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Detonation started out as a three-piece in the summer of 1997 under the name Infernal Dream, which was changed into Detonation a year later, because of another band with (almost) the same name. The band then consisted of Koen Romeijn on vocals and guitar, Mike Ferguson on guitar and Thomas Kalksma on drums. The first couple of months the band rehearsed without a bass-player, until they found Otto Schimmelpenninck to fill this vacant spot in the late summer of 1998.

The music of Detonation is best described as a mixture of Death and Black Metal in which melody, aggression, heaviness and technique are the most important elements. Also playing tight is considered very important by the band. Here 'n' there influences from bands like Morbid Angel, At The Gates and Death shine through in the songs.

At first, the band was still more of a side-project, because the members were all playing in different bands at the time. Because of this the band could only rehearse some 10 times in the first year of existence. After Otto joined, and Detonation became more of a priority, they were able to rehearse on a more regular basis and as a result their instrumental skills swiftly improved.

By Rik Boersema, owner of Skull Crusher Records, the band were offered the opportunity to participate with 2 songs on the ’Crushed Skull’ compilation CD, which was released in January 1999. On October 18th 1998 the band, together with producer Eilco Venema, entered studio Sandwijck to record the 2 songs for the compilation CD, this being the first studio session in the band's existence. The whole session, mixing included, took less than 7 hours but still they managed to create a good clear sound that allows all instruments to be heard well. The response to the songs has been tremendous and especially live the reactions exceeded all expectations. When the Crushed Skull CD was reviewed in the March issue of Dutch leading Metal magazine Aardschok, Detonation was declared to be the best of all 6 bands on the CD.

In October of 1999 the band again enterd the Sandwijck Studio to record their first mini CD “Lost Euphoria”. It took 2 days to record and the CD consists of 4 songs “Failure to commit” ”Euphoric Loss” “Reflection of a torn spirit” and “Helplessness”. The MCD was released by Skull Crusher Records in Januarie of 2000.The band is ready to conquer the scene by storm and is bound to convince the crowd with their music...
Now in March 2001 the band recorded a three song promo CD to find an interested label. The three songs show a lot of improvement and it is a pity that there are no more songs on it. If this is the standard for the next full length it will be a killer!

interview with Mike, guitarist on 02-04-2001

Give us a short introduction of yourself and what you do in the band?
Hello metal fans my name is Mike Ferguson I play guitar in the metal band Detonation.
My main task in the band like everyone else is writing music, and trying to be a bit original in this music is not an easy task. Also together with Martijn Kalksma we do the managing and the P.R for the band. Like doing interviews, getting gigs and of course trying to get the cd to as many people as possible.

Why did you start Detonation?
In the summer of 1997 we started the band as a side project. I met Koen (singer guitar player) through some mutual friends, we had the same taste in music especially the Ghoteneburg style.
Koen was already friends with Thomas (drummer) who also wanted to start a Death\Black band so we all got together and jammed and it was so intense, we never played that fast so we stuck with it. At the time we all played in other bands Koen in Engorge (Death Metal) Thomas in Foox (jump along metal) and I played in M-90’s a thrash band so we started out as a side project. But as time went by it got to good to be treaded as a side project. When Otto (bas) joined the band in the fall of ‘98 we got the ball rolling. By now we have all dropped our first bands to concentrate on Detonation.

Have you always played in metal bands?
The only time I did not play in a metal band was when I first started playing guitar and I was in a music school band doing some top 40 shit covers. But I learned a lot in short time there so it was not a waste of time. But since then I have only played in metal bands, M-90’s, Grasmaaier, Demon Semen, Detonation. I think Otto (bas) played in a punk band before he joined us.

When did you first start listening to metal music?
Around 1995 I was a little into hip hop and I got the Judgement Night Soundtrack. I thought the combo of metal and rap was great especially the guitar melodies. Then I got the Black album from Metallica and so forth I got into metal.

What did your granny think of you and the metal music?
My grandmother does not get it and really does not care. But my parents are very cool they get into the music, my dad always goes along with gigs to help out. He is our ultimate road dog.

Why do you have long hair?
Well I must say that you have won the prize for most stupid question I have ever had to answer award. Because I can.

What were and are your favorite bands?
My musical taste is quite big of course I like metal the most but I also dig Stevie Ray Vaughan and Nick Cave or old rock. But the metal bands I listen to the most are, Dark Tranquility, In Flames, The Haunted, Withered Beauty, Iced Earth, Rob Halford, Soilwork, Morbid Angel, Crowbar, Children of Bodom, Orphanage, Death, Demons and Wizards, Dissection, At the Gates, Eucharist, Anathema, Black Sabbath, Paradise Lost, and a lot more. I also listen to a lot of local bands like Virulent, Embolic, Whispering Gallery, Pleurisy, and the sickness of Kutschurft.

What do you do to promote the bands?
I buy the cd and go to the gigs.
With the local bands we try to arrange a lot of package deals so we can play more often and help to promote ourselves.

Are you active in the underground scene?
Yes very active, I like to go to as many gigs as possible. That is where a lot of tape trading occurs with other bands. I like to be kept informed as well to new developments in bands or labels or magazines. We are in touch with some underground magazines. It is really amazing how fast word of mouth goes but that is the number one way to promote your band.

Do you have other interests other than metal music?
I am an extreme movie lover, all kinds of movies I don’t care I like it all but my favorite movies are still Goodfellas, Casino, Reservoir Dogs, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, When Trumpets Fade, The Deer Hunter, there are far to many good movies to name them all. For he rest I like to work out when time permits. But for most of the time we just hang out in bars drinking and listening to music.

Do you work or are you a student?
Only Thomas our drummer is still a student he is studying journalism.
The rest of the band is working.

Who would you give a neck shot?
Nice Question. All those parasites who suck the live out of our society, criminals who get away with murder, rape, abuse I would gladly put one through their neck.

What is your goal with Detonation?
Right now our goal is to get a record deal. We have enough material written for an entire album. We just finished recording a promo cd this weekend. It will only be used for attracting attention of labels. Our main goal is to release an entire album on a world wide distro so as many people as possible can hear our music. And of course to tour that would be very nice.

Your last rites?
All issues covered I suppose, thanks to you Twan, for granting Detonation exposure through Brutalism. People Interested in “Lost Euphoria”, for your copy send DM 15 or US$ 8 or F15- guilders to my address. High Quality Black T-shirts (XL) with the MCD cover artwork (in color) and white back print are available for DM 25 or US$ 15 or F25- guilders. Thank you all for taking the time to read about detonation. For anyone who wishes to get in touch, see details below. Check out

That really is all, see y’all !
Interviewer: twansibon
Apr 2, 2001

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