Dissect reassemble their classic death metal roots and lower their voice in the process…

interview dissect metal band holland

The Netherlands has a healthy death metal heritage, one such band were Dissect. Taking inspiration from Asphyx and Grave, a recent 2CD re-issue of their back catalogue is a pretty special album to own. I caught up Vinnie McShave, one of the original members responsible for guitars and vocals.

Welcome back! For those who may not be familiar with your music, you reactivated yourselves a short while ago. What was your motivation to do so?
Well thank you and everyone who’s supporting us nowadays and in the past. That was also the motivation to do something with Dissect again. First of all we never finished Dissect in a respectful way. And most importantly; I never expected the overwhelming enthusiastic reactions and support when I came up with the news to do a re-issue of our album “Swallow Swouming Mass”.

Have you been involved in music in between Dissect periods, i.e. between the mid-90’s to now? If not, what have you been going?
I’ve did some projects over there, some studio work over here. And some bands like Double F.T., Xenomorph and Slowbituary (Obituary tribute). And now my voice is lower and more brutal than ever, as well as the guitars. So it’s now time for Dissect 21th century style!!

Since re-activation, what have you noticed anything different in the music industry to that of 1993? E.g. the internet, music press etc…
Ooh yeah! It’s better now as in the old days just because of internet. We are building up now much faster a bigger audience. Even the gigs doing very well. Our first show will be at the Stonehenge festival with bands like, Dying Fetus, D.R.I. Brutal Truth, Asphyx, etc…. Some promotion and bookings agency’s show there interest and also record labels. Those are things we could only dream about in the past!

Do you see any changes in the death metal field looking at 2013?
What I’ve noticed is there are so many great bands and the technical skills are amazing these days. But after many years of experimentations with the music and the scene, you see things go back to originality and a more old school way. That is the Death metal style what stays forever.

You have a 2CD Discography out in Xtreem Records, this documents pretty much everything you ever recorded. How did this re-issue come about?
It goes back to 2005 when Dave of Xtreem contacted me with the special wish to do a re-release with extra material. I was immediately very honored but the time was not ready and it took till this year when everything felt together, so here we are.

For some of the demo material, the sound quality is very good; did you get the opportunity to adjust the sound in a studio for this release?
Xtreem did a very good job with a remastering and kept the whole feeling of the original. But the levels are better and it sounds more brutal. I’m absolutely proud of it!

You have refreshed the artwork, who did this and what was the idea behind the piece?
Again, all credits goes to Xtreem who did an excellent make over of the artwork with loads of old material, photo’s and rare stuff in a 16 page booklet. The new front cover is a follow up of the original one. When you look at the gate in the back of the original cover. Well if you walk through it then you enter the new cover. An amazing and awesome job those guys did!

Was there unfinished business? Do you think ‘Swallow Swouming Mass’ got the exposure it deserved upon its original release in ’93?
No. So it deserves much better of course! And there where unfinished jobs because the last demo “Fragments” was not the Dissect how it should used to be. The extreme death metal in it was gone because of our own experimental behavior. So I’m very excited with tons of energy to set things straight.

You have some live shows coming up; will there be further shows or a tour maybe this year?
I really hope so. And we are going to work our asses of for it. Because I’ve gathered some amazing great musicians to play the old school stuff on stage. I’ve asked the original album members to do it but they got other things to do in life. So Dissect is Ed the Grave Vineyard on drums, Tim the Rape Reaper on Bass, Mr. C Black on guitars and me Vinnie McShave on Guitars and vocals.

Are there any bands who you would think are perfect touring partners for Dissect?
Yeah, Asphyx for example. Its awesome metal, they speak a kind of Dutch and they like the beers!

Do you have plans to record some new material in the coming months/years? Will there be another album, single EP etc?
First we going to do loads of ‘Swallow Swouming Madness’ shows and if we survive that Mass we going to do a new Dissect album. That’s for sure!

What were your three biggest influences on the Dissect sound?
Grave, Carcass, Disharmonic Orgestra and many more…..

Are these influences still relevant in 2013? Do you have further influences?
The biggest influence now is our own album “Swallow Swouming Mass” I guess. But with a much better sound and lower and heavier on stage but with the same cult experience.

Thanks so much for your time, I do hope we hear more from Dissect in the future and if you come to the Underworld in Camden (the band had photos on their site so I asked!), I will definitely see you there!
London fuckin’ ruuuules. We live so close to each other, only that damn sea between us sucks. Thank you Paul for your BRUTALISM support and all those metal heads, see us, hear us! And please take some of your time to visit our face book page and site. Until a Swallow Swouming Moshpit. Camden here we come! Dissect full greets….