Demonical and their first US tour

Demonical might not be familar to some fans of the death metal scene. But the members are not spending their tour of duty with various bands like Grave and Centinex. Martin, Ronnie and Johan decided to form Demonical in 2006. In July of the same year Demonical recorded their 4 song demo titled "Blood Spell Divine" with singer Ludvig Engell of Remasulate, which shortly led to them to sign a worldwide deal with German label Cyclone Empire. With two european tours and the release of their debut album "Servants Of The Unlight", the band went separate ways with Ludvig. Then enter new singer Sverker "widda" Widgren between 08 and 09 the band entered Necromorbus studios which is also co/owned by Sverker. The result is their second brutal opus "Light Worm". With their first american appearance at the Rites Of Darkness festival Dec. 9th in the death capital of San Antonio, Texas, on the horizon. Demonical released their third brutal opus "Death Infernal". The album is a must for fans of old school death metal in the vein of Dismember, Grave and Entombed. Ladies and gentlemen here's bassist Martin.

Greeting brothers, how's your week so far? How's the weather in Sweden? It's like in the triple digits here in Texas?
Hey mate! Past days have been quite warm but now it's raining like hell, the autumn is on its way.

Two days ago Demonical just released "Death Infernal" on Metal Blade Records. What the reaction so far?
Hmm more like over two months ago, later with this interview hah! the reaction have been really amazing and that feels great but we aren't that surprised really as it's one hell of an album!

In 2007 your original vocalist Ludvig Engellau had to leave the band due to personal reasons. When he left, were you surprised by his departure?
Actually we kicked him out due to "personal reasons" and it was a neccessary decision, we couldn't - and didn't want to either - continue with him.

The next year you found a new vocalist in Sverker Widgren. Can you tell a little about his background and how much he contribute to the new album?
We have known him for over 10 years so when he joined the band everything was already set on the personal level which made the switch very easy. He has contributed a lot to the album, besides half of the lyrics he has been really involved in the arrangements. He has a wide musical knowledge as he works as a producer besides being the guitarist and vocalist in the technical death band Diabolical.

In the past the band recorded their previous material at Necromorbus studios (Watain, Funeral Mist and Lighting Swords Of Death). What drew the band to Necromorbus?
Sverker is a co-owner of the studio and works there as a producer and engineerer so it was pretty obvious for us to record there as well.

Tell me what the atomsphere liked at Necromorbus when the band recorded "Death Infernal"?
Very relaxed, like being at home. We spent something like 30 days over a 5 months period for the album so it took some time but it was well worth it.

Did the band produced the album itself or did you worked with the same producer? It didn't mentioned the producers name in the bio?
Yes we produced it ourselves. We know what we want so we don't need any outside person telling us what to do and how to sound. That would just be a waste of cash and energy.

In 2009 Demonical went on a headling tour with Facebreaker and Torture Killer. How well that experience went for you guys. You have any tales of drunken debauchery lol?
Haha, too many stories to tell. Besides that, "what happens on the road stays on the road".

I would like to how your drummer Ronnie manages to balance his schedule between Demonical and Grave. I know, it could BE brutal to have a full plate cause I work two jobs myself?
So far things have worked out pretty well but lets see... We are doing this East European tour now in October/November and for this trip we have a session drummer (a guy called Fredrik who is the live drummer for Witchery) so lets see what the future brings. It's basically up to Ronnie if he thinks he can manage doing two bands, I refuse to hold back Demonical because of his schedules or commitments.

How's your fanbase in the States so far?
To be honest, I don't know really. But hopefully it's growing thanx to the new album and the positive reactions and reviews in media.

What's the touring schedule so far? Is there a possiblity of doing a tour of the States? Even though I'm from Kansas, I have to say Texas is the shit as far as metal goes?
Texas can't be that shit as we are actually doing our first ever US show there this coming December at the Rites of Darkness Festival in San Antonio! We are also confirmed for the Maryland Deathfest X in May next year and hopefully we are able to do somekind of tour in connection to that.

One of the greatest bands in metal Judas Priest is doing a farewell tour. I don't know if they came your way, what's your opinion and feelings on Priest doing it for one last time. How much impact did Judas Priest had on you and the rest of the band?
To be honest, Priest have never been any top favorit band for me. Of course they are good and I have some of their old albums but they were never that woowwww for me when I was a kid, i was more into Maiden, Scorpions, Accept and Wasp.

I'd like to thank you for your time and do you have anything you like to add?
Thanx for your support. Soon we will hit the US and spread our Swedish Death Metal Darkness - beware!
Interviewer: Paul Lewis
Oct 23, 2011

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