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In 2006 four 13 year old kids going by the name of Lenny B, Flo D, Ben E, and Nico decided to form Dust Bolt. Four years later this Munich quartet released their debut EP titled "Choas Procession". With the demo and the EP under their belt the band caught the attention of austrian label Napalm Records. Within three days the band released their debut "Violent Demolition". I listened to this albums many times. "Violent Demolition" is a combo of extreme aggression era Kreator with the signature Bay Area thrash of Testament. There's also a guess appearance by Sepultura's Derrick Green. This band is young, aggressive and hungry.  

Guten tag my brothers how's your weekend so far?
Hey dude, weekend has been great!! now we´re planing and preparing the last stuff for our release the following weekend , to which we are really looking forward to!! can´t wait to have Violent Demolition released!!

First who got you kids into thrash metal my hats off to them?
Haha that´s a good question (-:  I don´t know actually.. it just happened.. we started listening to metal very early and we immediately became fans of bands like slayer, metallica and anthrax and so on.. and over the years we just grow more and more into that style and that scene and explored many many cool bands we´re still listening to ( often even some unknown old school stuff) and yeah that´s it :-) musically there wasn´t a point where we said " ok, we want to be a thrash band and only play thrash metal", but things just developed and our songs became harder and faster over the time and that´s just the music we have the most fun with and we love to play!

Can you tell readers about your band and how long the band around?
The band was found in 2006 when we were still very very young kids at school (I think we were 13 years old or something) . We just started playing music together and cover songs until it became serious over the years. We were very ambitious and we practiced and played live a lot in the past until we recorded our first demo tape in 2009. Since then we went on tour and played many shows with known bands and now we recorded our debut album Violent Demolition wich will be distributed by Napalm Records.

You and your bandmates was in other bands before forming Dust Bolt, I like to know about these bands?
Actually no! This is the really first band for everyone in Dust Bolt!! That means we experienced and managed all the phases a band and musicians have to go through together! (-;

How long the album "Violent Demolition" been out what the reaction been from magazines like Terrorizer and Metal Hammer?
The album´s out on July 27th but until now the reactions have been great so far!! We never anticipated with so much interest of the press and good reactions as far as it often is very hard for a young newcomer like us!

When I listen to the listen to the album i can tell you guys been heavily influenced by Kreator?
haha damn right!! (-; I think that´s my guilt actually :-) Kreator is one of my favourite bands of all time! Especially the old stuff influenced me really heavy, musically and lyrically! I think the main thing we have common with Kreator is the desperation and empotion you can hear in the songs, although its raw Thrash Metal! But that is a very very important point in music for us!

Who's the arrtist that did your album cover when I first saw it it remind of the artist that did some of the Megadeth albums?
The album cover is by Andrei Bouzikov, who also did artwork stuff for bands like Municipal Waste or Violator for example. He is a great artist!! He came up with the artwork which was just 100 % what we were looking for and we were just blown away as we saw it the first time! We´re very happy to have been able to work with him!

In your own words and of your bandmates how an impact the earlier bands like Kreator, Sodom and Destruction had on you and your band mates?
Lot´s of impact!! I love the German Thrash Metal! While the others in the band are more into the Bay Area scene ( which I do like, too of course) Kreator, Sodom and Destrucion are very important bands for me! I love the unconditional aggression they brought into their music back in the days! It just ripps you off!

Derrick Green of Sepultura also made an appearance on the album, how manage to get him to contribute vocals on the album?
We played many times together with Sepultura now and the guys became kind of friends! Derrick supported us from the very first moment, when we shared the stage the first time in 2009 or something. One day after a show and a really hard party night they had a day off here in Munich (which is not far away from our hometown) and we just asked him if he wanted to join on the album by doing guest vocals on one track and we went strictly into the recording studio and recorded his vocals! To work with him was a real pleasure and honor! And I think the result sounds just great!!

What albums been listening to lately?
Puhh many many  different albums :-) I listened to some new cd´s that just came out for example the new Kreator album (which isn´t really my favour) or the new Bonded by blood album. Additionally I listen to some favourite cd´s that I always listen like e.g Epidemic of Violence by Demolition Hammern, Violator´s Chemical Assault and lots and lots of more :-)

You happy with the job Napalm Records doing as far as promoting the band?
Yeah we are!! We´re really really happy how things are going at the moment and Napalm does a great job! It´s the thing that cpuld happen to Dust Bolt to work with such a committed and competent label!

What are the band's long and short term goals?
We´re always thinking in short term goals actually, because that´s the only thing that makes sense. You always have to concentrate on the next step and work as hard as possible for it. As soon as Violent Demolition is released we want to spread the record all over the world and play as many shows as possible in as many different cities, places and countries as possible!! we want to spread toxic demolition!! ;-)

The band has any merch available for the fans to purchase and do we go though you or the label?
You can order everything through Napalm Records and their homepage which is the easiest way to get the stuff! We have the cd and also a strictly limitited vinyl edition which is limited to 300 pieces! Shirts are available via Napalm or through us directly!!

Thank you for doing this interview is there anything you and your bandmates like to add?
Thanks for the interview, too and keep supporting Thrash Metal!! :-)