Defixion only focuses on imprecatory materia, harming forces, prayers, divinity and charms. This knowledge can be found in many ways and many cultures, but is an ancient past. The great ages, if you may.
Our lyrics contain invocations, spells, oratory and conjurations. We wanted to talk about something different and yet dark. And we try to be as careful as we can. We are invoking invisible forces beyond our understanding. And you should be as well, we are not responsible. Certain books must be open with veneration and respect.

So obviously the lyrics play an important role to guide the vision. Where do you get the inspiration from and how do you decide what the topic would be?
Without lyrical concept we would be yet another death metal band talking about zombies or gutting their family. We truly hope the listener can appreciate it, but we first and most of all want to please ourselves, because we believe that is interesting. And that's why we feel these topics are endless. Curses are endless, as much as divinity found inside and out. Oh, Erigion.

How do you listen to the end result? Does the outcome have a deeper meaning to you than just a good piece of Death Metal? In what kind of state does it bring you?
We listen to the end result with pride, humbleness and awe. Beyond our limitations as musicians. Yes, this is more than just Death Metal to us, is pure esoteric art always forming and deforming. I think it is fascinating to realize at the end what humans can achieve with the guidance of Abalal.
The state is Anaaba Mode.
The state is Anaaba Aar.

interview Defixion

The latest effort "Tabella Defixionis" was picked up by Xtreem Music for worldwide release. How did you get in touch with Dave Rotten? And how do you look back on the cooperation?
Yes, it was amazing to know that Dave liked our music and proposal enough to make us part of something. We just started talking and sharing music files and ideas. The cooperation is still happening, as much as we can under the circumstances of this pestilence suffocating the world. Very easy going fella!

Tell us about the concept behind "Tabella Defixionis" EP.
Tabella Defixionis is an hexacle. A cycle and process of imprecation in six steps. Every step has a symbol, every symbol is a song, every song is a step into a ritual malediction.

The Flute: Music taken as soul movement, achievement of catharsis, awakening of passion, fear and enthusiasm. Purgative effect and mania. Breath as provider of life.

Barley and Wooden Comb: Offering to the deities, ritual of pacification and respect to the earth, soothing and silence.

Three Headed Hecatomnus: A deity working the will, the torch, fertility, ways of entrance, craft, necromancy, sorcery.

Tablet and Nails: Material for practice of imprecatory cursing, harming forces and
metaphysical powers. Nail as support, transfixion, binding action and physical suffering.

Skulls and Knife: The sacrifice and the tool, blood, votive gifts, shrill cries, reaching the dead or
The Gods.

The Water Vessel: Purification for all creatures, rejection of the unclean, cleansing the blood bath and plagues, the conduct, rain.

After the release did you also perform it on stage? Tell us about your live shows. Just play or also visual effects to emphasize the experience?
Defixion performed many times for important shows, such as Las Vegas Deathfest and we opened for bands like Morta Skuld, Nile, Terrorizer, etc.
The material is difficult so we need to really focus on stage to be able to play it, so that means that we had less time to develop special effects, but we do open the show with our ritual chant and that gives people the aura of what's about to happen.
Our clothing also provides the aura we need to entertain and commune. T-shirt and short pants won't do anymore for us.

The EP is one year old so what will bring Defixion to us in 2021? Please feel welcome to do some self promotion.
Defixion is already working on a 3 song EP to put out there. We are also auditioning singers. I think the best promotion is the music itself, we are not even sure if we want to make money off it. We just need to share our evolution, our vision. If you are curious about us, please feel welcome to reach out, and support this art by buying our merch.

Is there anything you have on your chest? Now it is your chance to shout it out.
Thank you BRUTALISM for your time and the place under your brutal wings. Dreams do come true!
This is a dual time between pestilence but also purification.
Purification for the bloodbath and animal infections.
Purification for the iniquitous and the vile.
Purification for the ones who will give up to the plague and put their dreams and passions away.
The end is a test. The test is the end.
Anaphaxeton might hear you if your heart is in the right place.
Stay carried along the sacred rivers of death.
Ousiri Sacri Dextru.
Interviewer: twansibon
Sep 16, 2020

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