Don't get pregnant from Clitgore

First of all, welcome to Ela, how are you?
Hola amigo! All is fine here, preparing for party at Obscene Extreme Fest!

Could you introduce Clitgore for the readers of this interview?
Clitgore is an perverse goregrind band, with brutal death influences and good black humor. We are from Romania, and have 3 members: Calin - guitar/vox, Ela - bass/vox & Balasz - drums.

Calin and Balasz (your mates in Clitgore) are in other bands... It's difficult for them to share the time with other bands to compose and play with Clitgore?
Yes, they play in other bands too. With a good schedule everything is possible.

In the past you belonged to Necrovile (Calin still belongs to it). What were the reasons for leaving the band?
Yes, I played with Necrovile (brutal death, RO), for 8 years I was doing the bass part. I left Necrovile to concentrate on my family.
Clitgore is an active band, so I can't miss too much from job & home, to go in tour with 2 bands. These are the reasons.

Sex and gore are present in all of your lyrics. You define yourself as a goregrind or porngrind band? What are your main influences?
Goregrind. Main influences are: Lividity, Dying Fetus, Napalm Death.

I'm reading and listening to some comments in which some people compared your music with Lividity, Haemorrhage, Rompeprop. Squash Bowels and Rotten Sound. Those bands are very different in some points. What do you think about this comparison, are you agree with?
Maybe it's a general comparison, so people can get an idea about the band. Clitgore already has their style.

"The Final Cuntdown" is your last work, and I think that is a very good album, you receive the same feedback from other person, radios and webzines/fanzines?
Gracias! Yes, we received awesome reviews and good notes until now, looks like people appreciate and enjoy our work.

You were signed with Gore House Productions to edit it, a label more focused in brutal death bands like Scrotoctomy, Cerebral Engorgement or Extremely Rotten. Why do you signed with them? They contacted with you or you sent a request to them?
They were interested in our work. Clitgore is an combination between goregrind & brutal death metal, I think that's why they liked it. We have an good collaboration and I am happy about signing with Gore House Productions.

Gore House Productions sells the album in two different editions: standard CD and DVD case. What are the differences between those editions?
The DVD case is limited at 150 pieces, this edition comes with poster, album cover patch and a condom (with band logo). CDs are 1000 copies.

I saw that the album comes with black condoms with the logo of Clitgore outside. This is the way to avoid girls pregnant inspired in the lyrics of Clitgore? Now seriously, who had the idea to do it?
We care about our fans, ajajaja! I think it's a nice & unexpected gift. Our label came with the idea and the fans appreciated this really much.

I like the artwork of "The Final Cuntdown", who is the author behind this drawing?. The artwork is inspired in the title of the album or you said to him the drawing type that do you wanted to illustrate it?
Cover paint is done by the artist Calin Raduta, a friend of ours from Romania. He's done the drawings after my idea.

In July you go to play in the Obscene Extreme Fest, this will be your first time there? Are you exciting for it? What can we expect about your show?
Well, it's the craziest festival on the planet, that's for sure. I played there before in 2009, with Necrovile & as a guest bass player with Lividity on "Pussy Lover".
We're really looking forward to playing at OEF, it will be a great party with moshpit, beers and a lot of crazy friends.
We'll have a very special surprise guest vocal on one of our songs, a guy that's well-known in the goregrind scene. Hint: he's from Spain.

Recently you were forced to cancel some tour dates...
Yes, our drummer had problems at work.

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to focus on promoting the album and play in concerts and then take a break until your next album?
Yes, for the moment we have some concerts fixed for autumn to promote our album. I have already some ideas for the next album, maybe in 2015 we will begin to record the next one.

Thank you very much for spent your time with us and good luck!!!
Thanks so much for interview! Greetings to all your readers! Stay sick!!