Deiphago and their salutes to all Satanmongers

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20 Years of black metal, Deiphago is showing no signs of letting up or slowing down. The band decided to relocate to Costa Rica after being and raised in their native homeland of the Philipines. The band hooked up with US kvlt label Hells Headbangers, last year they released their debut album "Filpino Anti Christ". After the dust and damage has been settled and done the band regrouped, recorded their second their offering of blackened satanic hate titled "Satan Alpha Omega". With their first US tour on the horizon the future definitely is dark for these Satanmongers.

Greetings from Texas brothers. How's it going in your neck of the jungle?
666 Hails!!! All is evil as it should be!!!

I'm listening to your new album "Satan Alpha Omega" and it remind me so much of Sacrofago and Sodom?
Sarcofago/Sodom/Deicide! We play Satanic Black Death Devastation and "Satan Alpha Omega" is chaos manifest!

Deiphago been around for almost or little over 20 years. I never heard of you guys till now but I'm glad that Nathan and Hells Headbangers led me to you guys.
Anno 1989, we were called Satanas then later on as Baalzebul. We came up with the name Deifago back in 1990. It was inspired by the song Black Vomit of Sarcofago – “Christ I hate you / With all my forces / Will piss on your corpse and eat your flesh”. In the most basic sense it means Christ Eater! The first few copies of our demo 1991 bear the original name and logo Deifago. It was then later changed to Deiphago from the word Sarcophagous which is the English of the Portuguese word Sarcofago.

Did you had any conflicting feelings when you decided to move to Costa Rica from your homeland in some ways? I understand cause the Philipines been your home for a long time?
There were no conflicting feelings. We are not attached to anything in the Philippines.

How long did it take for you and Sidapa to get adjusted and settled in Costa Rica? I moved from Kansas to Texas and it took me some time to get used to the heat and all.
Costa Rica is a tropical country, very much a like Philippines. Weather-wise, we didn’t need to get adjusted. The only thing that we needed adjustment was our Spanish.

Deiphago also picked up a new drummer in the name of Vaz. Can you tell the readers a little about him?
Vaz is the hellpounder of Black Witchery and he helped us back in 2010 for our European tour when we kicked our drummer out. We planned on him to be our permanent drummer and play the 3rd album but due to geographical locations it didn’t happen. We will continue to get the help of Vaz as our session live drummer. We got a new drummer here in Costa Rica named Savnok and he did an amazing job on the recording of Satan Alpha Omega. Lately, we got another live drummer for our USA tour, Bryan from Incapacitate.

You feel that the scene in Costa Rica is much better than the Philipino metal scene? 
Definitely not! There are much more worthy bands in the Philippines than here.

For a long time I didn't know anything about the metal scene in the Philipines?
Philippines have Pathogen, Korihor, Maniac, Kratornas, Sacrosanct and Paganfire.

Did Deiphago played any shows in Costa Rica and other parts of South America, since your relocation?
We did our comeback show here in Costa Rica back in 2006 after 8 years of not playing live. We haven’t played in any other South American country besides here. We don’t really play that much here as we don’t like the scene here at all.

Are there other bands from your homeland that people don't know about?
They should check out the bands that I mentioned above.

One thing I like about Hells Headbangers is that they show a real commitment to the bands on their roster, which I support very much!
Hells Headbangers is a great label and they know what bands to sign that would fit their roster. We are honored to be a part of Hells Headbangers.

How many days or weeks did it took to complete the "Satan Alpha Omega" album?
It took us 6 days to record and a couple more days to mix and master the album.

What are some of bands Deiphago shared the stage with since you settled in Costa Rica?
We have played in Europe with Black Witchery and Vulcano. In the USA last March and August with Nyogthaeblisz, Manticore, Ritual Combat, Loss, and Nuclearhammer.

Has the band any plans to play any shows outside of South America?
Yes, we are going to have our first USA tour this Oct/Nov 2012 through Signature Riff, NY.

27/10 - Chicago, IL
02/11 - San Diego, CA
03/11 - Los Angeles, CA
04/11 - San Francisco, CA
09/11 - Columbus, OH
10/11 - Milwaukee, WI
11/11 - Lansing, MI
12/11 - Buffalo, NY
14/11 - Poughkeepsie, NY
15/11 - Allston, MA
16/11 - Philadelphia, PA
17/11 - Brooklyn, NY

What bands are you listen to now these days?
Black Witchery, Obeisance, Satanik Goat Ritual, Manticore and still going back to lot of 80s underground and 90s black death albums.

Does Deiphago has any merch available for members of Deiphago cult?
Yes, the cult should get a hold of Hells Headbangers. They have the full color Satan Alpha Omega shirts.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Any last words for the cult?
Salutes to all you Satanmongers!!! FUCK OFF TO THE FALSE!!!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Oct 10, 2012

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