Different elements form Legion Of Crows

Despite being isolated from mainland Europe, the UK always been a breeding ground of great metal bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and My Dying Bride. Upcoming UK metallers Legion Of Crows is no exception. With members coming from various musical backgrounds, Legion Of Crows play an unique diverse style which ranges from industrial to doom. Their debut "Stab Me" was released on Funeral Rain Records a few months ago, the album been gaining alot of steam and positive raves from various mags in the UK and Europe. Time to talk about the band and the album.

First I like to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. I hope everything is all well with you?
Yeh we're good thanks!

When did Legions Of Crows came into being?
Just over two years ago tho some of the song ideas are older.

Can you tell the readers a little about you and your bandmates musical background? What other bands or projects you been involved in before Legions Of Crows?
Well Attila was in Paul Diannos Battlezone and British Industrial band Mad Cow Disease. Also did an album and tour with NWOBHM Band Tokyo Blade. Herod was in Salisbury Nu Metal mob Room 237. Revelator was in Mad Cow Disease and our Hardcore techno side line E-Coli.

How long your debut album "Stab Me" been out?
It first appeared a few months ago, tho the real noise about it is really starting now.

Has the feedback been positive so far?
Yeh mainly really positive! We're very happy with it - there have been a coupla whingeing twats who didn't get where we are at, but thats always gonna happen.

From listening to the album seem like the band uses various musical influences which make it a very interesting album.
Glad you find it interesting! I didn't want to do straight Doom or Black metal but to utilise influences from both to construct different feelings. Hence the use of European Hymnody on a couple of the Tunes and elements of Ambient Noise. Both Revelator and I have very diverse musical backgrounds, so there are always gonna be many different elements to the material.

I like to know about your label Funeral Rain. How long has this label been around or this a new label that just started?
They've been about for a few years in a mainly online capacity but are just now taking a step into a bigger League and I hope it goes really well for them. They have great passion for the music and deserve to move forwards!

You guys worked with the legendary Paul Dianno. I always been a fan of Paul Dianno era Iron Maiden. How much of an impact had on you as a musican and songwriter?
Not much as a musician or songwriter I must say, but Paul is a good friend of mine and its always a pleasure to work with him.

What are some of things you learned from him?
I learned a lot about good quality cocaine....

He also lend a helping hand on the recording of "Stab Me"?
Yeh, Paul sang on the track "Coventry Carol" and turned in a fabulous performance. Mind you, he always gives his all.

Tell about the band name who came up with the idea naming the band Legions Of Crows?
It was my idea really. I already had the song "Legions of Crows" which is about the houses of Parliament and the tossers who inhabit them. The song name just seemed to really work as a band name as well.

How would you describe your musical style and why?
I guess Blackened Doom is as good as any! Tho there will be more experimental elements in the future. I have always loved both styles of music, especially the more underground style of Black Metal as to me it has a lot of elements of the old Punk ands and the "get out there and do it" attitude that spawned so much great music. I also love the music of artists such as Nortt who conjure such great atmosphere from minimal instrumentation.

Name some of the bands you like listening to outside your own band?
Ok...Nortt, Burzum, Darkthrone, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep. Skitliv, Mayhem, The Damned, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Woods of Desolation, Carpathian Forest, Ghost, The Devils Blood, The Ramones, Jacques Brel, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats...I could go on for many pages!

Can you give the fans a brief summary of some of songs on the album?
Its rather difficult to give a brief synopsis but here goes : The overall theme is one of disgust at what has happened in England over the last 15 years or so...we've been sold down the line by Politicians and Bankers to such an extent that the repercussions will be felt for many years to come. I don't have any answers I'm afraid, but I'll fucking well tell them how much I hate them! "Dull Grey" reflects the English Weather and how the people are becoming just that - individuality is stifled and the powers that be would like us to be a good little herd that lives and dies to their tune. "Bullshit Acres" describes their manifesto - lies and more lies. On a lighter note the "Coventry Carol" is a traditional European Carol that tells how King Herod murdered all the new born babies in the hope of destroying the Christ Child. Useless fucker! Total failure!

When I listen to some of the songs they remind of Candlemass with black metal vocals?
Hah! Well, I didn't really have Candlemass in mind when writing the material, tho I do like elements of their music. I have always liked big riffs and hooks so I guess that is a part of it!

I know you haven't played any live shows, is the band planning on doing any shows in the near future?
We have most of the elements of a live band in place now - I'm still looking around for a good enough drummer...

You have any merch out? If so, how can the people obtain it?
Funeral Rain has badges available and there may well be some T Shirts available as a limited run in a couple of months... we also have a tune on the Misantrof Anti Records Christmass compilation album entitled "Emmanuel" that will be available as a free download.