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Disbelief is a german death metal band who released two released till 2001. After the debut ‘Disbelief’ (1997) there came in 1998 the superb ‘Infected’. After several tremendous reviews the vocalist Karsten left the band along with guitarist Toomy. It looked like the great future of Disbelief was killed. But the wonder happened and Karsten took up the mic again with his huge voice. Another guitarplayer was recruted in the person of Jan-Dirk. This new album ‘Worst Enemy’ is a stomp in your face with heavyness, emotion and a great brutal force. The worst enemy will be you when listening to this intense power!

Disbelief are:
Kai Bergerin: Drums
Jochen Trunk: Bass
Karsten Jäger: vocals
Jan-Dirk Löffler: Guitar
Oliver Lenz: Guitar

interview with the singer Karsten on 4-6-2001

Please introduce yourself and your part in the band?
My Name is Jagger and I'm the singer of Disbelief.

Why did you choose the name Disbelief?
We choose the band - name Disbelief because it sounds cool and because of you can remember the name if you hear it at the first time. That's the reason for the name, that's all.

Why do you think ‘Worse Enemy’ is better than ‘Infected’?
think the main aspect is that 'til we've recorded ’Infected’ and the recordings of ’W.E.’ we played tours and big festivals and these experience is a main point for me. These live - feelings are reach for more space in our song writing progress.

What did Karsten decide to reunite?
The main reason for me to come back to disbelief was that after a half year after the band say to me that I'm out of the band. For the band it was tough to find a new singer and for me it was tough to find a new band with the standard like disbelief. So we stuck our heads together and managed to solve all our misunderstandings and problems that we have had in the past.

Do you also think with his return there is a new spirit in the band?
I think the new spirit in the band is that if somebody have a problem we speak about these things right now and than it's o.k. Don't wait to speak each other before it's to late.

What are your favorite bands to listen to yourself?
My favourites are bands like the Deftones, Crack Up, Crowbar, Bolt Thrower, old - Death, old - Metallica, AC/DC, Fantomas, Monster Magnet, Dark Angel, Possessed, Sepultura and other stuff like that.

Do you have other hobbies outside the music?
Yes, I'm playing soccer if I have time and I'm stoned everytime.

Do your have a working job besides the band?
Yes, we have all jobs besides the band. I'm for example work as a tool maker, a kind of a mechanic.

Is a job difficult to combine with a extensive tour?
It's not so easy to combine your music with your job because if you going on tour or to record a new CD you must take always journey -days and they are limited. And than you need journey for your private life, too. That's not so easy.

What is your favorit part of a tour?
To be free - to need only money at this time for tabac or marihuana and always the people because they're always friendly to you because of your pass, that's cool and must be so in normal life, too, but that's not reality.

What is your worst enemy?
Myself, because I must learn to do in life only things they're good for me.

What do you do with your enemies?
With my enemies I have to fight in my brain, I think. If you fight you have always the chance to win or to live a life without problems.

Why should people hear and buy your album?
Because it's true music and no trendy - stuff and we're a band who've his own style who is a mixture from all bands who make hard music.

Your last rites?
First of all, Thank you for the possibility to answer your questions and your support. Than we want to spread a big Hello to all our fans in your country and if they want to keep in contact with us so have a look on our official homepage: www.disbelief.de. All the best to you and we see us on tour, good bye.
Interviewer: twansibon
Jun 4, 2001

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